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best.gifEach year, the indispensable announces its “Best of Awards”, which recognize the year’s highest-performing teams when it comes to game operations, promotions, and entertainment (my post on last year’s awards can be found here).

The winners (all of whom were awarded the coveted “Golden Steagle”) hail from throughout the world of sports, but the affiliated Minor Leagues are particularly well-represented. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who follows this industry, as there are many teams that walk that fine, beautiful line between genius and insanity.

The full awards listing is well worth checking out. However, due to my unquenchable compulsion to distill, condense, and summarize, I will now highlight the Minor League teams and personalities that were recognized. 

Myron Noodleman recieved an “honorable mention” in the “Best Act” category. I have a lot of respect for this clown prince uber-nerd, as he bases a large part of his routine on improvisational antics from the crowd. It’s tough to stay “on” and focused throughout the duration of a ballgame, but he has found a way to pull it off.

Moving on, the Kane County Cougars were co-winners in the “Best Promotion” category for their “World Record Pillow Fight Night”. This promo was also nominated as one of my 10 best of the year, and was covered in this post as well. Here’s the video:

Those who have been following the Minor League “scene” this season will not be surprised to learn that the Fresno Grizzlies were named co-winners of the best team operations award. If you were somehow surprised by this, then click here, here, or here to get at least somewhat up to speed.

Finally, the indomitable Reading Phillies received an honorable mention in the “Best Team Operations” category as well. The R-Phils are a fantastic franchise in many ways, but chose to highlight the mascot band. Far from just being a gimmick, these costumed characters are genuinely good at playing rock and roll. The following video contains performances of “Sunshine of Your Love” and “Rocking in the Free World”, but it got me thinking about other songs I’d like to see them cover. Such as:

Black Sabbath — “Hole in the Sky”
Creedence Clearwater Revival — “Born on the Bayou”
Neil Young and Crazy Horse — “Hey Hey My My”
Guns ‘N Roses — “Night Train”
Deep Purple — “Speed King” (or anything off of the masterpiece that is “In Rock”)

Make it happen, mascots!

So, there you have it, folks. Congratulations to all the clubs that were honored by that illustrious online vessel of industry info which is

In other, more narcissistic news, this fine blog has once again cracked the Top 30 on MLBlogs most-viewed “Pro” blogs. Keep spreading the word about Ben’s Biz, because I’m gunnin’ for that number one spot.

That would show them. That would show them all!