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A Half Way Decent Idea

Look.pngWhile I was pleased with the overall content I was able to provide during my recent “Southern Swing” road trip, there was one glaring omission in my coverage.

The game that I was to attend at Chattanooga’s AT&T Field was rained out, causing me to miss the unprecedented breakthrough in game entertainment that is the “Three and a Half-Inning Stretch”.

This spectacle is presided over by the Lookouts’ miniature mascot, Blooie, who debuted last season to much fanfare. I was able to get this blurry photo of Blooie during my abbreviated night at AT&T Field:


Here he is standing next to his more traditionally-sized mascot pal, Looie.


When the evening reaches the point where the amount of time until the seventh inning stretch equals the amount of time that has passed since the game began, Blooie springs into action. He hops atop the first base dugout and leads the crowd in a spirited rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”.




But there’s just one catch! The song cuts off exactly at the half-way mark.

Inspired by this conceptual masterpiece, I’m not even going to bother completing the