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Social Media Listmania And More

milblogo.jpgRegularly scheduled programming will appear in a moment, but I’d like to lead things off today with an important advertorial:

Check out’s new and improved “Fans” page! Those looking to connect with Minor League Baseball in a more comprehensive and meaningful way will find the tools to do so, most notably via a pair of excellently-curated lists:

Every Minor League team on Facebook!
Every Minor League team on Twitter!

Individuals with the motivation to “Friend” and “Follow” every Minor League team out there will find themselves immediately privy to much of the information that I later disseminate via this blog. And you know what that means — I am hastening my own demise, making my obsolescence even more imminent. Oh well, we’ve all got to shuffle off this virtual coil sooner or later.

Until then, I’ll entertain you in the only way I know how: Parody and/or food pictures.

Remember in my previous post, when I asked for for teams to submit theme songs? Well, the Akron Aeros have (finally!) become the first team to hop on the “Black and Yellow” bandwagon. This is “Akron Aeros” by Wiz Orbit-Fa:

“Akron Aeros” fits perfectly into the song’s chorus, perhaps better than any other team in the Minors. The only other ones even close are Asheville Tourists, Beloit Snappers, Bowie Baysox, Brooklyn Cyclones, Charlotte Stone Crabs, Dayton Dragons, Erie SeaWolves, Eugene Emeralds, Fort Wayne TinCaps, Fresno Grizzlies, Jackson Generals, Jamestown Jammers, Lakewood BlueClaws, Lansing Lugnuts, Lynchburg Hillcats, Memphis Redbirds, Midland RockHounds, Mobile BayBears, Orem Owlz, Palm Beach Cardinals, Portland Sea Dogs, Reading Phillies, Reno Aces, Salem Red Sox, Springfield Cardinals, Tampa Yankees, Trenton Thunder, Tucson Padres, and Tulsa Drillers.

Moving from four syllables to four comestibles, remember earlier this week when I wrote about the Lehigh Valley IronPigs “Pig Out Menu Items“?

Well, now I have pictures of the four items. Fans, which one would YOU most like to see on a concession menu? 

The “Three Little Pigs” Sandwich


Diggity Dog


Double Blast Burger


Loaded Fries


Currently, the “Three Little Pigs Sandwich” has a commanding lead in the voting.

Moving on from Gratuitous Photos to Gratuitous Video, I’ll close this blogging week with a reminder that dynamite sometimes isn’t the answer.

Remember — remembering what not to do is just as important as remembering what to do.

Stone Cold Hot Stove Speculation

tuxtee.jpgWe are in the midst of “Hot Stove Dinner” season, that time of year when teams stage gala banquets featuring distinguished celebrity speakers, memorabilia auctions, and awkward jokes from suit-wearing media relations directors pressed into MC duty.

I’ve already written about these dinners in the past, and an exhaustive rundown of that which has or will take place would exhaust the reader while making me feel run down. But in the interest of stirring up what passes for debate these days, I’d like to remark that the Richmond Flying Squirrels have put together what I believe is this year’s best Hot Stove Dinner line-up:

— Darryl Strawberry
richmond_stove.jpg— Billy Wagner
— Tommy John
— Javier Lopez (San Francisco Giants reliever)
— Eddie Kasko (Played for the International League’s Richmond Virginians, 1954-56)
— The entire Flying Squirrels 2011 field staff
— Pat O’Conner, president of Minor League Baseball

Remarkable, no? Would anyone care to dispute my assertion that this is the year’s best Hot Stove line-up? If so, put your disputation into email form and send to

But let’s face it, Hot Stove Dinners are little more than a way to pass the time during the interminable offseason void. One indication that said void is on its way out is that teams have begun releasing 2011 promotional schedules. Observe:

sheik.jpgLehigh Valley Iron Pigs (favorite promo: Harry Kalas bobblehead, May 16)
Lakewood BlueClaws (favorite promo: appearance by tag-team tandem of Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff, June 11 )
Inland Empire 66ers (favorite promo: Lucha Libre Mask Giveaway, July 22)

Also, in the “weekly promo” category, the Lake Elsinore Storm have announced the alliterative beauty that is “Wacky Weenie Wednesday.” All fans receive free hot dogs through the seventh inning.

