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Gone Fishin'

ist2_841836-vacation-time.jpgThis is just a quick post in order to let my loyal cadre of readers know that there will be no posts until November 17th.

Until then, I will be in parts unknown, totally disconnected from the world of Minor League Baseball. Yes, even aspiring promotional gurus such as myself need time to recharge the ol’ batteries.

While I’m gone, please do me a favor and fill up my inbox with all manner of Minor League ephemera. I’m going to need stuff to write about when I return. If I return. I may decide to simply wander the country the rest of my life, spreading the word about Minor League Baseball like some sort of modern-day Johnny Appleseed.

If anyone want to pay me to do this, then please get in touch.

There Is No Offseason

Legendary front office innovator Bill Veeck once remarked, “There are only two seasons – winter and Baseball.”

Unfortunately for those who follow the Minor Leagues, we are now firmly ensconced in the former. It’s been nearly a month since the playoffs ended, and a foreboding six-month void separates us from Opening Day 2008.

Yet, for those who make their living in Minor League front offices, there is truly only one season: Baseball. The games may stop, but the work never does. Running a team is a year-round operation — one that has nothing to do with free agency, trades, and arbitration, and virtually everything to do with making sure that butts are in the seats from April through September.

As the (somewhat obsessive) author of’s “Promotion Preview” column, I have become well-aware of just how far teams will go to insure that that this goal of maximum seat-fillage is met. But promos are just the tip of the iceberg; now that it’s the offseason a new outlet for Minor League business news is needed. I need to pass the time here in our suddenly desolate MiLB headquarters.

It is for this reason that this alliteratively-named blog has been created. From Tucson to Tacoma to Trenton to Tampa (alliteration, yet again), there is always something going on relating to the business of running a Minor League franchise. And – for better or for worse — I’m here to write about it.

So, consider Ben’s Biz Blog (or, if you prefer, “The Triple-B”) your source for information and analysis relating to logo and team name changes, promotions, stadium renovations, winter meetings, awards, charity events, contests, sponsorships, mascots, and anything else that falls under the umbrella of “Minor League Business News”.

And please, get in touch: leave comments, suggest a topic, provide a tip…whatever. Few (if any) topics are off-limits, and like any good proponent of democracy my goal is simply to provide the people with what they want. Let’s do this.