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Hat Trick

hat.jpgI am currently multi-tasking. With my left hand, I am typing the sentence that you are in the midst of reading. With my right, I am shaking a hat that is filled with small pieces of paper. On each of these pieces of paper, a potential Ben’s Biz Blog topic is written.

It is now time to choose.

Okay, here we go:

USA! USA! — From the “Promotions That I Missed” department comes this one staged by the Hudson ValleyComingtoAmerica1988MoviePoster.jpg Renegades. On July 1st, the club held “Born in the USA Night”, in which four pre-selected immigrant fans competed to have their neutralization process paid for by the Renegades. Said the Renegades in the press release:

Tuesday night the Renegades will do something that has never been done before by
starting one fan on the process of becoming a U.S.
citizen. What goes better than baseball, fireworks and America?
Nothing…that is why the Renegades are going to complete the trio for one
deserving fan.

Okay, time to reach into the hat once again…

Apropos of Nothing — I am on the email list of many Minor League teams, but the missives of one club in particular have recently caught my eye. That club is the Charleston RiverDogs, whose game recap headlines utilize verbs that are rarely used in the world of sports journalism. Let’s take a look at the headlines from the recent series against the Lexington Legends:

RiverDogs Forget Legends, 2-0 (July 7)
Legends Loom Large Over RiverDogs, 3-1 (July 8)
RiverDogs Discredit Legends, 5-4 (July 9)

profriverdogs.jpgSo, to summarize, on Monday the RiverDogs defeated the Legends by effectively erasing them from memory. The Legends overcame the RiverDogs’ amnesia the next day by developing a temporary size advantage that allowed them to tower above their opponents. But the momentum from that triumph did not last, as the RiverDogs won the following afternoon by using their powers of logic and oratorical skill to effectively dismantle the cunning but ultimately empty sophistry of the Legends.

Kudos to the RiverDogs’ Media Relations Department for tapping into the unlimited potential of the English language. And now I proceed to the hat for the third and final time.

Recommended Link! Several times in the past, I have referred my loyal cadre of readers to the excellent Recently, the site featured a “Pro Panel”, in which fivetg.jpg sports industry executives gave their two cents on how they would respond to the following scenario:

You are in this position: Your shipment of 20,000
bobbleheads arrives on Friday for your game on Saturday. You take them
out of the box and notice that the player seems to be giving you the
finger. You have 36 hours until game time, a sponsor is attached to the
promotion, and tickets have been selling briskly in anticipation of the

What do you do?

It goes without saying that the resulting responses make for some excellent reading. It’s like an episode of 24 for sports industry professionals. And, of course, this scenario was inspired by a recent real-life situation.

That's A Wrap

hvr.gifAll of two days ago, I did a relatively lengthy post on the Hudson Valley Renegades‘ new “Chili Davis Wrap”. But, my adoring public wanted more, so more I will now give. (Click here — or just scroll down — to bring yourself up to speed on this culinary masterpiece).

Joe Ausanio, the creator of this intriguing new concession stand item, was kind enough to respond to my Chili Davis Wrap-related queries.

“It was kind of funny how it all transpired,” he wrote. “We were talking how we love chili
cheese fries but they are such a mess to eat. I said ‘Hey, lets throw it in a
wrap and contain it’. Then, of course, the rest was history.”

Ausiano was also kind enough to send along a few photos. Here, we see the wrap in an embryonic stage:

Thumbnail image for fries.JPG

Next comes the addition of the titular Chili:


And, then, finally, the cheese:


Man, this is making me hungry. Anyone have a spare $6.67 lying around so I can run up to Hudson Valley and get one of these? Actually, maybe I’ll buy two, and send the second one to Chili Davis so that he can autograph it.


Have a great weekend, everybody.

Wrap Your Head Around This One

hv2.gifIn a little more than a week, four short-season leagues (New York-Penn, Northwest, Appalachian, and Pioneer) will kick off their 2008 campaigns. For someone who covers the Minors, this is always a great time of year, simply because there is that much more to write about.

Today, I’ll get an early start on short-season coverage by directing your attention to a spectacular culinary creation that will be debuting at Hudson Valley’s Dutchess Stadium this season: the Chili Davis Wrap.

This intriguing item is a wrap filled with chili and french fries and then smothered withchili.jpg American cheese. It is named after the great Chili Davis — who hit 350 home runs during a distinguished 19-year career — and it costs $6.67.

If you are now asking yourself why the Hudson Valley Renegades have named a food item after an individual with no connections to the organization, then I suspect you are not alone. Like greater men have done before me, I now defer to the press release in order to explain this most confusing situation:

The Renegades Director of Food and Beverage Joe Ausanio spent two
seasons with the New York Yankees (1994 and ’95). During his two years
of Major League ball he worked as a set-up man…

Okay, that’s pretty interesting. I am wondering where this will go next.

Davis faced off against Ausanio three times throughout his career,
accumulating a .667 batting average (2-for-3) with two home runs and a
strikeout. Calling Davis’ two hits homeruns is a little bit of an
understatement; they were rockets that landed a combined 1,000 feet
from home plate.

Oh, awesome! Could it be that this menu item was born out of vengeance?

Now it’s Ausanio’s turn to send Davis to the bleachers. Come out to any
home game this season and see if you can do what Ausanio was unable to
do … handle Chili Davis. See if you can handle a hearty helping of
chili mixed with some of the best fries this side of the Mississippi
drenched in some good old fashion American cheese all held together by
a flour tortilla.

sizzlin-steak.jpgYes, it was! You’re not so high and mighty now, are you Chili Davis? How’s it feel to have gone from a respected power hitter to a menu item at a Minor League ballpark? Not too good, I bet! And, before I ruminate any further on the stunning transformation of Chili Davis — what is up with that $6.67 price?

This amazing Renegades signature wrap will be sold at the main
concession stand located behind first base for $6.67 (Davis’ batting
average against Ausanio).

Oh, right. Well, at least they used batting average instead of slugging percentage. A $26.68 menu item would be a little out of my price range.

And, in all seriousness, kudos to the Renegades for offering this simultaneously awesome and hilarious menu item.

The Renegades Honor A True American Hero

favre.jpg12-year-old David Whitthoft has recently received a veritable boatload of media attention due to the fact that he wore a Brett Favre Green Bay Packers jersey for 1,581 consecutive days — a Guinness World Record. He voluntarily brought the streak to an end on his 12th birthday.

On August 30th, the Hudson Valley Renegades will pay tribute to Whitthoft’s amazing accomplishment during their annual “NFL Night” promotion. The pre-teen Connecticut resident will be on hand to throw out the game’s first pitch, and the club will retire his tattered #4 Favre jersey. Hopefully, Whitthoft will receive a Renegades jersey for his troubles, which he will then decide to wear until his high school graduation.

Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers won’t be retiring Favre’s #4 jersey until September 8. Therefore, Packers fans who can’t wait that long are urged to travel to Hudson Valley’s Dutchess Stadium in order to witness this emotional and stirring ceremony. That’s a 900-mile drive that’s sure to be worth it.