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Visual Representation of What Had Previously Only Appeared in Print

While I greatly enjoy writing “Promotion Preview” on a weekly basis, it is a column that clearly has its limitations. Mainly, there is only room for a handful of photos. Yet, one’s understanding and enjoyment of many of these promos would be greatly enhanced if there were an accompanying image to each write-up.

Baby steps, readers, baby steps. While this utopian vision of copious photo representation remains a long way off, at the very least I can use this blog to close the gap between this ultimate goal and present-day reality.

Alright, enough talk. I mean, really, dude. Just get on with it. All this blither blather just to set up a photo of a Pajama Jersey is a little much.

Just a minute, italicized text — did you say something about a Pajama Jersey?

I did:


Oh, awesome. These jerseys were worn by the Birmingham Barons last month. Here are the details, courtesy of my friend italicized text:

For the team’s games on Saturday and Sunday, June 21-22, against the
Jacksonville Suns, the Barons players and coaches will wear specialty
“pajama” uniforms that will be auctioned off over the course of the

The uniforms will be white with powder blue and black trim. They will
also incorporate stars and half-moons in the trim of the lettering to
add to the “nighttime” feel. The “Baron head” logo that is on the left
sleeve will feature the Baron wearing a night-time stocking cap.


(photos courtesy of Justin Firesheets, the Birmingham Barons Director of Media Relations)

Moving on…readers may recall last week’s Promotion Preview column, in which I mentioned the Lowell Spinners Jacoby Ellsbury World Series coin. Well, Spinners Director of Media Relations Jon Boswell was kind enough to send along a photo of this high-quality item:


That’s the front of the coin, depicting Ellsbury as a Spinner in 2005. The back shows Ellsbury amidst the aftermath of the Red Sox’s 2007 World Championship:


Pretty sweet, right?

Indeed. And I, for one, would like to run more promotion-related photos on this blog. Send ’em to

Italicized text, over and out.