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Observations? I've Got 'Em.

isotoldyouso.jpgIf you’re anything like me, then I feel bad for you.

Also, you would have watched the “Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special: In 3-D! On Ice!” that aired last night on Fox. In said special, there was a brief shot of Isotopes Park, home of the PCL’s Albuquerque Isotopes. The team’s name is inspired by The Simpsons, in particular the episode in which Homer stages a hunger strike in order to protest the Springfield Isotopes’ re-location to Albuquerque.

In my mind, this is the best team name backstory in all of Minor League Baseball. It alsoThumbnail image for simps.jpg provides tremendous fodder for a documentary whose purpose is to explore the cultural impact of The Simpsons. But, alas, all viewers were treated to was one external shot of the stadium. This was disappointing, considering the fact that director Morgan Spurlock and his crew spent an entire August day at the ballpark interviewing fans and players. But that’s just the way these things go. Hopefully the club will get the recognition it deserves in 2020’s 30th Anniversary special.

In the interest of keeping things random, I’ll now move on to an entirely new topic: The Brooklyn Cyclones. The club will be celebrating its 10th season in 2010, and has just released a new logo commemorating this milestone. Observe, if you’re into that sort of thing:


The Cyclones’ always excellent blog has an interesting write-up on the logo, along with an exclusive look at those which did not make the final cut. 

And speaking of logo design, I’d like to draw your attention to the just-launched Studo Simon blog. The Kentucky-based brand-identity firm has solidified itself as one of the top logo designers in all of Minor League Baseball, churning out crowd-pleasers such as THIS on a regular basis. 

quimb.gifI shall close with yet one more nugget of random information: Chuck Smith has just been sworn in as mayor of Woodmere, Ohio. Smith pitched in the Minor Leagues for 15 seasons, and in 2008 served as pitching coach for the Lancaster JetHawks (he also spent time with the Florida Marlins in 2000 and 2001). Smith joins Yakima’s Dave Edler as the only mayor I can think of off the top of my head who had previously played professional baseball.

Who am I forgetting?

2009: The Year in Photos

cam.jpgI am ready to embrace the offseason. I really and truly am. But if I come up with a blog post idea that will let me re-visit a time when Minor League Baseball was actually played every day, then you best believe I’m gonna do it.

And today, that idea is this: to present my favorite photos that appeared on this blog during the 2009 season. I did not apply any specific criteria when making these selections, other than to ask myself “Does this photo make my inner-most being cry out in rapturous wonderment?.” If the answer was in the affirmative, then you will see it listed below. Hopefully, your innermost being will respond similarly.   

What follows are my top 10 pics of the year, listed in the order in which they appeared on this blog.

Master Yogi Berra Lets LooseOn April 21, Greensboro Grasshoppers canine mascot Master Yogi Berra had a bit of an on-field accident. The following is one of two pictures I obtained of the incident (the “clean version”, if you will):

yogi (2).jpg  
(Photo credit: Dano Keeney)

Ceremonial CentenarianOn April 24, Round Rock Express season-ticket holder Chris Nocera threw out the first pitch. She is 102 years old — and very determined:

Thumbnail image for 102 pitch 1.JPG

Cream Stick Gets CreamedThe Akron Aeros nightly “Cream Stick Race” was, by all accounts, a chaotic free-for-all. Here, Vanilla feigns innocence immediately after pushing Maple to the ground:

creamstick 1.JPG

Ready, Set, SwallowSword swallower extraordinaire Dan Meyer prepares to ply his trade in Huntsville. I was lucky enough to be in attendance for this, a post-rainout performance for an audience of 15.

dan ready to perform.JPG

A Moo-ving ImageA key component of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers’ “Salute to Cows” was a mooing contest. The following picture depicts the eventual champion as he readied himself for the moo of his life:

timber rattlers moo contest.JPG 

Presidential Self-Love The Brookyln Cyclones gave away Obama bobbleheads as part of “Barack-lyn Cyclones” night, and the commander-in-chief went out of his way to let the crowd know that he approved:

brooklyn baracklyn bobble.JPG

(photo credit: George Napolitano/Brooklyn Cyclones)

An A-peel-ing Photo —  As part of the Idaho Falls Chukars’ “Potato Night”, so-called “Spuddy Buddies” were thrown into the crowd. It was a thing of beauty:

Idaho Falls -- Spuddy Buddies Go Flying 2.JPG

Mascot MassageIn Birmingham, even costumed characters need the occasional rubdown:

Birmingham -- Mascot Massage 2.JPG

Belly Quickly BustedThis guy couldn’t even make it out of the first round in the Williamsport Crosscutters’ annual “Belly Buster” contest:

Thumbnail image for Williamsport -- Belly Buster, hot dog loser.JPG

Owlz Well That Ends Well Hootz and Holly tied the knot in a dramatic post-game ceremony in Orem, resulting in a surreal and oddly touching spectacle:

Thumbnail image for Orem Mascot Wedding Hootz sez I do.jpg

If you have any photos from this past se
ason that you think are worthy of inclusion in this blog, then by all means get in touch. I’ll be waiting patiently for your correspondence.

