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Sssynergy On Tap in Wisconsin

Today has been a busy day here at HQ.

We are so busy here that there is no time to say “headquarters”. Unless, of course, one is referencing how busy it is, and needs to say “headquarters” in order to illustrate the fact that there is no time in which to say it.

But that is neither here nor there. What is “here” and “there” is “this”:

Chris Mehring, Wisconsin Timber Rattlers announcer and blogger extraordinaire, has sent me a pic of the very unique bobblehead his club will be giving away on Opening Day. This fine item commemorates the Timber Rattlers’ new affiliation with the Milwaukee Brewers:

fangbernie.jpgFor those who aren’t visually oriented, let me explain — The hearty blonde man on the left is Bernie, the Brewers’ mascot. He symbolizes Milwaukee’s Major League franchise. On the right is Fang, the Timber Rattlers’ mascot. He symbolizes the Midwest League team of Appleton, WI. The handshake symbolizes the new relationship between the clubs, with the dual thumbs up indicating that both entities are truly happy with the arrangement. 

Still confused? If so, email me. I’ll break it down even further.

Correct me if I’m wrong (please!), but I believe that this is the first bobblehead of its kind. Hopefully there will be more like it in the near future, in which new affiliations are commemorated in bobble form. For instance, Buffalo could give away a bobblehead featuring Buster T. Bison shaking hands with Mr. Met. Or Columbus could distribute a doll featuring Clippers mascot LouSeal alongside Chief Wahoo of the Cleveland Indians. 

Or the Las Vegas 51s and Washington Nationals could create a doll featuring two mascots eyeing each other warily. They are obviously not too keen on one another, and now must resign themselves to making the best of an unideal situation.

I’ve been there too, guys. I’ve been there too.