Bottles-Up Enthusiasm in America’s Heartland

As you are certainly, painfully, acutely aware, voting for the 2012 “Promotion of the Year” is occurring NOW! The voting is in the home stretch, in fact, as it ends on October 22. So if you haven’t voted, vote now, and if you have voted, vote again! And if you’re not sure whether or not you voted, then you most certainly didn’t because doing so results in a feeling of joy so unforgettably transcendent that it will outlast the ephemeral concerns of this world and carry with you to the next.


But anyway! One of the unfortunate but necessary realities regarding the Promotion of the Year nominees is that they do not include any in-game promos. (There’s just too much to narrow down as it is!) But that does not mean that I do not wish to highlight creative in-game endeavors. In fact, I will dedicate space on this blog to doing so whenever the opportunity arises. Case in point: last month, Omaha Storm Chasers promotions manager Ben Hemmen got in touch with info on his club’s recurring “Stir Up the STORM” promotion. I now turn over the virtual floor to him so that he may get to Hemmen and hawin’ about this unique effort:

The Omaha Storm Chasers did a first that we know of and used a fan to captivate the crowd at Werner Park. Meet Jan Huff aka Stir Up the STORM.

 Jan can be found every game somewhere around section 111. He started with a simple Sunny D bottle and the words, Stir Up the STORM. We took it from there. The initial Stir Up the Storm Cam started on a lazy, very hot Sunday.

From there, fans have embraced it by doing it AND making their own Sunny D bottles to bring to the game. Current Omaha Storm Chasers players & former MLB players (Darryl Strawberry being one) have done cameos for the Stir Up the STORM intro. T-shirts have been sold and we instituted it as a hole for our annual golf outing to raise money for MDA (If you did not pay $5, Jan yelled the whole time you were swinging. Stir Up the STORM could be heard over the entire golf course). 

Jan and the story behind “Stir Up the STORM” have been featured on our pre-game show and an article was written about it in the Omaha World Herald.

posing with Wil Myers (Myers being the one on the left)

Jan is a simple man who wants nothing more than to get the crowd at Werner Park involved during each game. We agree. As a MiLB organization, everything we do is for our fans.

Thanks for the info, Ben! Because of you, 2012 in-season content lives on for yet another day. There’s nothing left to do now but end with a highlight video as well as, of course, a simple exhortation to get in touch with your own favorite in-game promos. I’ll be here all month, all week, all year and beyond — yet all it will amount to in the greater scheme of things is an infinitesimal drop in the bucket of time.

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