There will be plenty more where all this came from, but like an opponent of the Iron Sheik or an empty beer keg I’m all tapped out for now. Well, except for this. It’s a video featuring Conrad the easily-distracted costumed crustacean:

Buffalo Takes The L.E.D

The Buffalo Bisons lit up the baseball world on Wednesday, with the announcement that they will be installing the biggest L.E.D. scoreboard in all of Minor League Baseball at Coca-Cola Field next season.


“Well, how big is it?” I imagine you all asking in unison. Per usual, I’ll let the all-knowing press release provide the answer to that.

The new signature 80′ x 33′ LED HD Video Display from Daktronics, Inc. will add an unparalleled level of enjoyment to the Bisons Baseball Experience.

The new $2.5 million BisonsTV HD board will be funded completely by the Bisons organization and will once again demonstrate the team’s private investment in providing the ultimate fan experience and value at every game.

This news out of Buffalo reminds me of a phenomenon I bore witness to during my travels this past season: “Minor League Baseball’s Biggest Scoreboard” is a claim that is made quite liberally throughout the industry. So, let me ask you, teams:

— Do you currently boast a scoreboard that is larger than what the Bisons will be installing?
— Prior to the Bisons’ announcement, did you believe that you possessed the biggest scoreboard in all of Minor League Baseball? If so, how big is it?
— If not all of Minor League Baseball, do you currently have the biggest scoreboard within your classification of play, and/or league, and/or state?
— Regardless of size, are you proud of your scoreboard and have something you’d like to say about it?

Please, get in touch! And feel free to send pictures. I’d like to do a follow-up post on this most important of topics.

porkroller.JPGIn other news related to an International League team that plays at a facility with “Coca-Cola” in its name, I was intrigued to read yesterday that the Lehigh Valley IronPigs are looking for their first-ever house band. This band, no matter who it is comprised of, will be known as “Shake, Rattle, and Pork Roll.”

Read all about it HERE.

Being a long time fan of parody in general and Weird Al in particular, I couldn’t help but start thinking about what pig-related songs should be added to the band’s set list. Here are pork butt a few:

“I Want To Hold Your Ham”
greenjelly.jpg“Chop In the Name of Love”
“Loin On Me”
“Feel Like Bacon Love”
“Street Fighting Spam”
“MacArthur Pork”

And, of course, anything by “Hammstein”, “The Whooves”, “Engelbert Hamperdoink”, or any band that once played at Livestock.

Somehow I am still operating within a professional context here. So before things get any more out of hand, let’s wrap things up with some beef-related news. The world-famous “Fifth Third Burger” served by the West Michigan Whitecaps is about to get even more world famous-er!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Fifth Third Burger.JPGTake it away, team-issued communication missive:

[T]he Fifth Third Burger, will be featured on the January 22 episode of Food Network’s popular “Unwrapped” show with host Marc Summers. The show airs at 9 p.m. Eastern time. The episode is entitled “Game Day Goodies.”

The segment was taped at the ballpark last fall during the Muskegon vs.
Rockford high school football game. The “Unwrapped” crew taped
behind-the-scenes footage on the making of the Fifth Third Burger as
well as the Burger Challenge action during the game.

And — hey! — it’s gratuitous video Friday. Inspired by the IronPigs’ latest initiative, I present you with what is not only the greatest song with “pig” in the title but quite possibly my favorite song of all time.

For those keeping score at home, this has been the 600th post in Ben’s Biz Blog history. Thank you so much for your continued support!

Context Clues, Crooners, Cruises, and Daring To Be Stupid

The previous post on this blog featured the following photo from the Trenton Thunder’s “NFL Kickoff Night.” It is quite possibly my favorite pic to emanate from a Minor League stadium this year:

Thumbnail image for cheer2.jpg

So what, exactly, was going on here? Thunder director of public relations Bill Cook explains:

thundercap.jpgThe kid signing for the cheerleaders was probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year. The cheerleaders threw out first pitches and then went over to the wall to sign for fans. After a couple of minutes that kid came down and said “Hey ladies, how’d ya like my autograph?”. The girls laughed and didn’t really know what to say, but since they were still holding the balls from their pitches the kid reached over, took one, and started signing it. As he handed it back, he said, “So, can I have your number?” The girls were speechless.  

Truly, this kid is a role model. He carries himself with confidence and humor, and from here on out I will do my best to emulate his carefree approach to unorthodox social situations.

