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Twelve Months of Mystery

From 2001 through 2010, the Lexington Legends’ home confines were known as Applebee’s Park. But that naming rights deal expired at the conclusion of the 2010 campaign, leaving the facility without a proper moniker.

Rather than shy away from the uncertainty, the Legends are basking in it. The team’s 2011 calendar — sent to sponsors, clients, and season ticket holders — is destined to become a cult classic collector’s item for those dedicated to the accumulation of the absurd. 


As part of a teaser campaign to build up awareness of the new stadium name, the calendar features ballpark shots in which the old “Applebees” logo has been removed (hence the ghostly silhouette in the upper right hand portion of the cover photo seen above).

And it gets a whole lot better (or worse, depending on your perspective). A sampling of monthly selections:




This 12-month masterpiece of the ridiculous culminates with December’s tour de force:


Yes…it is a photo of a logo-less trash can sitting forlornly on the concourse. If that isn’t an immediate connotation of affordable family-friendly fun then I don’t know what is.

I mean, really, I don’t.

But all this uncertainty will come to a close tomorrow evening, when the Legends reveal their stadium name for 2011 and beyond. Shortly after this announcement, the team will distribute stickers featuring the new ballpark name and logo so that proactive calendar owners may fill in the blanks themselves. 

I’m going to leave mine just the way it is, however, so that I can always remember that brief moment in space and time when Lexington proved themselves to be Legends of ambiguity.