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Bone-In Pork Ribs and Other Delights

Yesterday’s post began with a look at the Memphis Redbirds’ highly-touted “Organ Donor” jersey, but it’s important to note that they’re not the only Triple-A club taking an inside-out approach to the theme jersey.

During last week’s “Halloween Night” promotion, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs took the field in these:

That’s manager Ryne Sandberg, who might have had a bone to pick with fans who gave him a good ribbing about his new look.

Ryan Feierabend took the loss, but nonetheless showed a lot of backbone out there on the mound.

Don’t worry, Ryan — to-marrow is a new day!

But we’re here to talk about that greatest era of American history — the exceedingly recent past. For instance, on Wednesday the Jamestown Jammers took the field in these.

Lucille Ball was a native of Jamestown, and this week marks the centennial anniversary of her birth. The town is in the midst of a multi-day “Lucyfest” celebration, with the Jammers’ “Lucy-Desi Night” kicking things off. The Jammers won 6-3; although perhaps it would have been more appropriate if they had been in the midst of a “Lucy” streak. (And taking a look at the box score — it appears tht Brian McConkey had the honor of serving as the team’s “Desi-nated Hitter.”)

The Toledo Mud Hens are another team to have recently honored a hometown hero at the ballpark. On Monday, the team gave away 1000 bobbleheads honoring this man. Guess whose back?

Any idea? Feel feel to argue amongst yourselves, I’m not above taking sides:

Okay — one can discern the surname “Walker” in the first shot and the first name “Moses” in the above.

But there the appellation trail goes cold, for this man has a middle name as well. It’s Fleetwood, mac!


the facts:

What can I say? I’m a big fan of Walker’s. Not only was he the first black player in MLB history, but he was also an inventor, newspaper publisher, social theorist, and entrepreneur. He also had a thirst for the drink, and in 1891 was acquitted of a second-degree murder charge.

Now that’s a life.

Also, this marked the first time a team sent me six high-quality shots of one bobblehead. I figured I may as well do something with it.

Who’s gonna be the first to send me seven?

A Thoroughly Flawed Evening in Jamestown

Thumbnail image for bubba.jpgThis past Thursday, the Giants played the Patriots in a pre-season Super Bowl XLII rematch. Inspired by this gridiron pairing, the Jamestown Jammers staged “Salute to Imperfection Night” at beautiful Russell Diethrick Park.

I included this event in my final “Promotion Preview” column of the season, summing it up thusly:

“On this special evening, the club will pay tribute to the 2007 Patriots
and other “imperfect” teams (such as the winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers
of 1976-77) in a variety of ways. Every fan wearing NFL gear receives
free admission, and mascot Bubba Grape will take part in a re-enactment
of Eli Manning’s famous completion to David Tyree. Also taking place
will be a “wide right” contest, in which fans will attempt to miss
field goals in a fashion similar to the Bills’ Scott Norwood in Super
Bowl XXV.”

I am happy to report that I have received a most amusing recap of the evening from Jammers director of baseball operations Scott Eddy, who breaks it all down in a succinct, point-by-point fashion:

“There was absolutely nothing perfect about this night at Diethrick Park in
Jamestown as A) The home team was down 6-0 after two innings and as much as 15-0
at one point before finally losing 15-2 to Auburn.”


B) There was rainfall for much of the evening

C) Our regular on-field host, an avid Bills fan, refused to
announce the “Wide Right” re-creation. Taking his place, I was
heckled quite heartily by many of the Bills fans in attendance. Brought back
bad memories, I suppose. Our contestant did Scott Norwood
proud- imperfectly wide right and he walked away with a prize.


D) The picture isn’t very clear, but although Auburn
took home a 15-2 victory, things weren’t quite perfect for them, either. Their
bus, parked alongside the stadium, was drilled with a foul ball, smashing one
of its windows.”


So there you have it, folks. The Jammers really couldn’t have asked for a more imperfect evening. Which begs the question: If one attains their stated goal of imperfection, is this, in itself, a form of perfection?