Also taking a carefree approach to unorthodox social situations are Peoria Chiefs players, who have recently been included in a remarkable trifecta of videos. First came the “Chiefstreet Boys”, then a rollicking Motown homage, and now this:

And it just keeps getting more ridiculous, as I just stumbled upon this:

Clearly, these guys are up for just about anything. Also up for anything are the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, who seem to specialize in unique ballpark innovations. The team is currently staging the “Battlefield Challenge” at Coca-Cola Park, a game-within-the-game that presents the tantalizing possibility of discounted concession stand items.


Sez the team:

The field at Coca-Cola Park has been divided into six battle zones that each team will attempt to
gain control of in an effort to conquer the entire playing surface.

Each team will have the opportunity to gain control of any
battle zone while they are at-bat. A base hit into any zone will give
the hitting team control of that zone until a base hit from the opposing
team lands in that zone

And should the IronPigs gain control of all six zones, discounts will go into effect at the concession stands throughout the remainder of the ballgame.

Also, in what I believe is a Minor League first, the IronPigs are offering a week-long fan cruise this off season:


Sez the team:

The package includes a souvenir IronPigs gift and exclusive
events (including an autograph session!)  with IronPigs All-Star and
2008 World Series Champion Andy Tracy, IronPigs broadcaster Matt
Provence, IronPigs General Manager Kurt Landes along with popular
mascots FeRROUS and FeFe! 

This seven-night cruise to the Bahamas and Florida
aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Jewel leaves New York City on
November 14 and includes trips to Port Canaveral, Florida, Great Stirrup
Cay (Bahamas) and Nassau (Bahamas).  While aboard the ship, enjoy all
included meals and entertainment!

Wow. This is way better than the Ben’s Biz Blog offseason cruise, which consists of ’70s rock singalongs on a leaky dinghy imbued with the scent of rotting seagull.

Finally, I am happy to report that the Orem Owlz recently staged a “Weird Al Night”promotion.flex.jpg The master satirist was recognized in the following ways (thanks to Owlz assistant gm Brett Crane for the report):

Middle of the 3rd: Videoboard Weird Al Lyrics (Fill-in-the-Blank)

[The contestant’s] goals was to fill-in-the-blank for three well-known Weird Al songs: “Like a Surgeon”, “Amish Paradise”, and “Eat It”.

Middle of the 4th and 5th: Weird T’Al’ents Contest

eatit.jpgMiddle of the 6th – “Eat It” Chocolate Pudding ContestThis was the messiest eating contest of the night and for
the season by far. Two contestants were chosen to compete against each other in
a timed eating contest. Each contestant was given three mini graham cracker
pies filled with chocolate pudding. Whoever finished their set of three first
won the designated prize from one of our sponsors.  Of course, not all of
the pies were fully eaten and chocolate was everywhere. (“Eat It” was played
during this promotion).

This is a step in the right direction, but of course the ultimate goal is for all Minor League teams to stage at least one Weird Al promo every season. Please, everyone:


On the Road: Hogging the Spotlight in Lehigh Valley

LVASG_bank.JPGThe entirety of Major League Baseball had the day off on Wednesday, resulting in a dearth of Selig-approved action.

But the National Pastime never rests. The Triple-A All-Star Game confidently lept into the void, in the process becoming the day’s premier baseball event. The contest, which pits the International and Pacific Coast Leagues against one another, was held at Coca-Cola Park in Lehigh Valley.

Unwilling to settle for the MLB Network telecast, I hopped into “my” car and drove a heroic distance (upwards of 35 miles) in order to witness the event live and in person.

Everything looked copacetic when I got there. Just another day at the ballpark:



But upon entering the stadium, it was a different story. The game sold out in advance, and this wasn’t one of those winking in-name-only sellouts you may have been privy to at some point in your baseball fan existence.

Like a baseball that needs to go on a diet, Coca-Cola Park was bursting at the seams:






If Coca-Cola Park was an NYC subway line, on Wednesday it would have been the 6 train at 42nd St. at 8:15 a.m. on a weekday.

But being a baseball writer, I only travel by gilded carriage, yacht, or rickshaw. Eager to partake in the aristocratic indulgences that befit one of this standing, I beat a retreat to my private suite in order to enjoy soul-affirming dessert fondue.

