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Still Recapping, Moving Images


If you thought I was done recapping the 2010 season, then you thought sensibly.

You also thought wrong. 

One (self-imposed) task remains, and that is to dedicate a post to the best team-produced videos that appeared on this blog in 2010. This is an entirely subjective task, of course, but it is indisputable that the following videos you are about to see possess ample comedic chops. 

In reviewing the year that was, I came to the realization that my favorite videos of the season had the following three things in common: They featured players, they were short (under two minutes) and they were funny.

No team was better at combining the following three criteria than the Peoria Chiefs, who put out videos featuring boy bands, models, and karaoke superstars. But my personal favorite paid homage to the sweet sounds of Motown.

The Tulsa Drillers were able to provide great insight into the culture of the bullpen, whose denizens are free to focus on matters follicles.

In Everett, meanwhile, the players were more concerned with that which resided above the upper lip.

And since we’re talking about players, I would be remiss if I didn’t include the masterwork of Reading Phillies sluggers Tagg Bozied and Matt Rizzotti.

The Charlotte Stone Crabs also used players to great effect throughout the season, as part of their “This Is Stone Crabs Baseball” ad series. This one, starring Isaias Velazquez, was my favorite.

Velazquez has good reason to be upset, and as this video amply illustrates it is not wise to mess with Minor League Baseball players. Behold, the “aqua-palypse” that took place in Gwinnett County.

Of course, a good Minor League video doesn’t necessarily need to feature the players at all. Lakewood BlueClaws intern “D-Bo” made a name for himself this season with a series of videos designed to highlight upcoming promotions. Here’s a sample, with sight gags a-plenty:

Amazingly, I’ve gotten this far without posting a parody video. Let’s rectify that immediately, by checking out the Binghamton Mets unique take on “Twilight”.

But nothing inspires parody more than early ’90s West Coast gangsta rap, as evidenced by these two works of art.

The above video was produced by the Peoria Chiefs, bringing this post full circle. But before closing this one out, I have just one more thing to announce:

It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Boy oh boy is it ever.

Context Clues, Crooners, Cruises, and Daring To Be Stupid

The previous post on this blog featured the following photo from the Trenton Thunder’s “NFL Kickoff Night.” It is quite possibly my favorite pic to emanate from a Minor League stadium this year:

Thumbnail image for cheer2.jpg

So what, exactly, was going on here? Thunder director of public relations Bill Cook explains:

thundercap.jpgThe kid signing for the cheerleaders was probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year. The cheerleaders threw out first pitches and then went over to the wall to sign for fans. After a couple of minutes that kid came down and said “Hey ladies, how’d ya like my autograph?”. The girls laughed and didn’t really know what to say, but since they were still holding the balls from their pitches the kid reached over, took one, and started signing it. As he handed it back, he said, “So, can I have your number?” The girls were speechless.  

Truly, this kid is a role model. He carries himself with confidence and humor, and from here on out I will do my best to emulate his carefree approach to unorthodox social situations.

Also taking a carefree approach to unorthodox social situations are Peoria Chiefs players, who have recently been included in a remarkable trifecta of videos. First came the “Chiefstreet Boys”, then a rollicking Motown homage, and now this:

And it just keeps getting more ridiculous, as I just stumbled upon this:

Clearly, these guys are up for just about anything. Also up for anything are the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, who seem to specialize in unique ballpark innovations. The team is currently staging the “Battlefield Challenge” at Coca-Cola Park, a game-within-the-game that presents the tantalizing possibility of discounted concession stand items.


Sez the team:

The field at Coca-Cola Park has been divided into six battle zones that each team will attempt to
gain control of in an effort to conquer the entire playing surface.

Each team will have the opportunity to gain control of any
battle zone while they are at-bat. A base hit into any zone will give
the hitting team control of that zone until a base hit from the opposing
team lands in that zone

And should the IronPigs gain control of all six zones, discounts will go into effect at the concession stands throughout the remainder of the ballgame.

Also, in what I believe is a Minor League first, the IronPigs are offering a week-long fan cruise this off season:


Sez the team:

The package includes a souvenir IronPigs gift and exclusive
events (including an autograph session!)  with IronPigs All-Star and
2008 World Series Champion Andy Tracy, IronPigs broadcaster Matt
Provence, IronPigs General Manager Kurt Landes along with popular
mascots FeRROUS and FeFe! 