A Post of Presidential Proportions

As part of my new “Don’t Enjoy Life, Just Blog” initiative, I am attempting to post new content as much as possible. So let me take time out on this beautiful afternoon in order to share a photo I have recently obtained.

Let it be known that our current Commander-in-Chief is an ardent supporter of Ben’s Biz Blog:


This was the second-most notable celebrity spotting of my life. Unfortunately, no photos exist of the time I saw the bad guy from “UHF” in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Ben's Biz Blog in Brooklyn For Bellies, Baseball

I was attendance at the Brooklyn Cyclones’ “Bellies and Baseball” promotion yesterday, and filed an article on the experience that can be read HERE.

However, following standard operating procedure, said article contained exactly ONE photograph. Believe it or not, I took far more than one photograph, and would like to share them here within the hallowed confines of this blog.

The evening (which, just so we’re clear, was a salute to pregnancy) started off with a pre-game outfield Lamaze Class

Lamaze 2.JPG

Lamaze 4.JPG

Lamaze 5.JPG

Once the Lamaze Class wound up, the ladies and their mates gathered together for a group photo:

Lamzae Post.JPG

Cyclones players really had their hands full when it came to catching the ceremonial first pitch:

First Pitch.JPG

After First Pitch.JPG

The evening was sponsored by the fine folks at Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, who awarded gift baskets to some of the ladies and also provided free cocoa butter samples to fans as they left the ballpark. This was one of the products in the gift basket, which amused me greatly due to the fact that I am 11 years old:

Breast Firming, rotated.JPG

During the game, pregnant ladies were offered complimentary food at the so-called “Craving Station”. (from left to right: pickles, olives, pizza, ice cream, some guy):

Craving Station.JPG

Craving Statino 2.JPG

The TRI-umphant winner of the TRImester TRIcycle race:

Tricycle Winner.JPG

Lest I forget, there was also a “Paint Your Own Bobblehead” giveaway on this evening, complete with a painting station on the concourse. Here are several interpretations of how Sandy the Seagull would look in a Dali-esque hallucinogenic netherworld:

Painted Bobble.JPG

No women gave birth at the game, meaning that no one was able to take the team up on their lifetime season ticket offer. But the Cyclones play in Coney Island, which has recently welcomed a most interesting new arrival:

Snake Child.JPG

Incidentally, “Now fully grown…Totally Awesome” is how I describe myself in the “About Me” section of my Facebook page.

At any rate, I hope to be adding video to this post very soon. If I told you of the hardships I have experienced on the technical front as of late, you would be amazed that one could live through such an ordeal. Or, more likely, you would nod politely while wondering why you ever agreed to go on a date with such a self-absorbed doofus.

Update! Against seemingly insurmountable odds, I shot a video, saved it to my computer, edited it, and uploaded it to YouTube.

Update II — Never mind the above. Let’s move on.

Update III — Here goes nothing:

And in regards to Coney Island — it is one of my favorite places in all of New York City. When I get the time (read: never), I’ll do a post on some of the incredible things the neighborhood has to offer.

Barack and His Bobble

I attended yesterday’s “Baracklyn Cyclones” promotion at KeySpan Park in Coney Island, and am currently working on an article recapping the evening’s events.

(update: article is here)

But, because it is important for me to remain America’s go-to Minor League promotional guru, I feel compelled to share the following image immediately. It is an all-time classic.

Photo Credit: George Napolitano/Brooklyn Cyclones

brooklyn baracklyn bobble.JPG

Booty Bumpin' at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

doggress.jpgLast month, the Brooklyn Cyclones made a big splash with the announcement that, for one night only, they would change their name to the “Baracklyn Cyclones“.

If you want or need more information on this little bit of Minor League promotional genius, then simply click here (I am linking to the version of the article, so that one can also enjoy the supremely entertaining reader comments).

But the Cyclones aren’t the only team that have come down with a temporary case of Obama-mania. In Charleston, South Carolina (a red state, no less), the RiverDogs have launched several promotions that are related to our new Commander-in-Chief.

First, there was last year’s Bobblection, which was staged by all six of the Goldklang Group’s professional ballclubs. Upon arriving at Charleston’s Joseph P. Riley ballpark, fans were given the choice of an Obama or McCain bobblehead. 58.1% chose Obama.

Then, last week, the RiverDogs announced their new “Stay’Cation” ticket package with a press release that began thusly:

“Even though Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th president of the
United States less than two weeks ago, the Charleston RiverDogs are
still on the inauguration kick announcing the inception of the
STAY’CATION Package as part of the season-long Stretch Your Dollar
promotional efforts.”

