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Burning Up The Basepaths in Savannah

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for sandgnats.jpegThe previous post on this blog featured an interview with stuntman Ted Batchelor, who had been hired by the Savannah Sand Gnats to run the bases at Grayson Stadium while engulfed in flames.

At the time I talked to Batchelor, this stunt had not yet happened. But due to the inexorable passage of time, now it has. Further details can be found in a forthcoming story on, but for now please luxuriate in the following video and photo from Saturday night’s unprecedented jog around the basepaths.

Rounding Third:


The Homestretch (note second base burning in the background, as all the bases has been doused with gasoline):


Safe! (Batchelor dove headfirst in order to keep the flames away from his mouth):


The Hottest 37 Seconds You Will Ever See:

I spoke with Batchelor again this afternoon. He is very interested in performing at Minor League parks across the country, in conjunction with his goal of being lit on fire in all 50 states. Also, he would still very much like to be ignited after being hit by a flaming baseball. Clearly, these are dreams that need to be realized. 

Check out HIS WEBSITE for booking info.