I, for one, am going to spend the remainder of my day pondering this deep philosophical query.

A Jam-Packed Night in Jamestown

jammers.jpgLast week, I blogged about the State College Spikes’ epic “Night of 100 Promotions”, and wondered if any other teams would soon follow suit.

One has: the Jamestown Jammers.

The Jammers have toned the concept down a notch while also adding a unique hometown twist. The club is currently in first place in the New York-Penn League’s Pinckney Division, and just 14 wins away from a franchise-record 42 victories. In honor of this march to immortality, tomorrow will be “The Night of 42 Promotions.”

Utilizing the hard-nosed investigative journalism skills that I have built my reputation upon, I was able to secure a complete list of the Jammers’ promotions (thanks to Director of Baseball Operations Scott Eddy). Tiny font, activate!

1.  Answer some fun and exciting trivia and win a
small prize that will last forever!

2.  Through out the game so you do not forget the
stats or your favorite players, we will be giving away colorful post-it

3.  Free Bubba Hugs


4.  Learn the Robot Dance with Bubba!

5.  Receive 100 of this special prize and you
will have a $1.00 aka Penny Giveaway!

6.  Number 1 music hits from around the world on
the PA all night long

7.  Meet the wonderful Jamestown Jammers staff of

8.  Attempt to start the largest Wave in Chautauqua County history

9.  Join in while we do the Macarena

10. Bull-pen player name game

11. You have been wondering?
Ask the GM one question of your choice!

12. Salute to the chia pet

13. Watch your Jamestown
Jammers interns take on one another in the Intern Olympics

14. 42 bugle calls

15. 15% of a non-sale item in
the Gift Shop

16. Salute to the Yodel

17. Jammers Card set toss into

18. Electric Slide on the

19. Look out for flying
peanuts! Catch them if you can!

20. Wrestling theme music

21. Tribute to 42nd
President Bill Clinton

22. Pay tribute to your
hometown girl by doing I Love Lucy impressions!


23. J-E-L-L-O toss on-field

24. Kids bring your muscles to
join in on a tug of war challenge

25. Test your running skills
by running in clothes backwards

26. Anyone who throws 42 at
Speed Pitch wins a prize!

27. Water balloon toss

28. Salute to our manager,
Darin Everson

29. Salute to baseball caps

30. Meet the grounds crew

31. Meet outfielder Ray White

32. Moment of silence for our

33. Come to the game with your
blue tooth and win a small prize

34. Salute to the Eggplant

35. Free high fives

36. Spend a fun filled inning
with Bubba!

37. Jr. PA Announcers

38. Free T-shirt toss


39. Salute to Boy Bands

40. Salute to the 42nd

41. Free stadium tours

42. Free pocket schedules

I will now elaborate on a few of these most-exciting innovations.

#3: Bubba is the Jammers’ mascot, whose full name is the quite awesome “Bubba Grape the Baseball Ape“. It is fitting that he shares a name with 42nd President Bill “Bubba” Clinton, who the club will be paying tribute to that evening (see promo #21).

gooch.gif#6: In addition to playing #1 hits, the club might wish to consider playing the song that is currently #42 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart: “Realize” by Colbie Caillat.

#10: RIght-hander Wayman Gooch should be a lock to win the bullpen name-game.

#19: This sounds more like a threat than a promotion.

#22: Lucille Ball was indeed born in Jamestown.

#25: This is obviously preferable to running naked backwards.

Meanwhile the aforementioned State College Spikes are running full speed ahead with more innovative promotions. The club’s on-field play has left much to be desired this season (the Spikes are 18.5 games behind Jamestown in the Pinckney Division), so the front office has declared Friday’s game as “We Win, You Win” night.

If the Spikes win that evening, fans receive a ticket voucher for an upcoming game against Staten Island. But if they lose, then “General Manager Rick Janac and Director of Ticket Sales Chris Phillips
will walk around the bases on Saturday for the equivalent amount of
hours as runs the team is beaten by.” The full press release is located here.


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