(by “private suite” I of course mean “league gathering that I wasn’t technically invited to.”)


While upstairs, I watched American Idol contestant Tyler Grady sing an exceedingly histrionic rendition of the National Anthem.


Grady later signed autographs on the concourse, as did Philadelphia Eagles legend Chuck Bednarik (who had thrown out the first pitch). These two should team up and hit the road together, singing and tackling their away across the American landscape:



For maximum Coca-Cola Park Pleasure, one should grab an ear of corn at Aw Shucks:


A turkey leg at the Jaindl Smoke House: 


And then enjoy a some double-fisted food action while lazing on the berm:


Those with a propensity for pig puns are in hog heaven at Coca-Cola Park, as the club has done a swine job of coming up with double-bacon entendres. Here are two of many such signs that can be seen around the ballpark:



Such silliness definitely extends to the between-innings entertainment. As mentioned in a blog post earlier today, the evening featured a performance by TWO dancing grounds crews.

The Visitors were the Fresno Grizzlies’ “Drag Kings”, who performed to “Beat It.”


While the home team “Dirt Dudes” did a clothes-shedding performance of “I’m Too Sexy.”


Of a more avant-garde nature was this spaghetti-eating contest:


And the “Whack An Intern” game:


The scoreboard was put to its best use with this, the “Can You Match This Face” contest:




But soon these face-contorting scoreboard exhibitionists gave way to the resumption of baseball action. And soon after that, the International League pulled out a 2-1 victory over the Pacific Coast League.

The crowd, most of which can be seen here, were happy with the outcome. The place was pulsating with positive vibes:


But the inexorable passage of time, combined with the completion of the post-game pyrotechnics, resulted in a rapid-emptying of the jam-packed park. Soon, I was left alone with onlythe lingering scent of spent fireworks and my thoughts to accompany me.


The only thing more spent than those fireworks is me. I’ve got to be at a mascot camp in five hours.

That’s the first time I’ve ever written that sentence.

Chairman of the Smorgasbord

smorgas.jpgFor reasons too convoluted to explain, today’s blog post is being crafted from the lobby of a Marriott in Philadelphia. I just paid $12.95 for internet access, but the smooth jazz blaring from the ceiling mounted speakers is complimentary. 

That’s right — I’m paying to blog. For you. It’s been a bit of a come-down no longer being on the road, but still I must dutifully provide the content no matter what the situation. 
And today’s content shall be a delightful Friday afternoon smorgasbord. 
Let’s begin with a video from a team I was lucky enough to recently visit — the Gwinnett Braves. After being hit in the eye by a Reid Gorecki foul ball, a young fan returned to the ballpark in order to reap the spoils of her unfortunate injury. For all involved, this is an excellent example of life’s proverbial lemons being turned into a refreshing glass of lemonade.

Those who make their livings as relief pitchers generally don’t have to worry about doing right by young fans whom they have inadvertently injured. Therefore, they are free to frivolously focus on matters follicle. 

The Drillers’ mult-tasking multi-media department has also just released a new episode of “The Bulled and the Beautiful”. At this point in the saga, answers are far exceeded by questions. 
Of course, the first club to produce a mascot soap opera melodrama was the Lehigh Valley IronPigs and their “As The Bacon Turns” series. Recently, the ‘Pigs gave away a “Chris P. Bacon” bobblehead, the first in a series of interlocking pork racer promotions. Fans are encouraged to collect all three in order to stage their own sprinting meat competitions. 
Lehigh Valley_Chris P.jpg
Staying on the theme of racing-related Lehigh Valley promos, the IronPigs recently took the field whilst sporting “Philly Flyer” jockey jerseys. Behold: 
Lehigh Valley_jockey1.jpg
Lehigh Valley_jockey2.jpg
Might as well stick to this racing theme that has emerged by mentioning that the Lake County Captains staged a NASCAR Weekend promotion that included video game racing simulators, race-used tire giveaways, NASCAR tickets, Jimmie Johnson look-a-like contests and, of course, an on-field tire race. 
But Captains are naturally more home on the water, which led to an overlapping “Nautical Day” promotion. Katie Spotz was the guest of honor, an individual who rowed across the Atlantic Ocean (somebody was going to do it schooner or later). Spotz also brought her history-making boat to Classic Park: 
A final noteworthy item from Lake County is the team’s “Browns Backers” promotion featuring an appearance by Cleveland wide receiver Josh Cribbs. A reminder to all teams out there — tailgate-deprived football fans are almost always up for some off-season congregation. Why not cater to your market’s local booster clubs?
Lake County_Browns Backers1.JPG
Lake County_Browns Backers 3.JPG
That’ll do it for this blogging week. I’m currently scheming my next road trip, but in the meantime please send along potential Biz Blog content. My supplies are running low, and that’s an unacceptable situation for such a promotionally fertile time of year. 
And, finally, I’d like to mention that I am always available for interviews. Recently I’ve been on the radio in Michigan, Tennessee, New York and Vancouver and this has whetted my appetite for more. Why not devote some air time to the glory of Minor League Baseball promotions?
Signing out from the Philadelphia Marriot, $12.95 well-spent.

