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Get In, Get Out, Move On

get_hot_keep_moving.jpgTime is short, and topic reserves are low. Yet, my devotion to this blog is such that I feel I must post today. I can’t go on I will go on.

First, thanks to everyone who is now following me on this thing known as “Twitter”. I’ll do my best to stay active, and I welcome feedback and suggestions of all kinds at any time. I somewhat like Twitter’s concept, in which an idea or thought must be conveyed in 140 characters or less. One must get to the point as quickly as possible. Unlike, say, this paragraph.

Moving on, Jonathan Mayo has an interesting “Perspectives” piece on the recent launch of the Israeli Association of Baseball. Mayo notes that the fledgling league will try to follow the successful Minor League Baseball business model, in which promotions are key. As to what promotions might work in Israel, Mayo suggests a Golda Meir bobblehead. That’s pretty good, but if anyone has any other suggestions then please feel free to leave a comment. Me? I got nothin’

Finally, I am pleased to announce that one of the honored guests at the Missoula Osprey’ssummers.jpg Hot Stove Dinner is none other than backstop-turned-knuckleballer Houston Summers. As some of you may know, Houston was the winner of 2007’s inaugural “Minors Moniker Madness” competition. Surely, this was one of the most ridiculous (yet entertaining) features that has found its way onto, and we had a lot of fun putting it together. I would like to think that Houston’s presence at the Hot Stove Dinner is at least somewhat attributable to the notoriety he achieved on our site.

Unlikely, I know…but I must compensate for my own lack of success by taking undeserved credit for the achievements of others. It’s the American way!