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It’s A Blog Read Blog World

bbhert.jpgYesterday’s post focused on Twitter and Facebook innovations, but today I’d like to write about that which is nearest to my heart.

No, not the pericardium. Stop taking things so literally. I am talking, of course, about blogs.

A concatenation of coincidences has led me to a variety of blogs that I’d like to share with you, the loyal reader. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to add them to your daily internet routine.

Anthems and Atleticos —  While serving as the Fresno Grizzlies’ VP of marketing, Scott Carter made an indelible impression on the national promo landscape en route to establishing himself as one of the most creative minds in Minor League Baseball. He’s now a front office free agent, and until his inevitable re-entry into the industry this is the place to go for trenchant observations on everything from jock jams to his mother’s well-reasoned NFL playoff picks.

And We’re Marching Another prominent former member of the Grizzlies’ staff is Bradleyparkerko.jpg Collins, an accomplished mascot who turned Parker into one of the most respected and well-known characters in all of Minor League Baseball.”And We’re Marching…” is devoted strictly to the world of costumed characters,interesting to those who wear the suits as well as those looking to understand the ins and outs of an increasingly important Minor League Baseball profession.

Bus LeaguesOkay, this isn’t a blog. It’s a sprawling website dedicated to covering Minor League Baseball from the fan perspective. These guys are enthusiastic about the Minors, to the extent that they even interview niche writers with negligible followings.

Diary of an Umpire’s WifeNow here’s a baseball perspective one doesn’t come across too often! This blog looks at the trials and travails of the umpiring life from the perspective of a supportive significant other. Recent posts have taken an interesting look at the world of Venezuelan Winter Ball.

Thumbnail image for ports logo.gifDocking With the PortsAfter lying dormant for nearly a year (approximately a decade in blog time), Stockton’s front office has re-launched “Docking With the Ports.” Recent posts include player and front office interviews as well as Winter Meetings journals from a variety of perspectives.

The Watson Files — Okay, this is a blog I’ve known about for a while now. But Fort Wayne TinCaps broadcaster Dan Watson is writing one of the most consistently enjoyable team-affiliated blogs out there, chock full of witty and concise observations on the TinCaps, Padres, Midwest League, and pop culture. The fact that he regularly refers to me as “legendary author” has nothing to do with this endorsement.

Or does it?

Regardless, I feel compelled to point out that I just spent 30 seconds trying to remove alash.jpg wayward semi-colon from this post. It turned out to be an eyelash stuck to the screen. I also feel compelled to point out that, as always, I also write for For proof, check out recent efforts such as “Tribe Ready For Poignant Anniversary In Kinston” and “Nobles Goes Deep in Durham Community.”

And while jury duty caused me to miss my annual visit to the Hall of Fame press conference, I am happy to report that my colleague Josh Jackson did an excellent job writing the now-obligatory “Inductees Reflect on Time in the Minors” story.

That’s going to conclude today’s blogging efforts. I look forward to your indignant emails regarding blogs that I have neglected to champion.