Mike, Mike, and Mics

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for omaha-royals-logo.gifThe Omaha Royals are a team of action. Their latest promotional endeavor illustrates this assertion. The assertion that I just made.  

Team president Alan Stein was listening to venerable sports radio duo Mike and Mike yesterday morning, and his ears perked up upon hearing…this:

After ESPN’s NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy kiddingly suggested that his
television crew should interview fans about their thoughts on the first
half of a game, Mike and Mike’s producers put together some staged
“interviews” with fans. Mike Golic suggested on the air that somebody
might like that idea and pilfer it.

If there’s one thing that Minor League teams excel at, it’s pilfering ideas. So, you can see where this is going:


At each of the Omaha Royals’ 72 home games this season, the Royals
will use a half-inning break for a “Mike and Mike Fan Mic” – going into
the crowd at Rosenblatt Stadium and asking fans what they think about
the game, how cold their beer is, or whatever else they want to chat

As Golic suggested on air and as Stein recognizes, you should have
to pay for a good idea. So, the Royals are preparing to send a contract
to Mike and Mike at their ESPN home in Bristol, Connecticut offering to
pay them – as Stein termed it in his Kentucky drawl – “a dollar a
holler.” In other words, Mike and Mike’s producers earned them the tidy
sum of $72 this year.

$72 is nothing to sneeze at, because no one wants to handle money with mucus on it. But in all seriousness, I really like the idea of a daily “fan mic half-inning.” It will result in a virtual mountain of comedic moments, intentional and otherwise, and I’m hoping that the highlights of this experiment wind up on YouTube.

Along similar lines, I would like to suggest a recurring between-inning skit in which a front office member dresses up as Wendy Williams and dispenses relationship advice to the fans.

In other news…

— The Wall St. Journal ran an item today on the Peoria Chiefs’ new fantasy baseball initiative (the club is renting out O’Brien Field suites for the purpose of conducting fantasy drafts). Word on the street is that an unnamed influential Minor League “biz”-ness blogger helped facilitate the club’s national exposure…

The Tacoma Rainiers have announced extensive renovation plans for Cheney Stadium. This will be the facility’s first major uplift in over fifty years, and will cost an estimated $30 million. The targeted completion date is Opening Day 2011.     

— But when it comes to stadium improvements, it will be tough to top the Albuquerque Isotopes latest additions:



How about that Marge Simpson, folks? Give her a hand. Seriously. She needs one.

— February 27th was “National Pig Day”, and the Lehigh Valley IronPigs celebrated by putting single-game tickets on sale. Despite the poor weather, the Lehigh Valley faithful flocked to the event, with the first person in line arriving at 4 a.m.(!)

pig day.JPG 

This was far better than my personal National Pig Day celebration, which consisted of eating bacon alone in a diner while listening to the man in the booth across from me break off his wedding engagement via cell phone.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Don’t forget that Saturday is National Frozen Food Day, and that Sunday marks 77 years of Monopoly.

Ten In One (And Five More For the Road)

swiss.jpgSo, my original plan for today was to feature all of the head shots that were submitted to me over the past two weeks. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click HERE.

But here’s the thing: I’m going to be on vacation all next week, and I have more pressing stuff to write about. So the head shots can wait. In fact, keep sending ’em. In the meantime, here is enough random info to hold you over until my demoralizing triumphant return on March 1.

In the interest of not prioritizing one item of information above the other, the following collection of newsworthy items is presented in reverse alphabetical order.