This seven-night cruise to the Bahamas and Florida
aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Jewel leaves New York City on
November 14 and includes trips to Port Canaveral, Florida, Great Stirrup
Cay (Bahamas) and Nassau (Bahamas).  While aboard the ship, enjoy all
included meals and entertainment!

Wow. This is way better than the Ben’s Biz Blog offseason cruise, which consists of ’70s rock singalongs on a leaky dinghy imbued with the scent of rotting seagull.

Finally, I am happy to report that the Orem Owlz recently staged a “Weird Al Night”promotion.flex.jpg The master satirist was recognized in the following ways (thanks to Owlz assistant gm Brett Crane for the report):

Middle of the 3rd: Videoboard Weird Al Lyrics (Fill-in-the-Blank)

[The contestant’s] goals was to fill-in-the-blank for three well-known Weird Al songs: “Like a Surgeon”, “Amish Paradise”, and “Eat It”.

Middle of the 4th and 5th: Weird T’Al’ents Contest

eatit.jpgMiddle of the 6th – “Eat It” Chocolate Pudding ContestThis was the messiest eating contest of the night and for
the season by far. Two contestants were chosen to compete against each other in
a timed eating contest. Each contestant was given three mini graham cracker
pies filled with chocolate pudding. Whoever finished their set of three first
won the designated prize from one of our sponsors.  Of course, not all of
the pies were fully eaten and chocolate was everywhere. (“Eat It” was played
during this promotion).

This is a step in the right direction, but of course the ultimate goal is for all Minor League teams to stage at least one Weird Al promo every season. Please, everyone:


Mac, Cheese, and Mo'

Let’s change things up today. Instead of a rambling preamble, I’m going to go straight to a picture from Peoria:


This man’s freakishly florescent facial hue comes courtesy of one of America’s most essential and beloved foods: Mac and Cheese. Lucas Smith, the Peoria Chiefs’ events and entertainment manager, explains how this all came about:

Peoria_macandcheesecloseup.JPG“[On August 11] we hosted
Mac and Cheese Night. We asked fans to bring in boxes of Mac and Cheese
to the game as noisemakers, and then as they exit, to donate them to our local Peoria food drive.”

Of course, you can’t hold “Mac and Cheese Night” without a “Mac and Cheese Eating Contest.” The details on that:

Each bowl held eight pounds of Mac and Cheese mixed with hot dogs
and a side of peanuts.  (Wednesdays are our Free Hot Dog and Peanuts
nights). The winner ate over three pounds of mac and cheese in a half
hour. After the half-hour was up, two friends of the guy with the hat
decided that a full stomach wasn’t enough, so they buried his face into the hot
mac and cheese. It was one of those “had to be there” moments.

More “had to be there moments”, which, more than anything, convey how unfun it is to participate in an eating contest:



Much lighter promotional fare could be found the very next evening, as the Chiefs staged Motown Night. Fresh off the success of their “Chiefstreet Boys” performance, a quartet of Peoria players took to the tunnels and engaged in an exuberant choreographed dance routine.

Corey Martin, Luis Flores, Anthony Giansanti and DJ Fitzgerald, I salute you:

Another worthwhile video to emanate from the eminent Midwest League is this time-lapse look at four very busy days in the history of West Michigan’s Fifth Third Ballpark. Witness a baseball game, the Great Lakes Irish Music Festival, and three concerts, all in under two minutes:

Watching time lapse videos generally evokes an existentialist malaise in the viewer, but depressive feelings precipitated by the inexorable passage of time writ large are no match for the in-the-moment joy provided by the Memphis Redbirds’ new rally mascot:


I don’t possess any additional information about this brine fellow, but that’s not going to stop me from assuming his name is “Dill-bert”.

Tilling the Fertile Soil

“So many blog topics, so little time” is shaping up to be a pretty good tombstone epitaph for yours truly. But as long as I’m residing in the land of the living, Sisyphean struggles to mitigate the content glut will continue unabated. So here ya go: a random array of Minor League pictures and videos.

Let’s start with the scene in Reading this past Tuesday. Despite a bit of controversy, the R-Phils’ fan base proffered a heartily enthusiastic response to the evening’s “Ryan Howard Garden Gnome” giveaway.


The line outside of FirstEnergy Stadium, before the gates opened.


The gnomes, awaiting distribution:


What’s Up With Hat?


