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Promotions 101

scspikes.gifOne of the most unique and attention-getting promos staged in the Minor Leagues last season was the State College Spikes’ “Night of 100 Promotions.” This special evening was exactly what its name implied — over the course of nine innings, the front office staff incorporated 100 unique promotions into the game presentation. Sure, the definition of “promotion” may have been stretched passed its breaking point just a tad (Free Smells? Ballpark Air Giveaway?) but that was all part of the fun.

The Spikes have decided to up the ante this season, because taking place on Monday is — wait for it — “The Night of 101 Promotions.” Thanks to my vast network of clandestine Minor League sources, I have been able to obtain a list of every single promotion that will be taking place.

Prepare Yourself:

162 Free student
tickets from SPA
4 Lucky fans will get their seats
Be a lucky wristband winner
Be Ike’s sweetheart for the night
Be on the Dance Cam
Be on the Fan Cam
Bounce in the Kids Zone
Buy tickets from Scott Walker
Catch a bag of peanuts
Catch a t-shirt
Chant “Fear the Deer”
Clap when the Spikes score
Compete in the Big Shoe Race
Compete in the Hamster Ball Race
Compete in the Scrub Race
Complimentary mints in the bathroom
Do the chicken dance
Do the wave
Do the YMCA
Dollar Dog Night
Draw on the concourse with sidewalk
Eat 5 hot dogs for $5
Eat as much as you want in an All You
Can Eat Seat
Eat milk and cookies in the ballpark
Find out score from other Pirates
Find Waldo in the ballpark
Flyover (by a bird)
Follow along with the game on 3WZ
Free high-fives
Free laughs
Free low-fives
Free memories
Free napkins at all concession stands
Free Pocket Schedules
Free programs at gates
Free Smells
Free statistics sheet at Customer
Gates open 1 minute early
Get a player’s autograph
Get a schedule poster
Get your picture taken with a lifesize
hot dog
Get your picture taken with a lifesize
ice cream cone
Give your recyclables to Gang Green
Go green with the Spikes
Guess the Attendance
Guess the player of the game
Guess the speed of the 3rd pitch of the
3rd inning
Guess which eyeball will win the 20/20
Have your birthday announced
Hear the weather from Mountain Man Matt
Help support the Children’s Miracle
Hug an intern
Hugs from Nookie Monster
Hula Hoop on the concourse
Ike the Spike Autograph Session
Inhale ballpark air
Invisible Giveaway
Jeer the Jammers
Kids Run the Bases after the game
Look for the lucky Sheetz ad
Look for the lucky Wegman’s ad
Man-powered program cooling system
Meet the front office staff
Meet the GM of the Spikes
Pet Bob the Baseball Dog
Play “I Spy” with your friends
Sanitize your hands on the concourse
Save money with Ike’s Headlight Special
Score the game in your program
See the future Florida Marlins
See the future Pittsburgh Pirates
See the view of Mt. Nittany
See your favorite Spikes player
Self-guided concourse tour
Sing “Take me out to the
Sing along to the National Anthem
Sing the 7th inning stretch
Skittles Giveaway
Socialize with fellow Spikes enthusiasts
Superhero headshots
Superhero walkup music
Talk to an usher
Throw out a first pitch
Toss tennis balls onto the field
Try the Chef Special
Try to catch a foul ball
Use your ticket stub at McDonald’s
Vote for a special song to be played
Watch for a broken bat
Watch for upcoming promotions
Watch Ike’s “Single Ladies”
Watch the Gameday Show Live
Watch the Gang Green superhero skit
Watch the rockets red glare
Watch the World’s Fastest Infield Drag
Wear Spikes gear to the game
Win 5 free car washes
Win a free pizza
Win a free taco when the Spikes score
Win a prize if the Spikes get a home run
Win a team autographed ball


So there you have it. Check out the Spikes on Monday for a jam-packed evening of being,action.gif bouncing, buying, catching, chanting, clapping, competing, doing, drawing, eating, finding, following, getting, giving, going, guessing, having, hearing, helping, hugging, hula-hooping, inhaling, jeering, looking, meeting, petting, playing, sanitizing, saving, scoring, seeing, self-guiding, singing, socializing, talking, throwing, tossing, trying, using, voting, watching, wearing, and winning.

The above 43 verbs pretty much sum up the Minor League Baseball experience. They also sum up the experience of being alive.