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On the Road: Character Development in Central PA

Like Brooks and Dunn, Abbot and Costello, or Jacoby and Meyers, mascots and Minor League Baseball have become inextricably intertwined with one another.

So much so that this very blog has become a defacto storehouse of mascot antics, bloopers, naming contests, weddings, and political campaigns. Since I write about mascots so much, I decided I needed to understand them better — by becoming one.


The above picture was taken during my first day at Keystone Mascot Camp, which I attended in scenic Annville, PA from July 15-17. An article about that day can be found HERE, and there will be a “part 2” later in the week (including a report from tonight’s Harrisburg Senators game, to be attended by all the campers in costume).

My character is Giorgio, who was later renamed “Bloggerman” by the camp staff. Here he is, in action, amongst several of his peers (that’s the Harrisburg Senators’ “Grrrounder” in the middle there).

And, yes, he’s not wearing any pants (that situation has since been rectified).


In the afternoon of the first day, the campers (10 in total) filled out a personality profile for their mascot. Here’s the scoop on my new alter-ego:

Thumbnail image for Mascot_skitwork2.JPGGiorgio (aka Bloggerman)

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Residence: New York City
Physical Attributes: A Healthy Paunch; Compulsion to Strut
Special Skills: Ability to Telepathically High Five
Family Members: Four Brothers, Eight Uncles (parents died in jetskiing accident)
Friends: His Uncles and Brothers
Giorgio_Dance.JPGRivals: His Uncles and Brothers
General Attitude Toward Life: Do You
Goal In Life: To Never Stop Strutting
Favorite Food: Raw Oysters
Favorite Music: Frank Sinatra, Aerosmith, Jay-Z, Johnny Cash, Wagner
Hobbies: Walking Bridges in NYC at Night, High-Fiving Everyone Who Walks Past
Pants: Who Needs ‘Em?

Giorgio the Bloggerman was just one of many characters in attendance at this session of mascot camp. Here’s the full roster:


In a matter of hours, this motley crew will be doing a dance routine at Harrisburg’s Metro Bank Ballpark. To THIS SONG. Also, there are rumors that we may be incorporated into a skit featuring special ballpark guest Sgt. Slaughter.

Bloggerman cannot be defeated by the cobra clutch!