Moving on from beards to the mustache, the Everett Aquasox pitching staff recently dedicated themselves to the fervent cultivation of upper lip hair. The results, in extreme close-up:

Another recent event of note in the Pacific Northwest was the pitcher’s mound wedding of hurler Corey Davisson. Read all about it HERE. (warning:adorable photos contained therein).

Less adorable, but more hilarious, are Class A baseball players dancing with surprising sincerity to the Clinton era’s pre-eminent boy band. This masterpiece was the highlight of the Peoria Chiefs’ recent “90s Night” promotion:

While this was the lowlight:

A pop culture celebration of more recent vintage recently occurred in Lexington, as the Legends staged a “Jersey Shore Night” promotion. The beat got beat up:

But after the beat-up comes the beatdown. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan visited Hickory recently, where he did all he could to make sure that Conrad didn’t win the mascot race. A truly brilliant snapshot, this is:


But even Hacksaw wouldn’t be able to stop the menagerie of characters that grace the cover of the Toledo Mud Hens upcoming comic book giveaway (scheduled for August 12). This is, truly, a work of art:

Toledo_Comic Book.JPG

Of special interest in the above image is the presence of Jamie Farrmadillo, Kitty Holmes, and Jim Flealand. There is no finer racing triumvirate in all of Minor League Baseball.

Or is there?

#31 Will No Longer Play in Peoria

Thumbnail image for PeoriaChiefs.pngIn 1985, most Americans were engaged in one of three important tasks: Perfecting a Max Headroom impersonation, blasting “Oh Yeah” on a portable cassette deck, or counting off the days until a post-Hands Across America global utopia.

But not Greg Maddux. The future Hall of Famer was plying his trade in Peoria, in the first full-season stop of what would turn out to be a 25-year professional career. In 1985, Maddux went 13-9 with a 3.19 ERA over 27 starts for the Chiefs. En route to doing so, he tossed 186 innings and six complete games, unthinkable numbers for a 19-year-old prospect in our current era of over-the-top pitch count obsession.

This past Friday, the Chiefs retired Maddux’s #31 jersey in a pre-game ceremony. The mayor of Peoria proclaimed June 11th to be “Greg Maddux Day”, thereby imbuing the event with instant legitimacy. Speeches were made by Chiefs president Rocky Vonachen, his father (and former club prez/all-around Peoria baseball legend) Pete Vonachen, and Maddux himself.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: photographic evidence!

Maddux, flanked by Pete Vonachen and Chiefs broadcaster MC Nathan Baliva:





Finally, the ceremony in all of its video glory:

And speaking of playing in Peoria, the Chiefs recently hit upon a brand-new form of in-game entertainment: Dueling Pianos. Two ivory ticklers from the nearby Jive and Wail piano bar set up shop atop the dugouts, providing a rollicking soundtrack to the entire evening.

Check it out!

Perhaps Dueling Pianos at live sporting events will be the next craze to sweep the nation, making a cultural impact on par with Garbage Pail Kids, Bonkers Candy, or at the very least Young Sherlock Holmes.

Kitchen Sink Not Included

Today I’ll just throw all of my stray topics into a pot and stir ’em up, and hope it results in something edible. It’s blog jambalaya, which I would call “blogalaya” except that’s too cringe-inducing for even me to endure.

Fortunately, nothing cringe-inducing ever comes out of the Minor Leagues, where all artistic endeavors immediately transcend the temporal. For example, the Peoria Chiefs produced this mascot parody rap video as part of Wednesday’s “Snoop Shizzle Night

I like that Homer lives it up “almost” every single day, it’s a refreshing acknowledgment that even mascots need their down time. But the best lyric is “He gets the crowd to go wild/and chances are he’s read to your child.”

Staying on the musical tip, it’s worth noting that two clubs took the time to detail their team’s at-bat music. First, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (courtesy of Chris Mehring’s ridiculously prolific “Rattler Radio” blog):

timber.gifScooter Gennett – “Play Ball” by Soulja
Boy feat. Drake
D’Vontrey Richardson – “Do Ya Thang” by PSC feat. TI
Fatse – “I Made It” by Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne
Cameron Garfield
– “Till I collapse” by Eminem
Austin Stockfisch – “Green Onions” by
Booker T and the MGs
Chris Dennis – “It’s My Time” by Fabolous
Halton – “Over” by Drake
Joey Paciorek – “Young Cardinals” by
Carlos George – “Big Things Poppin'” by TI
Marseco – “Escape” by Our Last Night
Khris Davis – “Gangsta Rap Made
Me Do It” by Ice Cube
Franklin Romero – “I Know You Want Me” by

“Young Cardinals”, Joey Pacoriek? Really? You’re playing for a Brewers affiliate.

