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Shatel-ing It Like It Is

lavosh_bite_size_140gweb.jpgA substantial backlog of fascinating material has accumulated here at Ben’s Biz Blog headquarters, and I am greatly looking forward to sharing my bounty of Minor League news.

But, today, time is of the essence, and I simply do not have it in me to do a powerhouse post. Instead, let me fill you in on a thoroughly ridiculous promo that was staged by the Omaha Royals this past weekend. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how it came about.

1. On August 19, columnist Tom Shatel of the Omaha World-Herald makes the following observation: “…the Royals shouldn’t be afraid of $6 parking prices (at the new
downtown stadium) because people pay that much to park in the Old
Market. That’s a fair point. But the Royals would be going from free
parking to $6. Plus, you can’t get lavosh at a Royals game.”

2. After doing some research, the O-Royals’ front office learns that “lavosh is of Armenian origin. It is a flat bread used to celebrate in
the Jewish fashion. There is no yeast in it and it can be eaten during
many Jewish festivals and Holy days.”

3. Armed with their newfound knowledge of Jewish flatbread, the club announces that a special lavosh pizza will be available at the ballpark on Saturday, August 23. It consists of chorizo sausage, roasted bell peppers, onions and smoked gouda sauce, and is named after Shatel. Furthermore, fans have the option of “Shatel-ing” their nachos by replacing the chips with lavosh crackers.

4. Finally, the club stages an on-field promo — “‘Shatel Lavosh Toss,’ where participants willomaha-royals-logo.gif toss large lavosh
crackers into a container. If they win, they will receive free parking
to all Omaha Royals games that will be played at the new downtown

Now, as someone who possesses only a superficial knowledge of O-Royals ballpark negotiations, lavosh, Omaha’s Old World Market, and the journalistic stylings of Tom Shatel, it is quite possible that I do not fully understand the club’s motivations for staging this evening of lavosh-related ridiculousness.

Nonetheless, I hope this promotion serves as an inspiration to other Minor League teams. The next time a local journalist makes a snide reference to your club’s parking and ethnic food-related deficiencies, don’t just smile and turn the other cheek. Instead, incorporate said reference into one of the most baffling promotions of the year!