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Making Up Promos on the Fly

DefendersTrademark.jpgI received the following email a few days ago, and it illustrates the fact that while some Minor League promos are the result of offseason brainstorming sessions, others are formulated on the spot:

Connecticut Defenders put a positive spin on a bad situation on Thursday. The stadium lights didn’t go on, and caused a 42-minute delay, so onfield MC
Johnny Gill came up with the idea of ‘Guaranteed Lights Work Night.” Everyone
who attended Thursday’s game just needed to show their stub in order to receive a ticket to
Friday Night’s game vs Reading, which was followed by a fireworks show…..Brilliant!

This mysterious dispatch was simply signed “Defenders”, leading me to believe that it was sent by a disparate group of Marvel Comics superheroes.

Regardless, it illustrates the fact that those who work in the Minor Leagues must have the ability to think on their feet. There are endless logistical details involved with the task of presenting a professional baseball game, and things often don’t go as planned.

In fact, if anyone else has a “Tale from the Minor League Frontlines”, send it along ( and I’ll post it for the world to see.