In a most informative Facebook update, the Stockton Ports provided a list of walk-up songs, as well as pitcher intro music:

Hitters: [Artist-Song Title-Player]ports logo.gif

Lil Keke-Imma Boss (Jermaine Mitchell)

Booker T Jones-Green Onions (Jason Christian)

John Cena-The Time is Now (Dusty Napoleon)

Freeway & Jake One-Throw Your Hands (Shane Keough)

Stevie Wonder-Superstitious (Petey Paramore)

Big & Rich-Loud (Ryan Ortiz)

Lil Wayne-One Way Trip-(Jeremy Barfield)

The Outfield-Your Love (Grant Green)

Jay Z-Moment of Clarity (David Thomas)

Damian Marley-Welcome to Jamrock (Steve Parker)

Seed-Waterpumpie (Kala Ka’aihue)

Pitchers: [Artist-Song Title-Player]

ACDC-Thunderstruck (Daniel Thomas)

Dave Matthews Band- Warehouse-Live in Central Park (Trey Barham)

Kevin Rudolph-I Made it (Lance Sewell)

Guns N Roses-Welcome to the Jungle (Scott Deal)

Lynard Skynard-Simple Man (Daniel Sattler)

MGMT-Kids (Murphy Smith)

Sublime-Pawn Shop (Paul Smyth)

Smashing Pumpkins-Cherub Rock (Shawn Haviland)

Scorpions-No One Like You (Scott Hodsdon)

Daddy Yankee-La Gasolina (Anvioris Ramirez)

Don Omar and Daddy Yankee-Hasta Abajo Remix (Jose Pina)

There is much to discuss here, but no time to do it. I’ll just remark that “Moment of Clarity” is an excellent choice on several levels, so kudos to you David Thomas.

Moving from audio to visual, the Lake County Captains are giving away a team comic book tomorrow as part of the nationwide “Free Comic Book Day”:


The comic will be given to those 12 and under, but Captains director of promotions Jonathan Levey writes that Obsessive
adult comic book collectors will no longer be disappointed because the Captains
have partnered with Panelfly to digitally distribute the comic book for free..Delivering the most
true to print read to date – just as the creators intended. If you’d like to
check out the Captains comic book, please download Panelfly for free in the
iTunes store at

The annual Principal Financial Group Family Fun Fest (or the PFGFFF, as I like to call it) kicks off its 2010 schedule on May 13. It’s a Minor League traveling circus:


Entertainment options abound. You might even get the chance to play “Guitar Hero” with a player.

guitar heroes.JPG 

Man, this post is getting quite unwieldy. In the interest of keeping things under control, I will now simply provide some Quick Links!


Voting is underway for the New York-Penn League All-Time Team!
Will Ferrell will be in Round Rock on May 6!
The Spokane Indians have broken ground on a new train car seating area!
The Portland Sea Dogs smartly use their parent club as a ticket-buying incentive!
A Nonagenerian first pitch in Scranton!
A new blog from the perspective of baseball wives!

Finally, I would like to relay the following bit of info, which was located in this week’s “International League Notebook” on

pops.jpgSyracuse’s train engineer mascot, Pops, had a tough night on April 22.
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre’s Jon Weber lost the grip on his bat after taking a
swing, which sent the club helicoptering into the stands. The bat
struck the baseball-shaped head of the mascot. Nelson Lebron, who was
inside the Pops suit, suffered a bruised shoulder.

This leads to the following philosophical query, one which I will be pondering throughout the weekend:

If a mascot is hit with a bat, but it’s not on YouTube, then did it make a sound?

Mike, Mike, and Mics

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for omaha-royals-logo.gifThe Omaha Royals are a team of action. Their latest promotional endeavor illustrates this assertion. The assertion that I just made.  

Team president Alan Stein was listening to venerable sports radio duo Mike and Mike yesterday morning, and his ears perked up upon hearing…this:

After ESPN’s NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy kiddingly suggested that his
television crew should interview fans about their thoughts on the first
half of a game, Mike and Mike’s producers put together some staged
“interviews” with fans. Mike Golic suggested on the air that somebody
might like that idea and pilfer it.

If there’s one thing that Minor League teams excel at, it’s pilfering ideas. So, you can see where this is going:


At each of the Omaha Royals’ 72 home games this season, the Royals
will use a half-inning break for a “Mike and Mike Fan Mic” – going into
the crowd at Rosenblatt Stadium and asking fans what they think about
the game, how cold their beer is, or whatever else they want to chat

As Golic suggested on air and as Stein recognizes, you should have
to pay for a good idea. So, the Royals are preparing to send a contract
to Mike and Mike at their ESPN home in Bristol, Connecticut offering to
pay them – as Stein termed it in his Kentucky drawl – “a dollar a
holler.” In other words, Mike and Mike’s producers earned them the tidy
sum of $72 this year.

$72 is nothing to sneeze at, because no one wants to handle money with mucus on it. But in all seriousness, I really like the idea of a daily “fan mic half-inning.” It will result in a virtual mountain of comedic moments, intentional and otherwise, and I’m hoping that the highlights of this experiment wind up on YouTube.

Along similar lines, I would like to suggest a recurring between-inning skit in which a front office member dresses up as Wendy Williams and dispenses relationship advice to the fans.

In other news…

— The Wall St. Journal ran an item today on the Peoria Chiefs’ new fantasy baseball initiative (the club is renting out O’Brien Field suites for the purpose of conducting fantasy drafts). Word on the street is that an unnamed influential Minor League “biz”-ness blogger helped facilitate the club’s national exposure…

The Tacoma Rainiers have announced extensive renovation plans for Cheney Stadium. This will be the facility’s first major uplift in over fifty years, and will cost an estimated $30 million. The targeted completion date is Opening Day 2011.     

— But when it comes to stadium improvements, it will be tough to top the Albuquerque Isotopes latest additions:



How about that Marge Simpson, folks? Give her a hand. Seriously. She needs one.

— February 27th was “National Pig Day”, and the Lehigh Valley IronPigs celebrated by putting single-game tickets on sale. Despite the poor weather, the Lehigh Valley faithful flocked to the event, with the first person in line arriving at 4 a.m.(!)

pig day.JPG 

This was far better than my personal National Pig Day celebration, which consisted of eating bacon alone in a diner while listening to the man in the booth across from me break off his wedding engagement via cell phone.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Don’t forget that Saturday is National Frozen Food Day, and that Sunday marks 77 years of Monopoly.

Dare to Be Tacky b/w Division I Dog

Thumbnail image for grizzzzz.jpgYesterday I was preoccupied with photos of a man wearing a unitard, and therefore neglected to write about two imminently blog-worthy topics. I will rectify this situation………………NOW!

First up are the Birmingham Barons, who yesterday announced their “Clark Griswold Decorating Contest”. The competition, inspired by the bumbling patriarch of the National Lampoon Vacation films, calls for fans to do the following:

Deck your house with bright lights, tacky Santa figurines and enter for a chance to win a Barons’ season ticket package in 2010.

The prizes, they are as follows:

First Place: Two 12-game season ticket package and the opportunity to
throw out the first pitch at the Barons annual Christmas in July

Second Place: Perfect-10 Plan.

Third Place: Box of Christmas lights.

It seems to me that awarding someone a box of Christmas lights is a bit redundant given the nature of the contest, similar to giving an eating champion a box of Ding Dongs for the ride home.

And speaking of Christmas lights and Ding-Dongs, here’s something that has nothing to do with either: Homer, mascot of the Peoria Chiefs, has turned down the Notre Dame coaching job. Read all about it HERE. Or, simply browse this excerpt:

With his previous five-year contract ending Monday night, speculation
had been running wild
homer.jpg that Homer may leave Peoria to take over as head
football coach at Notre Dame.

“This is where I want to be,” Homer said Tuesday through his
spokesman Lucas Smith. “Notre Dame football is a dream job for some
people and it is humbling to be considered. But when it comes down to
it, this is where I want to be working for as long as they’ll have me.”

The rumors started a couple of weeks ago when Homer’s name
was linked in an online report as a possible successor to fired
football coach Charlie Weis. Despite having no prior football coaching
experience, certain Notre Dame boosters were pushing hard for Homer to
get the job and return Notre Dame football to its glory days. It is
unclear when Notre Dame officials first contacted Homer or if they made
an official offer.

peoria.pngAn uninformed observer might think that this whole thing is a silly publicity stunt with no basis in reality, but as a Minor League expert I can tell you that this is an industry of unquestionable integrity. Press releases, like Shakira’s hips, tell no lies.

And if you think about it, Homer would make a good coach. He’d bark orders on the sidelines, chew out the refs, and play the trom”bone” at halftime, while always remaining fixated on getting to a bowl.

I apologize for nothing.

Just 162 Days Away…

pro-mo.jpgOne of my many self-imposed “housekeeping” tasks here at is to compile an Excel spreadsheet of next season’s notable promotions.

As most teams have yet to announce their promotional schedules, my 2009 spreadsheet is currently quite barren. In fact, it includes a mere 28 listings. But of these 28, four are scheduled to take place on the same day. That day is June 20, which is shaping up to be quite an action-packed day in the Minor Leagues. Let’s take a look at what lies in store thus far:

Bowling Green Hot Rods — Fan’s Choice T-Shirt Night

This design of this shirt will be selected by the fans, who will make their voices heard throughbs.gif the magic of online polling. I’m hoping that the shirt will commemorate an alternate reality in which the team’s name is “Cave Shrimp“.

Hudson Valley Renegades — Benchwarmer’s Night

I have already dedicated a post to this most entertaining of promotional nights. Inspired by the Knicks’ laughable Stephon Marbury situation, the Renegades will be paying tribute to benchwarmers all game long. The night even includes a wooden seat cushion giveaway.

HacksawJimDuggan.jpgLakewood BlueClaws“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan Appearance

In which the BlueClaws will welcome the WWE’s oldest wrestler, whose weapon of choice is a 2×4.

Peoria Chiefs — Lee Smith Appearance

Even more intimidating than “Hacksaw” is Lee Smith, the legendary 6’6″ closer who amassed 478 saves over 18 Major League seasons.

So there you have it folks…June 20 is still more than five months away, yet we are already assured of four above average promotions. Please get in touch if YOU are aware of anything going on in the Minor Leagues on June 20 (or any other day, for that matter):

And now, courtesy of Wikipedia, here are a few other somewhat notable events that have occurred on June 20:

451 — Flavius Aetius defeats Atilla the Hun at the battle of Chalons.

1782 — The U.S. Congress adopts the Great Seal of the United States.
1893 — Lizzie Borden is acquitted of the murders of her father and stepmother.

1976 — The birth of Rob Mackowiak.

2008 — Reading Phillies stage Spam Carving Competition.

Thank you, as always, for making it through to the last sentence.

New Year, Same Old

09.jpgHello, and Happy New Year. I hope that the just-concluded Holiday Season served as a much needed chance for rest and respite, because now we’re all right back in the thick of things. As if we never left.

But judging by the deserted state of the headquarters, it was rather unnecessary for me to come into work today. There are no other people here, or any other living things save for the occasional squirrel. But that’s okay with me. I thrive in solitude.

So, as 2009 commences, what is there to write about?. First off, I must dutifully piggyback off of my last post and mention that the Peoria Chiefs are the latest team to have been bitten by the Blogojevich bug. Last week, the club announced that they would be selling off “Senate Seats” for each 2009 home game. The details, italicized and in fine print for your pleasure:

In keeping up with current events, the Peoria Chiefs have announced
they will auction off not one, but two special
pc.gif “Senate Seats” to each
home game for the upcoming 2009 season. Just as the United States
Senate Seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama is viewed as the
best opening in the Senate, the “Senate Seats” will be the two best
seats in the house for Chiefs games.

The seats, which are located in
the second row of section 108, are directly behind home plate and
protected by the screen sell for $10 per game. They will be available
via auction on the Chiefs website beginning Feb. 1. The auctions will
end 24 hours prior to each home game and begin at $20. All proceeds
from the “Senate Seat Auctions” will go into a pot which will be
distributed at the end the season among various local charities.

Moving on, I must commend my colleague Lisa Winston for using her finely-honed journalism skills to

Little Casper.jpg

decipher one of the more mysterious ballplayer utterances of all-time. On Dec. 19, Lisa ran an interview with Tigers prospect Casper Wells on her blog. In response to the question “What is the best Minor League promotion or visiting act you have ever seen?”, Wells replied that he liked “the monkey guy with the floating thing.”

No one could figure out what Wells was talking about, and it caused a many a sleepless night for those who care about such things. So Lisa dug a little deeper, and was able to solve the mystery. Read all about it here.

And, finally, because I must operate in threes — At 11 p.m. EST on January 14th I will be a guest on the weekly Minor League Baseball Radio Show. I’ll post more specific info on this in the near future, but mark your calendars now. It’s not like they were going to stay all new and shiny much longer anyway.