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One More Before Hitting the Road

pa.jpgFirst things first, I am on the cusp of my third road trip of this 2010 season. As a Pennsylvania native who now lives in NYC, this one includes some pretty familiar territory:

July 10 — Lakewood BlueClaws
July 11 — Reading Phillies
July 12 — Williamsport Crosscutters
July 13 — State College Spikes
July 14 — Triple-A All-Star Game @ Coca-Cola Park (home of the Lehigh
Valley IronPigs)
July 15-17 — Attending Keystone Mascot Camp, culminating in performance at Harrisburg Senators game
Juy 18 — Harrisburg Senators (sans mascot costume)

As always, feel free to get in touch with travel recommendations as well as suggestions as to what I should call this trip. The Keystone Krawl? Pennsylvania Perambulations? Northeastern Navigations? I got nothin.’

But it’s not about me, or what I’m doing. At least it shouldn’t be. With that in mind, here’s a formidable array of content that has nothing to do with yours truly.

— The Tennessee Smokies are one of many teams to have staged a Michael Jackson tribute night this season, but theirs stood out for one simple reason: Zombie Dancers!

This is certainly the most painstaking “Thriller” recreation to take place in the Minors this season:



Meanwhile, the Trenton Thunder’s July 4th entertainment consisted of the ultra-American combination of a Strong Man Competition and Apple Pie Eating Contest (in addition to the requisite baseball and fireworks):

The club hosted the final event of the Liberty Strongman Challenge: The Atlas Stones

Atlas Stone.jpg

And then there was this:

apple pie.jpg

The Hudson Valley Renegades recently held a “Jim Joyce Redemption” promotion, featuring plenty of fake mustaches, “Whack An Umpire” games (as opposed to the usual “Whack an Intern”), Umpire Impersonation Contests, and Umpire bloopers and arguments displayed on the videoboard.

Portrait of the Umpire As A Young Man:

Hudson Valley_Joyce2.JPG 

The Lowell Spinners recently welcomed a most intriguing between-inning performer: Al Milar the Human Knot. This flexible Australian is like a cross between Rubberboy and Mad Chad.




Spinners director of media relations Jon Boswell reports that the Human Knot is highly entertaining and very affordable. Give Jon a call if you want more info. Twice I tried to embed THIS VIDEO of the Human Knot in this post, and twice it disappeared. I’m giving up.

But not before mentioning that THIS is occurring in Little Rock, as I type this. I wish I was there.

Thumbnail image for jose.jpg

Okay, I think that’s enough content that has nothing to do with me. Here’s to the negation of the self!

St. Lucie Has Nothing But Glove For Michael

st. lucie.gifI am knee-deep in that which I do not understand, attempting to figure out the ins and outs of my new Sony “Webby” camera. Once this task is complete, Ben’s Biz Blog will elevate to a new level of coverage — original photos and video direct from my various Minor League wanderings. Please, contain your excitement.

So, yes, posts on Lowell, Vermont (and, very belatedly, Lehigh Valley) are coming very soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some pictures and info from the St. Lucie Mets’ recent “Michael Jackson Tribute Night”. From the press release:

Fans were treated to a completely Michael Jackson-themed
night as the Mets staff and mascot, Slider, donned white gloves and sunglasses.
Anyone wearing a white glove received free admission to the game as did anyone
named Michael or Jackson. The game was tipped off by a very special line-up
exchange as Mets manager Tim Teufel, Palm Beach Cardinals manager Tom Spencer,
and both umpires all exchanged handshakes in white gloves. In addition, the
players’ usual walk-ups songs to the plate were replaced by the hits of Michael
Jackson…The standard in-field contests were replaced or tweaked to
follow the Michael Jackson theme. “Mets Trivia” became “MJ Trivia,” the “Frozen
T-Shirt Contest” became the “Frozen PJ Contest,” and musical chairs was played
by the “Jackson 5,” who fittingly wore afros as they circled the chairs. But
perhaps the most entertaining contests were the “King of Pop” soda-chugging
contest and the “Moonwalk Mania”-a dance-off on top of the Mets’ dugout

And now we move on to visual evidence. Here’s the line-up exchange:

St. Lucie -- MJ tribute 1.JPG

St. Lucie -- MJ Tribute 2.JPG

It is fitting that Tim Teufel was the manager, as the former New York Metropolitan was known to have a signature dance move of his own. From Wikipedia:

Throughout his career, Teufel was also known for his batting stance,
the “Teufel shuffle”, in which he wiggled his hips back and forth
before the pitcher’s delivery.

Teufel was also a threat on the microphone, as anyone who remembers his rap on the 1985 classic “Metsmerized” can attest:

“I’m Tim Teufel, Let Me Begin/By Saying I Was Once A Twin/I Made the Move and it Just Feels Right/I’m been Metsmerized and I See the Light.”

Michael may have been the King of Pop, but Teufel is the King of Rapping Florida State League Managers. That’s got to count for something, right?

At any rate, this photo illustrates why I should really make a point to visit St. Lucie sometime: 

St. Lucie -- MJ Tribute 3.JPG 

 I just love dog mascots!