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers — If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s ice cream. But if there’s one thing everyone can’t agree on, it’s what ice cream should be named. The Timber Rattlers will be serving a new flavor at the ballpark next season, described as “a mixture of caramel, peanuts, and chocolate”, and they are asking YOU to name it. Well, not YOU specifically. They are asking YOU as well as every other person who uses the internet. Vote HERE.   

The Timber Rattlers also recently announced the creation of a senior citizens club called “The Silver Foxes.” Not quite as sexy as “Silver Pigs“, but it’s a start.

SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) —  How’s this for an unbeatable deal:sabr.gif

The Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) is giving away The Emerald Guide to Baseball 2010 to the world baseball community. Developed in the spirit of the classic guides published by the Sporting News, Spalding, and Reach, The Emerald Guide
includes all pitching, hitting, and fielding statistics for every
player active in the major and minor leagues during 2009. Other
features include team histories, up-to-date team contact information
and schedules, an extensive Year in Review essay, team day-by-day game
logs, All-Star Game box score and play-by play, post-season box scores
and play-by-play, transactions, debuts, first-year player draft, and
major and minor league necrology.

Yes, that’s right — FREE. Download it HERE, and tell your friends.

Thumbnail image for PeoriaChiefs.pngPeoria Chiefs —  Dudes are gonna like this. On March 27 and April 1, the Chiefs will host fantasy baseball drafts at O’Brien Field. Here’s the deal:

For just $35 per person, your league will get private use of one our
luxury suites, an all-you-can-eat buffet, draft beer, wireless internet
access and a ticket to the Chiefs May 27 game against the Cedar Rapids

The press release does not mention the greatest benefit of such an offer, which is that it enables men to escape from their curler-wearing, rolling pin-carrying wives. Yes, my knowledge of marriage is limited solely to Andy Capp cartoons.   

Omaha Royals — The 2009-10 logo unveiling season is rapidly fading into a sepia-tinged memory, but before it goes gently into that good night I have this to report: The Omaha Royals have unveiled a patch which commemorates their final season at venerable Rosenblatt Stadium (full disclosure: I use the word “venerable” whenever I want to refer euphemistically to something that is old).


Northwest Arkansas Naturals — Remember all the way back in May when I wrote about how the reality show “18 Kids and Counting” would be visiting a Northwest Arkansas Naturals game? That’s okay, I don’t either.

Regardless, video of the episode is now available, and the Naturals must be very pleased with how they are portrayed. The mammoth Duggar family genuinely seemed to have a good time, and there were highlights aplenty (including the most chaotic first pitch since THIS). But my favorite moment occurred when one young Duggar said the following to mascot Strike:

“Take off your head, and let me see your smaller head.”

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Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs — You mean to tell me that the team is now offering free downloadable ring tones? Why yes. Yes I do.

Lexington Legends — Another fantasy fulfilled: a video of a video featuring a mustachioed mascot doing “the John Wall Dance.”

Iowa Cubs — The I-Cubs are now offering a “Promotion Pass” to season ticket holders, entitling them to every giveaway item on the 2010 schedule. Those who purchase said pass will never again be thwarted by age restrictions and limited quantities, those twin demons of the season ticket holder existence.   

Gwinnett Braves — As you may have heard, the G-Braves announced Wednesday that Gwinnett Stadium will henceforth be known as Coolray Field. I am allegedly a business reporter, but my most pressing concern has nothing to do with the conditions of the team’s agreement with the excellently-named heating and cooling company. All I want to know is how Chopper the mascot spent his time leading up to the announcement. And thanks to this, I do:

Durham Bulls — All active duty military personnel receive FREE admission to every 2010 Bulls game.

That’s the sort of deal that speaks for itself.

As for me, I’m done speaking for myself. I’ll be off the internet until next month, but in the interim feel free to bombard my inbox with messages regarding matters consequential and otherwise. And, just like Tupac, new material will continue to emerge even in my absence. Four of my articles will appear on next week, so please remain vigilant.

Update — Here are five more worthy inclusions, once again listed in reverse alphabetical order. Why not, right? It’s not like I have anything better to do on a Friday night in NYC. This town is boring. But these towns are not:

Syracuse Chiefs — Hey hey, my my. Logo news will never die. The Chiefs have unveiled a new home uniform for 2010: 


Read all about it HERE.

