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About Last Night: Brevard County Manatees, April 17, 2015

This season, when I’m on the road, I’ll be writing a short, on-the-spot blog post about each Minor League ballpark that I visit. Then, assuming that I return home, I will provide the scintillating blog coverage that you have come to perhaps know and maybe even love. So let’s get to it, lest it get to us!

April 17, 2015 — Space Coast Stadium, home of the Brevard County Manatees (Class A Advanced affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers). The stadium also hosts Washington Nationals Spring Training.

Opponent: Dunedin Blue Jays, 6:30 p.m. start time.

Space Coast Stadium, from the outside:


Space Coast Stadium, from within: 


Culinary Delight: No Wake Zone Burger (two burger patties with crispy fried onions, bacon, blue cheese)


Waiting for the Punch-Vine (my nightly attempt at telling an “original” ballpark joke in six seconds):

I forgot to do one of these tonight. I apologize to my legions of fans. To make it up to you, here’s a Vine featuring one of the best first pitches that I have ever seen.

At Random: Men at work, kids at play. It’s all the same, really.


Last Song Played Over the PA: Once again, the songs kept on playing long after the last fans had left. Here’s the last one I paid attention to:

Next Up: Jacksonville Suns — TONIGHT! — April 18.

4/19: Mama, I’m Coming Home

About Last Night: Jackie Robinson Game in Vero Beach, April 15, 2015

This season, when I’m on the road, I’ll be writing a short, on-the-spot blog post about each Minor League ballpark that I visit. Then, upon my possibly  triumphant return home, I will provide the exhilarating blog coverage that you have come to know and, perhaps, even love. So let’s get to it!

April 15, 2015 — Holman Stadium, located within the historic Dodgertown complex (Spring Training home of the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers from 1948 through 2008).

Event: Jackie Robinson Game, between the Brevard County Manatees and St. Lucie Mets. Robinson trained at Dodgertown throughout the bulk of his career, and even hit the first home run at Holman Stadium.

Holman Stadium, from the outside: 


Holman Stadium, from within: Some 6,000 people were in attendance, a huge crowd by Florida State League standards, no matter what the context.


Culinary Delight: I skipped my usual food coverage, given that this was a one-time event. But here’s a shot of one of the main food and beverage areas. You can imagine how cramped this became once some 6,000 people were in the ballpark.


Waiting for the Punch-Vine (my nightly attempt at telling an “original” ballpark joke in six seconds):

At Random: Old signage is the best kind of signage.


In Conclusion: Thanks, Jackie.


Next Up: St. Lucie Mets. Tonight! April 16!

4/17: Brevard County Manatees

4/18: Jacksonville Suns

The Onus Is On You To Fear the Sea Cow and Let It Snow

evol.jpgOver the past several weeks, I have methodically taken note of all the teams who are planning some sort of Valentine’s Day promotion. My current tally now stands at 33, and I am sure there are some that I am missing.

But, you know what? I’ve written about this kind of thing before, in multiple feature stories (HERE and HERE) and blog posts (HERE and HERE). So at this juncture, I’m just going to make a simple request:

Send me funny photos and videos from your Valentine endeavors, and I will compile a (hopefully) hilarious blog post with the best of what I receive. In the meantime, here’s a video featuring a diaper-wearing mascot playing front office Cupid.

It’s otherwise a pretty slow day here in Minor League Baseball-land, but we’ll get by. We always do.

I do, however, want to highlight an event going on tonight: Minor League Baseball on Ice!

tbl.pngThe NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning will be hosting “Minor League Baseball Night” at the St. Pete Times Forum on Friday. Not much to it, really — a bevy of Florida State League teams will have info booths set up on the concourse, attempting to educate fans on the wonders of Minor League Baseball.

And, according to the Brevard County Manatees website, anyone who visits the team’s booth and utters the words “Fear the Sea Cow!” will receive a special gift.

In my mind, simply having a legitimate reason to say “Fear the Sea Cow” to a total stranger is a gift in and of itself.

Meanwhile, much of the country is still dealing with the after-effects of last week’s blizzard. Instead of stressing out about the situation, the Cedar Rapids have taken a “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” approach.

And since it’s Friday, I’ll close with a video even more gratuitous. Check out who can now add “Children’s Book Author” to his resume:

Clearing the Cache

Considering that the Ben’s Biz Blog sphere of coverage encompasses 160 teams and 14 leagues, there is always something to write about. Too much, in fact. Throughout each and every work day, I stumble upon untold numbers of amazing Minor League news items. Such as these:

24: The masochistic and quite possibly insane Brooklyn Cyclones front office recently played baseball for 24 hours in a row. Contrary to popular (read: my) belief, this was not done in honor of agent Jack Bauer. Instead, it was all for charity, and over $15,000 dollars was raised over the course of the staggering 12 straight games that were played. Cyclones Director of Communications Dave Campanaro has a very funny account of the ordeal here.

A Peanut Farmer in Altoona: None other than former president Jimmy Carter attended Tuesday’s Altoona Curve game. Here he is at Blair County Ballpark, along with his wife Rosalynn:


Charleston Going to the Dogs: A chance visit to the Charleston RiverDogs’ website resulted in me stumbling upon this review of Joseph P. Riley’s stunning concession stand creations. There are many incredible hot dogs contained therein, including the Asian Invasion (a hot dog with soy sauce, wasabi, and crunchy chow mein noodles):

(photo credit: Wade Spees, The Post and Courier)

Awesome Video Alert: You may remember Erie’s unnamed racing wienies from this post. Click here to see them shilling for Smith’s Sausage Shack, to the “tune” of a B-52s parody. For an unrelated but equally awesome video, click here.

Finally: I can’t think of a better way to end my blogging week than with this delicacy from the Brevard County Manatees concession stand. It’s Taco in A Helmet!

Taco In A Helmet.jpg
Thanks to Manatees General Manager Kyle Smith for sending this along. Have a great weekend, everybody.

A Great Moment in American History, Revisited

deaner.jpgAre you tired of the seemingly endless battle between Hilary and Obama, and how the fight for the Democrat presidential nomination has been reduced to a parade of meaningless snippets and soundbites? Do you long for the days when politics were covered with substance and style?

Well, the Brevard County Manatees have just the thing that you are looking for. On Thursday, they will take fans on a trip back in time — all the way to that golden era of 2004. It’s “I Have A Scream Night” at Space Coast Stadium, during which the club will pay tribute to Howard Dean’s legendary presidential campaign. The details regarding this tribute are quite sparse, but the press release does go out of its way to reference Dean’s epochal “scream” speech:

“Not only are the Manatees going to Daytona, they’re going to Palm Beach
and Jupiter andbcmanatees.PNG Vero Beach and St. Lucie. They’re going to Clearwater
and Tampa and Dunedin. Then they’re going to Fort Myers and Sarasota
and Lakeland, and they’re coming back to Space Coast Stadium to take
back the FSL championship… BYAH!”

If this promo caused you to do nothing more than utter a disinterested “byah”, then perhaps what the club has in store the next evening is more up your alley. It’s “Salute to Local Beers Night”, and “of-age” fans will have the opportunity to sample beer, Brevard County style, over the course of the evening. Just don’t drink too much, as this will cause you to go “BYAH!”

Okay, I’ve gotta go now. Until tomorrow, folks…


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