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Sit In It To Win It

car_survivor_800X275.jpgIn 2004, the Brevard County Manatees staged a “Car Survivor” contest. Five people got into a car, and six days and 23 hours later only one person remained. That person won the automobile.

Car Survivor II is now being staged in Huntsville, right outside of the Stars’ Joe Davis Stadium. The sequel, a joint effort between the Stars and Jerry Damson Honda, has just surpassed the original. Despite searing Alabama heat, lack of sleep, and limited personal hygiene opportunities, two contestants have managed to stay in the car for a full week.

Mr. Daniel Rice, 28:


Mr. Jeremy Hatley, 18:


These two have a lot more legroom these days, as three of the initial five contestants have left the automobile. One of these individuals was fan favorite MJ Gillikin:

But Gillikin was driven out of the automobile by Hatley and Rice, who kept her awake through a series of sleep-depriving maneuvers (anything from tapping on the hood of the car to loud sing-a-longs).

The Machiavellian maneuverings seem to have come to an end, as Hatley and Rice are at a standstill. Anyone wishing to see what the duo are up to can check out the streaming Car Survivor audio and video located HERE. It’s oddly compelling viewing. When I last checked in, the contestants were in the midst of a discussion about eating maggots. Then they were interviewed by a local TV news station. 

Hatley says he doesn’t have anywhere to be until his freshman year of college begins in the fall. Rice has a job and is married, but has the full support of his employer and spouse.

The contestants do receive some time out of the car, however. To do otherwise would be uncivilized. From the rules:

Every six hours, the contestants will get a 15-minute break. They can
use the restroom, freshen up, grab a bite to eat, get a drink, stretch,
etc. Each contestant must drink 128 ounces of water, soda, lemonade,
coffee (or any other liquid they prefer) every 24 hours. If they fail to
drink one gallon in those 24 hours, they are automatically eliminated.

At this point, the contestants aren’t the only ones who are worn out. The Stars’ front officeHuntsville_Car6.JPG staff has been working three hour “car guarding” shifts, including such unsavory time slots as 3-6 a.m.

“I’m bringing some classic-rock, two liter soda bottles, and No-Doz next time I’m out there [by the car],” said Rogers, who previously staged Car Survivor in Brevard County. “I’m going to be looking at those guys like, ‘You’re never getting these days back, you know that?'”

Perhaps Hatley and Rice will reach a compromise, but by now there may be too much at stake. In addition to winning the car (a 2004 Honda LX valued at $15,500, NOT the one they are currently sitting in), local businesses have contributed to a prize package that includes window tinting, the installation of a dvd player, a 55″ inch TV, jewelry, a $1000 gas card, and more.

A quick resolution to this now-interminable affair seems unlikely. With that being the case, Rogers has just one request.

“Our ratings are down, those guys are just sitting there!,” he said. “Do something stupid in there!”