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I'm Right Here Waiting For You

tulsa_drillers.pngI am writing this on Friday evening, well aware that most of you won’t be reading it until Monday morning.

So, how was your weekend? Those football games were awesome, weren’t they? A Saints-Jets Colts Super Bowl is really something to look forward to! And how about Conan’s last show? I thought the funniest best part was when Neil Young did a song parody called “The Network and the Damage Done” his farewell speech.

And speaking of Conan, in yesterday’s (I mean, Thursday’s) post I gave credit to the Round Rock Express for being the first Minor League team to offer Conan a job. Well, the Tulsa Drillers made an offer of their own:

“[The Drillers] will make Conan O’Brien our official MC for every
Drillers game for as long as
labamba.jpg he and you all live. The Tonight Show
Band? They can play every game — even LaBamba. Andy Richter, Pierre
Bernard, Preparation H Raymond, The [self-pleasuring] Bear, and PimpBot 5000
can all join our full-time staff. Bring them all.

We are fully prepared to offer you all your very own suite at ONEOK
Field to enjoy each Drillers game. Come on, guys, “The CoCo Cabana”.
Seriously. we can make it happen.”

The full letter can be read HERE, in all its resplendent red-haired glory.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for profriverdogs.jpgSpeaking of resplendent glory, the city of Charleston, SC is positively aglow with the news that a male Statue of Liberty may be erected in the city. Of course, the RiverDogs can not let news of such magnitude go by unnoticed. Behold, the “Be Your Own Statue” contest:

As part of their new Be Your Own Fan
marketing initiative, the RiverDogs are asking all fans to help determine the
face, shape and size of the new statue. The Be Your Own Statue promotion
invites fans to submit a drawing, photograph or video letting the club know who
should be the face of this new national monument.

The winner will be revealed as part of the All
Things Male promotional night, set for Saturday, July 17, when
Charleston hosts the Augusta GreenJackets for a 7:05 p.m. first pitch.

“All Things Male” promotional night? I hope that’s better than last year’s “All Things Mail” Night, which didn’t deliver despite my stamp of approval.

And speaking of approval, the Trenton Thunder get mine for a new Twitter contest (ortwitter2010.jpg “Twitest”) announced today: Project 2010 in 2010. Here’s the scoop:

The Thunder’s goal is to have 2,010
Twitter followers by Opening Night (April 8, 2010). When we reach that
number, the Thunder will conduct a random drawing among their Twitter
followers, and give away a Grand Prize to one lucky fan. All of our
followers will also be winners because we’ll release an exclusive
ticket special just for them.

Grand prize is a jersey signed by
the 2010 team.

And speaking of 2010, that’s what year it is. But right now it’s winter, and therefore cold, and therefore our nation’s baseball stadiums are not exactly in optimal condition. Check out these pictures of Principal Park I received today from the Iowa Cubs, who stole the joke I would inevitably have made by writing “Ice Cubs” in the subject line:

ice cubs.jpg 




But if thoughts of Spring are more your thing, then take solace in this: The Reading Phillies announced today that their first “Gluttony Night” of the season will be held on April 9. They also announced that the evening will double as “Crazy About Reading Night” and I was like “Duh guys, every team is crazy about themselves.”

Finally, has a brand-new message board feature. If someone could take it upon his or herself to start a thread on how Benjamin Hill is the greatest and most overlooked writer in the entire world I’d really appreciate it. I’m too modest to do it myself, you see.

New Jersey Reacts to the Statue of Liberty Bell World Series

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for trenton_logo.GIFIf you are anything like me, then the first thing that sprung to your mind upon seeing that this year’s World Series would feature the Phillies and Yankees was this:

“How are New Jersey’s Minor League teams going to capitalize on this match-up?”

Within 24 hours, that question was answered. And thank goodness, because I had been losing sleep over the matter. 

The Trenton Thunder and Lakewood BlueClaws are jointly staging a “Choose Your ChampThumbnail image for lakewood.gif contest, in which they are asking fans to submit World Series predictions (including winner, the number of games, and series MVP). Whomever makes the most accurate prediction will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the 2010 home opener of this year’s champion.

This is all explained in more detail HERE, so the only thing that I will add at this juncture is to submit your prediction to

So now on to the most important matter at hand: MY prediction.

phillies.jpgThe Phillies will win in six games, thus becoming the first National League team since the 75-76 Cincinnati Reds to repeat. (Suggested headline: “November Reign”)

The World Series MVP will be Cliff Lee, who will allow one run over 17 innings en route to two victories over CC Sabathia (suggested headlines: “Simp-Lee Magnificent”, “Lee Stings”, “MV-Lee”, “Lee Sends Message to Yankee Hitters, CCs it to Sabbathia”).

I am done prognosticating, because I am an unabashed Philadelphia fan and it is therefore very Clifficult for me to do this objective-Lee. But I will close with the three most pressing items on the comprehensive “World Series Wish List” that I drafted yesterday evening while in an insomniacal stupor:

1. That fans of BOTH teams dial it down in regards to the angry tone of the trash talk. There seems to be no distinction anymore between passion and boorishness, and I have become disgusted at the level of obscenity that is tolerated (and, for the most part, encouraged) in the stands. Won’t somebody think of the children?

2.But speaking of trash talk, here’s hoping that the New York Post continues to engage infrillies.jpg nonsensical front-page Philly-bashing. Rumor has it that they are going to follow up yesterday’s image of Victorino in a cheerleader’s outfit with a picture of Ryan Howard in a tutu. 

3. Finally, and most importantly, I hope that this whole “World Series in November” thing never happens again. I often wake up sweating, out of breath and out of sorts, after dreaming that Game 7 of the World Series was played on November 5 in a 30-degree freezing rain. This is followed by the chilling realization that this disturbing vision could easily come true, and I spend the rest of the night pacing back and forth while singing the chorus of “Glory Glory Hallelujah” to calm myself down.

Here’s to a memorable World Series, one that we will be telling our grandkids about due to the fact that they had to go to bed well before the games were over. And Go Phillies!