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Running on Fumes

mt.jpgI’m not content with the level of content I have to work with right now. It’s dangerously close to nil and that’s a harrowing thought.

Without content, I cease to exist.
But, hey, here’s an idea: Throughout the years, a substantial number of Minor League Hockey employees have gotten touch to say they read this blog and are inspired by the creativity of their baseball brethren. Well, let’s start a mutual appreciation society. If you work in hockey and are staging creative promotions applicable to the world of Minor League Baseball, then get in touch. And, as always, photos and video go a long way.
Of course, I still have some news to share. I always do. Continuing with yesterday’s theme, it should be noted that Ferrous of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs is auctioning off his trick-or-treating services.
The bidding has started, and currently sits, at $100. Encourage this costumed pig’s brazen capitalistic impulses by bidding HERE.
Meanwhile, in Delmarva, the Shorebirds have begun their Google Earth-utilizing “Around the  World” contest. Sez the club:


During the offseason, the Delmarva Shorebirds want to see how far the Delmarva Shorebirds brand extends. Send in pictures of youself, your family, your friends and others in Shorebirds gear.

Just two photos have been submitted thus far, one taken at the Shorebirds’ own stadium. But great things rise from the humblest of origins, and the global (or at least bi-coastal) reach of Shorebird nation shall soon be made evident.

Let us now travel northward to Portland, as the Sea Dogs have announced a new twist on the standard “Kids Club” ticket package: The Crib Club.


Targeting fans who have not yet reached the stage of self-awareness, the Crib Club offers the following perks:
(perks lost to the vagaries of WordPress)
All of the above can be attained for a mere $20, which even an infant can recognize as an unbeatable deal. And all this begs the question: What team is going to take this a step further and start an “In Utero” fan club?

Team Logo Ultrasounds!

Finally, after giving it about 12 seconds of thought, I’ve decided I’m going to start an offseason feature on this blog. It’s called “Gratuitous Video Friday”, and is exactly what its name implies. 

Today’s inaugural selection features an immortal song sung by an immortal man. The length of this pride-inducing composition is quite immense, but eminently justifiable and well worth the time investment. If I heard this played at a Minor League ballpark during July 4th fireworks I’d bust out crying for sure.