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Flippin' Out At the Winter Meetings (Pt. 2)

palm.jpgMy last Winter Meetings post brought you the perspectives of stuntmen, weapons experts, and anti-chafing impresarios. Well, there’s more where that came from!

Another heroic bout with video uploading has resulted in a new series of Orlando interviews, once again featuring individuals you’d be unlikely to see elsewhere. First up is Marc Simone of Coyote Promotions, showing off some of his latest innovations.

Finally, creative fans will have the chance to create a brave new world of kaleidoscopically-colored racing meat products!

Next up is a discussion with Doug Verb of Action Sports America, makers of the “World’s Largest Jersey” (the Garden State might take issue with that claim, but that’s neither here nor there).

And, switching up the pace, here’s an interview with job-seeking pitcher Scot Drucker. I featured Scot in a story that ran on last month, and enjoyed meeting him in person. It’s not often that players attend the Winter Meetings, but Drucker figured it would be a good chance to stump for his own cause.

And since this interview was conducted, Drucker has indeed found his “next step.” He announced the following bit of news on his Twitter account yesterday: “Viva las Mexico, finalizing winterball details to play in Mexico. More details to follow”

This will do it for me when it comes to Winter Meetings content. For those keeping score at home (anybody?) I wrote four blog posts and three articles in unsunny Orlando.. Click HERE for the most recent piece, which includes links to all the previous coverage.

I’ll be back on Monday with a recap of all that I missed while I was gone. But, for now — it’s Gratuitous Video Friday! Since I’m feeling indulgent, here’s the trailer for a movie I “starred” in at the age of 17.

There’s a lot more where that came from.

Flippin' Out At the Winter Meetings (Pt. 1)

Regular readers of this blog are used to my familiar combination of text and pictures, but today I’m gonna Flip the script.

Utilizing a heretofore unknown amount of technological savvy and perseverance, I am able to bring you a series of Flip Cam interviews from the Winter Meetings in Orlando. Our first subject is a man who I have gone out of my way to champion — stuntman Ted Batchelor. Speaking from his booth at the Trade Show, Ted explained how he hopes Minor League Baseball will play a large role in his fiery 2011 goals.

Moving from fire to guns, I was very pleased to see the latest offering from the self-explanatorily named

It’s a stress ball-shooting gatling gun! Mastermind Tim VanderBerghe explains.

And, finally, I feel compelled to spread the word when it comes to Huppo (pronounced Hoop-o). Could it be the Subtle Butt of 2011?

Perhaps Chafe Utley can endorse this product, or maybe they can use the music of Mary Chafin’ Carpenter as a soundtrack to their commercials.

I’ll have more Flip Cam interviews tomorrow, after arriving back within New York City’s comforting embrace. I’ll close with this anonymously submitted picture, featuring a Winter Meetings job seeker crashed out in the Swan lobby. I think we’re all feeling this way:


And now I’m off to the annual Winter Meetings Gala, for all the free food and drink I can handle. For those in the industry, this will be your last chance to tell me how great this blog is. Please, my ego needs fuel for the dark and lonely months ahead.

Thanks for everything, Orlando. Over and out from the Coronado.

Trade News From the Winter Meetings

The annual Baseball Trade Show is one of the highlights of the Winter Meetings, featuring a sprawling cavalcade of vendors selling a veritable cornucopia of baseball related goods. The show is accessible via this entrance, leading to an escalator that brings one into the depths of National Pastime consumerism.


And once one gets down there, there is a LOT to take in. My guess is that the Trade Show encompasses 3.2 billion square feet.


And once you start wandering, it’s easy to get disoriented. The images just fly by in an kaleidoscopic whir (these next two shots courtesy of photo prodigy D. Wild).




Junk Balls!


And check out these “Player’s Packs”, shaped like ball caps and available in backpack or cooler form:


Stormy, one of the new mascots of the Omaha Storm Chasers, was on hand.


No one complimented me on my earlier reference to Stormy being “anemometer-ically correct”, but yet I still find the inner strength and self-confidence to pose in front of giant jerseys.


The above was a non sequitur in a post filled with them, the perhaps inevitable result of writing after an extremely long day of huffing and puffing through the vast confines of the Orlando Swan and Dolphin Resort (it doesn’t help that this internet connection is slower than Kevin Slowey pitching in a slow-pitch softball league in Penn-slow-vania).

So let me make it clear that I have much more content to share in the near future, including a variety of Flip Cam interviews that I am (tentatively) quite pleased with. One of my interview subjects is none other than Ted Batchelor, the stuntman who ran around the bases on fire in Savannah last summer. He and his wife Debby were manning a booth at the trade show, attempting to convince teams to add him to their 2011 promo calendars (in conjunction with his goal of being lit on fire in all 50 states).


My suggestion to all teams is to wholeheartedly embrace this imminently worthwhile and distinctly American endeavor.

Greetings Before the Meetings

It’s a quiet Friday here at headquarters, and my thoughts are turning toward the future.

The immediate future, as it were, as on Sunday I’ll be traveling to Orlando in order to attend the annual schmooze-a-thon that is the Baseball Winter Meetings.


As for what I’ll be doing there, to an extent that is still “up in the air.” My overarching goal is to provide coverage that serves as an alternative (or complement) to the usual breathless reporting on trade rumors and free agent signings, looking at the Meetings experience from a variety of Minor League perspectives. At the very least, I’ll make sure to once again document Trade Show lunch options. 

So, if you’re in Orlando next week make sure to say hello and give me an update on what you’ve been up to. As usual, I’ll be the guy with the haircut.

Last year’s Meetings were in Indianapolis, which allows me to segue somewhat smoothly into NEW LOGO NEWS.

We are 125 days from the 125th season of professional baseball in Indianapolis, and to celebrate this sesquicentennial the Indians will be displaying the following logo on the outfield wall and sporting it on the uniform:

While new logos have been prevalent this offseason, weekly web-based Minor League comedy series have been on the decline. The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers are doing their part to reverse this trend, as season two of their highly-acclaimed “Offseason” series debuts next week.

Here’s the tear-jerking teaser video. Get psyched!

Meanwhile, this amusing video from Everett just made it’s way on to my radar. It’s the “Bullpen Olympics”, with events including “spitting, chugging, shooting, and flicking.”

All I’ll say about this is that these guys seem confused when it comes to the specifics of throat anatomy.

And — hey — it’s Gratuitous Video Friday! Here’s a clip of Tony Orlando at the Epcot Center, as soon I’ll be in tony Orlando near the Epcot Center. Close enough, right?