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One Intern Deserves Another

senators.gifThe Harrisburg Senators seem poised for a breakout season.

Metro Bank Park has been extensively re-modeled over the past two years, and the club will have a chance to showcase it during the 2010 Eastern League All-Star Game. The team is stepping it up on the promotional front as well, announcing just yesterday that a flat-screen TV will be given away during every inning of every Friday home game.

And then there’s “The Intern World”, the first episode of which was released yesterday. I’ll let director of game entertainment Aaron Margolis explain things from here:

This season, our eight interns are in a pretty unique
situation. In addition to interning in the crazy world of minor league
baseball, they are sharing a penthouse apartment that overlooks the city. 
The similarity to a certain long-running cable reality series did not escape us
and we knew that we needed to capitalize. The result is this “reality show”
that we will be continuing into the season.

Finally, I would like to once again remind my readership that I regularly write content for Check out this piece on Oneonta’s move to Norwich, and this one on the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR).

That’ll do it for me and the month of January.


Special Delivery

vday.pngIt was just yesterday that I wrote “Valentine’s Day can wait.” But that was yesterday, when men were men, women were beautiful, and blogging material was plentiful.

But today? Today I got nothin’. Therefore, it’s time for my first installment of Ben’s Biz Blog Valentine’s Day coverage. Thus far, I am aware of 10 teams that are offering mascot delivery services on Valentine’s Day. But, as we know, not all mascots are created equal.

What follows are snapshots of the costumed characters that will be personally delivering Valentine’s Day gifts. And for you, the reader, I have a simple question: Which of these mascots do you think is the most romantic, the one most likely to jump-start a truly memorable Valentine’s Day? Please let me know via email, Twitter, Facebook, or, of course, the perpetually neglected comments section. I’ll compile the results and post it on the blog come Monday. Here are the candidates:

Chopper (Gwinnett Braves)

Gwinnett Chopper.jpg 

Hickory Crawdads — Candy or Conrad (Your Choice)

Hickory -- ConradCandy.jpg
Lake County Captains — Skipper

Lake County Skipper.jpg

Expressions of Grief, Longing, and Expectation

Thumbnail image for mbpelicans.jpgA lot of great Valentine’s Day promotions have been coming down the pike as of late, and I am tempted to put together a post on the subject.

But then I remind myself that it is not yet February, and that Valentine’s Day can wait. But what cannot wait are the following objects of interest, all of which must be dealt with in an expedient manner.

So let the ruthless efficiency begin.

The Minor League Baseball world was rocked (or at least gently nudged) by last week’s news that Myrtle Beach Pelicans GM North Johnson had been hired by the Gwinnett Braves. The Pelicans will not let North go gently into that good night, however, as evidenced by the farewell video that they put together in his honor. This is some serious staff loyalty: 

My favorite part of the video occurs at 2:03, as that has to be the least convincing pantomimed phone conversation that I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot.

Following North’s lead, let us now move in a southwesterly direction. Our destination is Tulsa, where the Drillers continue to woo Conan O’Brien. Yesterday, hard-hat wearing team president Chuck Lamson got in on the act. Check it out HERE.

I made reference to Conan’s farewell speech at the end of yesterday’s post, namely the following line: Please do not be cynical…Nobody in life gets exactly what they
thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard, and you’re
kind, amazing things will happen. 

This attitude is personified by Julio Osegueda, the young Floridian who attained celebrity as ajuliogame.jpg result of his enthusiastic questioning of President Obama at a town hall meeting last February. This led the Fort Myers Miracle to offer him a broadcasting gig, a development I covered HERE and HERE. I spoke with Julio before I wrote both articles, and was struck by his positivity and earnestness. That’s why I was glad to see THIS, in which Julio reflects on Obama’s first year in office as well as the changes in his own life.

One thing that Julio and his fellow Fort Myersinians don’t need to worry about is wintry weather, which the Iowa Cubs have experienced in abundance this month. You may recall last week’s pictures of Principal Park covered in ice. Well, now the club has made a commercial that juxtaposes winter woes with springtime bliss:

In conclusion, let me point out that the Richmond Flying Squirrels released their 2010 giveaway schedule today. It is highlighted by a Flying Squirrel Cape, so that you too may look like this.

Thumbnail image for Richmond -- Parny Unitard beleaguered.JPG

Knuckle Sandwich

gbraves.jpgWhile perusing through press releases (as I am wont to do), I came across a missive issued by the Gwinnett Braves. This fledgling International League franchise was touting the fun to be had during its current Opening Week homestand.

Amidst a litany of fairly standard promotions that were due to take place, this press release included the following mouth-watering paragraph:

Fans can start the week off
right with the “Knucksie,” a pulled pork open-faced sandwich on a slice
of cornbread, topped with cole slaw and barbecue sauce and scallions,
that is featured at Niekro’s Sports Bar.

The “Knucksie”, named after famed knuckleballer Phil Neikro, sounded like one really good sandwich. Feeling the need for visual evidence of such a fine item, I emailed G-Braves community and public affairs manager Courtney Lawson. She was kind enough to send back the following picture:

Knucksie 2.JPG

All I can say is that I could really go for a Knucksie about now. If you have been lucky enough to try one then please send a report to