Unsportsmanlike Conduct?

I was in the midst of a brief vacation when the Lehigh Valley IronPigs unveiled their video game urinals, and my silence when it came to covering this momentous bit of news led to a barrage of emails, texts and tweets along the lines of “You saw this, right? You’re not dead, are you?”

Saw it I did and dead I am not! And to prove to you, the demanding consumer, that I can still be trusted as your “number one” source for urinal-based Minor League news and imagery I now present  to you an exclusive look at the urinal cakes that can be found within the men’s rooms of the Harrisburg Senators’ home of Metro Bank Park. These “leaked” photos are presented alphabetically.

urinal_cakes (2)

The Pee-astern League

Top row:

Akron Aeros — An affiliate of the Cleveland Indians? More like an affiliate of the Pee-veland Indians!

Altoona Curve — The Curve play at People’s Natural Gas Field? More like Pee-ples Natural Gas Field!

Binghamton Mets — B-Mets? More like the P-Mets!

Second row:

Bowie Baysox — Bowie Baysox? More like the Flowie Baysox!

Erie SeaWolves — Erie Seawolves? More like the Erie PeaWolves!

New Britain Rock Cats — The Rock Cats used to play in Beehive Field? More like the Rock Cats used to play in Pee-hive Field!

Third row:

New Hampshire Fisher Cats — New Hampshire Fisher Cats? More like the New Hampshire Flusher Cats!

Portland Sea Dogs — Portland Sea Dogs? More like the Portland Pee Dogs!

Reading Fightin Phils — Reading recently re-branded itself? More like Reading recently pee-branded itself!

Fourth row:

Richmond Flying Squirrels — Richmond Flying Squirrels? More like the Richmond, uh, Peeing Squirrels!

Trenton Thunder — Both Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte have played for the Thunder on rehab? More like both Derek Pee-ter and Andy Pee-titte have played for the Thunder on pee-hab!

I’m not sure if encouraging your male fans to urinate on visiting team logos constitutes cruelty to the opposition. If so then I’m sure Harrisburg will be hearing from PEETA about this.

And- hey! — turnabout is fair play. What team out there is going to obtain a Senators’ urinal logo? Pee on this!



But for what it’s worth, the Senators aren’t the only team to have engaged in a little bathroom humor as of late. As part of their recent “nautical re-branding,” the Lake County Captains re-named their restrooms the “Poop Deck.”


Don’t blame me — I’m just the messenger!

(Special thanks to Senators director of digital and new media Ashley Grotte for going beyond the call of duty in order to provide me with the photos in the Eastern League urinal collage seen at the top of this post. “I had to explain to people numerous times why I was wandering around in the men’s restrooms” she wrote in an email.)




Kudos to them. There’s lots of peeing in baseball with all the beer drinking.


Ouch. This gives a whole new definition to “streaming video…….”

Bob Golon

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The Richmond Flying Squirrels, also in the Eastern League, have had these for years! And I’m pretty sure they have a Harrisburg one.

I’ll have to drive to PEEnsylvania to fulfill my lifelong dream of peeing on an ostrich.

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