Gwinnett Braves (again): Maybe it’s the presence of new GM North Johnson, or maybe it’s because the team has some confidence after successfully navigating its 2009 inaugural season, or maybe it’s a combination of the two. Either way, things are getting downright goofy down there in Gwinnett County. Goofy and paranoid, in this case, which is generally a very entertaining combination.

A zebra got loose in downtown Atlanta, see, and that can apparently only mean one thing: said Zebra was attempting to travel to a nearby Triple-A team in order to steal the job of a groundhog mascot. I’ll let the team explain things from here on in. CLICK THIS.

dcubs.gifDaytona Cubs — In what just might be the most impressive feat of endurance ever accomplished by a Minor League gm, Daytona’s Brady Ballard ran over 40(!) miles during the course of a one-man, 12-hour charity run. More information can be found HERE, and a local news report on Ballard’s run can be seen HERE.

Charleston RiverDogs — Well, here’s something you don’t see any day: bidding for the opportunity to appear in an advertisement for a Minor League Baseball team.

I like the thinking here. Why pay someone to star in a commercial when there are people out there who will pay you? Along those lines, please send me $175 if you would like to see your writing featured on Ben’s Biz Blog.

Altoona Curve — The Curve were among many teams to be buried in snow earlier this month, and they decided to use that as the motivation for a ticket deal. In order to promote said deal, they made a video that is fast-paced, funny, and more than a bit ridiculous:

I much prefer this alternate ending, in which a gruesome and unprovoked mascot attack is juxtaposed with the Benny Hill theme song:

And speaking of Benny Hill — that’s me! And I’m out of here!

For real this time.

Fort Wayne Rolls Out the Red Carpet

Thumbnail image for TinCaps-Apple-Logo.jpgSo there I was, minding my own business, when an email popped into my inbox.

“What is this, the 21st century?”, I exclaimed sarcastically to no one in particular. Then, I read my new email. It was from Fort Wayne Tincaps radio broadcast manager Dan Watson, who relayed the following information:

[The Tincaps have] launched an interactive site where people can enter a name/jersey number and become the TinCaps’ “top prospect.” It doesn’t exactly fit the “wacky MiLB promo” description…but I haven’t seen other teams do this.

Well, Dan, it’s wacky enough for me. Also, it’s extremely well done and a lot of fun. Fans who visit will be asked to enter their name, favorite number, and email address. Then, it’s time to enter a magical world of imagination in which YOU are the team’s top prospect. Here are some screenshots from my experience:



Fort Wayne3.JPG


Update: It has been pointed out to me that the Lehigh Valley IronPigs launched a similar initiative last November, one which promotes the club’s role as host of the 2010 International League All-Star Game. It includes cameos from a variety of IronPigs players as well as a driving hard rock soundtrack that made me want to break stuff. It is highly recommended, in other words. Here are two screenshots from MY IronPigs fan experience:



That individual above is IronPigs manager Dave Huppert. I can assure you from personal experience that his interview on is not an indication of his usual level of loquaciousness. 

End Update

I have quite a few other Minor League tidbits to divulge, but they can wait until later. Well, one of them can’t wait. Let me share with you, in its entirety, the most compelling “tweet” that I have composed today thus far:

A new twist on “Bark in the Park”: The Arkansas Travelers have booked the legendary Baha Men for a post-game show on 4/29.

You can’t get this information anywhere else. I mean, really, you can’t.

Blogging Bouillabaisse

Thumbnail image for patchwork.jpgWhat should I write about today?

I’ve spilled way too much virtual ink about Valentine’s Day already, and not too much is shaking on the 2010 promotional front. So my only option is this: to systematically exhaust my supply of topics that for some reason or another my moderately-addled mind has deemed “blogworthy.” Topics such as these:

— In Bowie, communications manager Tom Sedlacek dove into a kiddie-pool filled with frigid water. There was a reason for this. Click HERE if you are interested in what motivated such a ridiculous action. Otherwise, just watch:

In Tulsa, the Drillers are having some fun with their brand-new high-powered t-shirt cannon:

The 2010 Triple-A All-Star Game marks the first time that
league-specific uniforms will be worn by respective All-Stars in either
Triple-A or the Major Leagues.


— Finally, the Bowling Green Hot Rods’ website currently features an interview with me. As in Benjamin Hill, the guy typing this sentence right now. Check it out HERE.