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Four Snapshots From Northeastern Ohio

akrondot.gifLast week I put together a post that featured my Top 10 pictures from the 2009 Minor League season. One of the teams included therein was the Akron Aeros, best known to readers of this blog as the team that stages the rough and tumble Cream Stick Race on a nightly basis.

But there is far more to the Aeros’ operation than premeditated outbursts of Vanilla on Maple violence. In order to illustrate this essential truth, Calvin Funkhouser — the Aeros exquisitely-named director of corporate and suite sales — sent me an email containing some of his favorite photos from the 2009 campaign.

Before sharing these photos with the world, I would like to ask that other clubs (and fans) follow the Funk and send me your favorite photos from 2009. I will dutifully post them on this blog, and together they will serve as a beacon of light which will make our treacherous passage along the rocky shores of the offseason slightly less fraught with peril. In case you missed it the first 275 times I posted it, my email is

And now, let’s check out some pics (italicized text provided by Mr. Funkhouser).

Orbit’s Birthday:

Wait? An intern was just referred to by his real name? And he’s not wearing a white shirt and athletic shorts? And it’s possible that he’s not even wearing New Balance sneakers? Well, then never mind my above analysis of Aero intern policy. It was clearly just a bunch of ponderously unfunny gibberish by a bored writer trying to cope with the relentless slog that is the month of October in Minor League Baseball.

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