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Tweeting Before the Meetings and Other Friday Afternoon Concerns

The next time that you read words on a computer screen that have been assembled and disseminated by yours truly, the origin point of said words will be some Godforsaken byway of the Hilton Anatole hotel in Dallas, TX.

In other words, I’ll be writing from the Baseball Winter Meetings. As mentioned earlier this week — if  you’re going to be there, please say hello! My schedule is pretty flexible, particularly on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I am always amendable to putting a face to the name.

Hard at work during the 2010 Winter Meetings, about to post an exclusive scoop about how you can get free popcorn at the Trade Show.

But until then, I’d like to highlight something that occurred yesterday. It was momentous enough to merit a tweet:

And so it begins: At 7:27 p.m ET on 12/1/11, I made the first entry in my “2012 Promotions” spreadsheet.

Said entry was the Peoria Chiefs, who on June 9 will be welcoming Ernie Banks as a special guest AND staging another edition of “Dueling Pianos Night.”

Let’s Play Two! Am I Right?

Let’s move on from lonely joke-making (my primary place of residence) to that which everyone can agree on: A NEW LOGO! Earlier this week, the Bradenton Marauders displayed a skull and cross-bats themed alternate mark:

Said alternate logo is already available on hats and shirts, such as this unique Christmas-themed t-shirt:

No time for a segue! Moving on to content, please give a look to my Minoring in Business feature on the three Minor League broadcasters who made their MLB debuts in 2011. Interesting, no?

And now, without further ado, let me present what I hope will be a (more or less) weekly feature on this blog: The @BensBiz Twitter Top Six!

Many of you follow me on Twitter, many do not. But it is my favorite of all social media forums, as it allows me to keep tabs on what’s going on while sharing news items (many of which make their way to the blog) and obsessively-compulsively making jokes. Without further ado, here are the Top Six @BensBiz Tweets (and Re-Tweets) of the Week!

6. Together at last:

Believe it or Not: Pygmy marmosets, the Museum of Broken Relationships, and Minor League Baseball!

5. Loyal Reader Scott Jennings (once identified in an article with the preface “heckler”) lets his preferences be known:

My readers have very specific needs RT @sajennings: need more logos make everyone create new logos need logos thank you for the logos

4. Cannot resist the urge to make jokes:

Pedro Viola was removed from the Orioles 40-man roster today. Just like the orchestra, team saw Viola as a second string player.

3. Let’s get all haughty in here! (Nonetheless, the complaints are legit.)

Four MiLB team press release pet peeves, one tweet: 1. Release only included as attachment 2. No BCC 3. Indistinct subject line 4. Typos

2. It’s true. They really did:

The @LowellSpinners recommend this hat for the “family hipster” demographic:

1. Finally, a meat racer is on Twitter and talking trash about his rivals

Anthropomorphic pork in #BEASTMODE RT @RealChrisPBacon: Running around the warning track. #HamboneandDiggitystillinbed

See you in Dallas, industry! Thanks in advance for my annual ego boost before I recede back into complete and total NYC anonymity.

#31 Will No Longer Play in Peoria

Thumbnail image for PeoriaChiefs.pngIn 1985, most Americans were engaged in one of three important tasks: Perfecting a Max Headroom impersonation, blasting “Oh Yeah” on a portable cassette deck, or counting off the days until a post-Hands Across America global utopia.

But not Greg Maddux. The future Hall of Famer was plying his trade in Peoria, in the first full-season stop of what would turn out to be a 25-year professional career. In 1985, Maddux went 13-9 with a 3.19 ERA over 27 starts for the Chiefs. En route to doing so, he tossed 186 innings and six complete games, unthinkable numbers for a 19-year-old prospect in our current era of over-the-top pitch count obsession.

This past Friday, the Chiefs retired Maddux’s #31 jersey in a pre-game ceremony. The mayor of Peoria proclaimed June 11th to be “Greg Maddux Day”, thereby imbuing the event with instant legitimacy. Speeches were made by Chiefs president Rocky Vonachen, his father (and former club prez/all-around Peoria baseball legend) Pete Vonachen, and Maddux himself.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: photographic evidence!

Maddux, flanked by Pete Vonachen and Chiefs broadcaster MC Nathan Baliva:





Finally, the ceremony in all of its video glory:

And speaking of playing in Peoria, the Chiefs recently hit upon a brand-new form of in-game entertainment: Dueling Pianos. Two ivory ticklers from the nearby Jive and Wail piano bar set up shop atop the dugouts, providing a rollicking soundtrack to the entire evening.

Check it out!

Perhaps Dueling Pianos at live sporting events will be the next craze to sweep the nation, making a cultural impact on par with Garbage Pail Kids, Bonkers Candy, or at the very least Young Sherlock Holmes.