The above example is a marginal one, but I must work in threes. For my third example is the best ofcharlie.jpg all. Behold, this:

The Charleston RiverDogs want to present the Obamas with a
unique breed for their new family pet, Charlie the RiverDog.

Charlie the RiverDog is, of course, a mascot. Apparently, he will make an ideal White House resident:

While not technically a labradoodle or Portuguese water dog, Charlie is
one-of-a kind and most importantly, a certified rescue dog which should
sit well with the First Lady.  On top of that, the many people walking
around the White House won’t have to worry about stepping in any
“unfortunate accidents” because Charlie comes completely housetrained.

Well, that’s good to know. But the most impressive selling points are mentinoned a few paragraphs later:

President and Mrs. Obama made the fist bump hip and popular during the
road to the White House and Charlie is prepared to help them take it to
the next level with some “booty bumping.”  During Presidential dinners
Charlie can help bring smiles to foreign heads of state with his
impressive array of dance moves to nearly any type of music.

If the opportunity to help a Minor League mascot become the family dog of a newly-elected President is something that appeals to the inner core of your being, then your next move should be to join the Facebook group “Send Charlie to the White House“.

This is democracy in action, practiced in exactly the way our forefathers intended.

Internet Radio Killed the Video Star

milbradio.gifIt’s been a busy day for me here at headquarters, but I wanted to take the time to put up a quick little odds and ends post before it got too late.

So, without further ado, here are some odds and ends:

— Tonight I will be a guest on Minor League Baseball Radio. The show begins at 11 p.m., and I believe that I will be up first. So listen in, and call the studio @ 646-652-2962 if you have any pressing questions for yours truly.

— Today my first “Perspectives” piece ran on Check it out here. Not surprisingly, itjerk_head.jpg focuses on blogging. Please give it a read, and then take my suggestion: start a Minor League blog! Find your niche and get writing.

barackattack.jpg— Also up today on both and is a piece on the “Baracklyn Cyclones” promotion. I did a blog post on this two days ago, but now it is been expanded into article form.

— Finally, there is this piece on the Bowling Green Hot Rods and their quest to decorate their team store with license plates. If you think this is the kind of story that would have made a good blog post…well, you’re right. But this is the kind of information that has got to get to the masses as we all work toward saturating the media landscape with information pertaining to the world of the Minor Leagues. That’s what we’re doing, right? Hello?

Okay, hopefully tomorrow will include some original content. Goodbye for now, and apologies for the lack of jokes in this post. It goes against every instinct I have to write a post and not include any horrible puns or plays on words.

Barack in the Future

barackbobble.jpgThroughout the past month, I have taken the time to highlight some promotions to look out for during the 2009 season (if the content of these posts has slipped your mind, just click here, here, and here).

But an email arrived in my inbox today touting what may be 2009’s premier promo thus far: On June 23, the Brooklyn Cyclones will transform themselves into the BARACKLYN Cyclones. The club has established a website that is dedicated solely to this promotion, and is well worth exploring. But here are the most crucial details:

For one night this summer, the Brooklyn Cyclones will be
transformed into the Baracklyn Cyclones, honoring the 44th President of the United
States with a night of patriotic partying at
the ballpark.

The June 23rd festivities will feature:

Alternate red,
white, and blue jerseys
adorned with the team’s new name

FREE Barack
Obama bobbleheads
to the first 2,500 fans in attendance, featuring
the President in a Baracklyn Cyclones Jersey

The Economic
Stimulus Package
From 10am
on January 20th – Inauguration Day – to midnight
on January 23rd, ticket prices for the June 23rd game will be “rolled back” to
the Cyclones’ inaugural 2001 season rates: $10 Field Box Seats, $8 Box Seats,
$5 Bleacher Seats. Beginning January 24th, tickets will be priced at the
regular 2009 rates ($15, $12, $8)

Universal Health Care: Free Band-Aids to
the first 1,000 fans

Naming Rights: Anyone named Barack gets in
for free (Bring your ID on the night of the game)

Joe the Plumber special: any plumber named
Joe gets two free tickets – one for


himself, and one to “spread the wealth”
with a friend (Bring your ID and a business card or proof of employment on the
night of the game)

Bi-Partisan Consolation Prize: anyone named
McCain or Palin will get a free Bleacher Seat (Bring your ID on the night of
the game)

A clear-cut Exit Strategy: fans will
receive American Flags and discount coupons as they leave the ballpark.

All in all, this stands to be the most talked-about political promo since Bobblection riveted our nation last summer. Now, I realize that some of you may be saying that you just McCain’t wait until June 23, because all other promotions Palin comparison. Well, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid you’re going to have to Biden your time until then.

Nothing like going out on a high note, right? Email all complaints to: