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Tell Me All Your Thoughts On Blog

blog.jpgOver the years, professional obligations have led me to read innumerable Minor League team blogs. Truth be told, most of them aren’t very good.

A typical pattern is this: Minor League blog gets launched during the offseason, amidst a flurry of positive energy and redundant staff profile posts. Content then tapers off as it becomes unclear what, exactly, to write about, and soon everyone involved gets consumed with the season itself. The blog then is relegated to cyberspace purgatory, updated tri-monthly with posts apologizing to its non-existent audience for the lack of updates.

So how can this avoided? Well, I’m no expert, but to me it seems three things are necessary:

— Put one person in charge, someone who is enthusiastic, accountable, creative, and (ofcommon.jpg course) a good writer.
— Learn the program! It is amazing how many blogs fail to utilize picture and video, and include posts with inconsistent fonts and text sizes. The blog needs to reflect the professionalism of the team it is representing!
— Come up with a content plan, including as many recurring, easy-to-produce features as possible.

To this end, I’ll regularly highlight Minor League blogs that are doing just this. For example, the Fresno Grizzlies Yard Work blog recently introduced its “10 for 10” series, profiling 10 season ticket holders in honor of the team’s 10th anniversary. I have never seen this before, and it makes perfect sense: it’s easy to do, there are plenty of individuals to choose from, and, best of all, it pays tribute to loyal customers who deserve the thanks and recognition.

And since I’m on the topic of blogs, here are two Minor League-centric specimens worthy of being checked out:

edgar.JPGThe Greatest 21 DaysReally interesting premise here, as author Steve is systematically profiling each and every player included in the 1990 CMC baseball card set. In his own words: “Did they make the Majors? Did they not? And what interesting things happened along the way?” The name references the film Bull Durham, as Crash Davis once said that the greatest 21 days of his life was the time he was in the “The Show.”

Inside the ClubhouseOne of the most vital (yet easily overlooked) jobs in the baseball pantheon in the “clubbie”, that meal-arranging, laundry-toting jack-of-all-trades. In this blog, Birmingham Barons clubbie Jeff Perro shares tips and anecdotes related to this most demanding of clubhouse enterprises.

In other news, yesterday it was announced that the Boston Pops and Kenny Loggins will be embarking on a 10-city tour of Minor League ballparks. This is on the heels of last year’s successful trial gig in Pawtucket.

Finally, the moon will soon have a name. In addition to, you know, “moon.” Please make a note.