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How Sweet It Is

QCRBlogo.jpg(Update: Now w/ Video! All you have to do is scroll down!)

What do you get when you combine 800 kids, 100 pounds of candy, and 100 pounds of marshmallows?

Until yesterday evening, the answer to this question existed solely in the realm of the theoretical. This is not surprising, because who would ever have the wherewithal to create a situation in which each of these three things existed in the same moment of space and time?

The Quad Cities River Bandits, that’s who.

Yesterday, the team staged the first-ever “Mega-Candy Drop”. This sounds like something out of a Japanese game show, but it instead took place on the pristine playing surface of Modern Woodmen Park.

The premise was simple. From the press release (or click HERE for the “Promo Preview” writeup):

The [Mega-Candy Drop] will open with a helicopter from Rotor View Helicopters, piloted by Jay Brent, making its way over Modern Woodmen Park to drop candy on the outfield so that it rains lolly pops and gummy bears! Then, once he is finished, all of the youngsters, who will be separated by age, will have a chance to run to a specific part of the field to grab as much candy as they possibly can. But the fun does not stop there. While the happy children gather their sweets, the helicopter will do another flyover to drop marshmallows from high above – making it rain puffy white goodness!

Thanks to my ability to send solicitous emails, I have obtained pictures from this historic event. I don’t think they do justice to what it must have been like to experience this first-hand, but they nonetheless provide a small window into a world that most of us have only dreamed of:

Quad Cities -- Candy Drop Group Shot.jpg

Quad Cities -- Cndy Drop Chop.jpg

Quad Cities -- Candy Drop Gathering 2.jpg

Quad Cities -- Candy Drop Gathering.jpg

Quad Cities -- Candy Drop Gettin Them Mallows.jpg

And now, let the evidence transform from photographic to visual. Here’s a whimsical look at the evening. soundtracked by the smooth vocal stylings of the inimitable Willy Wonka:

If anyone is aware of any other helicopter-assisted confection disbursement events going on in the Minor Leagues, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.