Job Seeker Journals: The Revenge!

I will return to “Return to the Road” content momentarily, but today I want to deal with a more pressing concern: The Winter Meetings are almost upon us!  This year’s event hearkens all the way back to those long-ago days of 2010, as it will be held in the (usually but not always) sunny environs of Orlando, FL:


I’ve always enjoyed covering the Winter Meetings, as I’m just about the only journalist who doesn’t care about free agent and trade proposal rumor mongering and reportage. I focus on what is in actuality the main business at hand: the entirety of the baseball industry coming together in order to share successful operating practices (the Bob Freitas Business Seminar), shop for promotional items and stadium improvements (the Trade Show), and hire new staff members (the PBEO Job Fair).

It is that last item that I wish to focus on at the moment — the Job Fair. As you may recall, last year I recruited four job seekers to chronicle their Winter Meeting experiences as they hustled their way toward potential baseball industry employment. You may remember them:

jobseekerYou can read brief profiles of the above four individuals HERE, and their accumulated on-site journaling efforts can be found HERE. I’m bringing this up because, well, now it’s time to do it again!

Are you planning on attending the 2013 Winter Meetings in a job seeking capacity? Would you like to chronicle your efforts for this blog and, therefore giving you invaluable publicity while demonstrating your verve, talent, drive, moxie, chutzpah and, of course, writing skills? Then simply send me an email — — and within the contents of said email please provide your age, alma mater (if applicable), birthplace, and current place of residence. Then, please provide brief answers to the following questions (and please do so by Sunday, December 1).

Do you have prior sports industry experience? If so, what?

— Why do you want to work in the world of baseball? 

— Why should you be selected as one of the job-seeking journalers?

— What is one completely and totally random fact about you?

Among those who apply, four job seekers will be selected to write about their experiences (three posts during the Meetings, approximately 400 words each, and a follow-up post the next week). This fortunate quartet will be chosen by me and my trusted inner circle of advisers and announced on Monday, December 2. An piece profiling this year’s journalers will run on Friday, December 6, and the following week it’s off to the job seeking races!

I believe that this will make for some interesting and engaging content, which, of course, is the name of the game. And, don’t forget: if you’re going to be at the Winter Meetings in any capacity whatsoever then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Pitch me a story idea, offer to buy me a drink, whatever. I’m always open to meeting anyone and everyone. (Except that one guy. You know who you are).

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