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Promo Year In Review, Part Four: Marvelous Miscellany


Over the past three days, I’ve presented my picks for favorite giveaways, theme nights, and celebrity appearances of the year. Nearly all Minor League promos fall into at least one of those categories, but lest anything slip through the cracks I’ve created a fourth and final category. For lack of a better name, I’m calling it “Marvelous Miscellany.”

The following six promos don’t have much in common with one another, save for the fact that they were all exceedingly memorable. But what am I missing? Surely there were many other tough-to-categorize but eminently worthwhile ballpark events that deserve postseason commemoration — let me know!


My six picks, magnanimously presented in alphabetical order.

Birmingham Barons —  Rickwood Classic/100th Anniversary of Rickwood Field


Frederick Keys — Volt Night


Huntsville Stars –
Car Survivor

Thumbnail image for Huntsville_Car2.JPG

Mobile BayBears — Opening of Hank Aaron Childhood Home and Museum


San Antonio Missions — Puffy Taco, the Re-Match

Thumbnail image for Mission_taco_redemption.JPG


Savannah Sand Gnats — Fire Walk Around the Bases

Thumbnail image for Savannah_Fire_third.jpg

What can I say? It’s a random assemblage, but you know what else is random?


I’m just using this blog to illuminate universal truths. Also, to solicit feedback. Keep your promo suggestions coming, in all categories. You know where to find me.

Promo Year in Review, Part Three: Celebrity Appearances


Minor League ballparks are hospitable places, rolling out the red carpet for sitcom stars, sexagenarian wrestlers and eccentric hurlers alike.

Today’s edition of “Promo Year in Review” features my top six celebrity appearances of the year, highlighting a half-dozen bold-faced names who graced the ballpark with their presence. But, as always, I need YOU to tell me who I’ve missed. Get in touch via email or Twitter and let me know, as suggestions for this and previous categories will be accepted through 10 a.m. Monday.

My six nominees, in ever-so-sensible alphabetical order. Click on each individual’s name to see how his ballpark visit was originally covered (and, yes, they are all men. Don’t shoot the messenger).

Fresno Grizzlies — Alfonso “Carlton” Ribiero (as part of “Mad Tight ’90s Night”)


Lakewood BlueClaws — Jeff “Chunk” Cohen (as part of “Goonies Night”)


(note: that’s Cohen on the right, judging a “Truffle Shuffle” contest)

Oklahoma City RedHawks — Peter Mayhew (aka “Chewbacca”)

Thumbnail image for Oklahoma City -- Chewy2.jpg

Reading Phillies — Dennis “Mr. Belding” Haskins

Thumbnail image for Reading_BeldingCarrot.JPG

Round Rock Express — Rojo Johnson (aka Will Ferrell)


Vermont Lake Monsters — Bill “Spaceman” Lee/Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd (on the same night!)

I don’t have a picture from this picture, but here are their respective Wikipedia photos:




Duty compels me to once again mention that I need your input. What celebrities caused a sensation at YOUR Minor League ballpark this year. And — hey! — I know you’re reading. There’s no escape. Get in touch. Are you going to let my complete neglect of sexagenarian wrestlers go uncriticized?

Promo Year in Review, Part Two: Theme Nights


The Promo Year In Review train is rolling along right on schedule, making a stop today at teeming “Theme Night” station.

It was very difficult for me to narrow this category down to a Top Six, as there were a lot of great contenders. As always, I tried to put a premium on originality, and ample photo and video documentation certainly influenced the decision-making process as well.

Two more finalists will be added to this list based on reader suggestions, so get in touch via email or Twitter regarding YOUR favorite Minor League theme night of the year. Suggestions for all categories will be accepted through 10 a.m. on Monday, September 27.
My six nominees, in sweet, sweet alphabetical order. Click on the Promo name to see how it was originally covered.

Brooklyn Cyclones — Jersey? Sure! Night

Thumbnail image for jerseysure.JPG

Fresno Grizzlies — Twilight Night


Lake County Captains — Please Stay LeBron Night

Thumbnail image for Lake County_Lebron_Powder2.jpg

Lake Elsinore Storm — Obscure Sports Night


Reading Phillies — Salute to the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor


Trenton Thunder — World Cup Night (with on-field baby race)

Omissions, both egregious and understandable, are easily rectified via the power of electronic communication.

Promo Review: Desperate Househusbands Night in Huntsville

hstars.jpgThe season is underway, meaning that my “Promo Preview” and “Promo Review” columns will be appearing on on a regular basis. And, of course, additional previews and reviews will regularly appear on this blog as well.

Today, I am pleased to provide a recap of the Huntsville Stars‘ “Desperate Househusbands” night, which took place on April 11. For those needing a refresher regarding what this night was all about, here’s an excerpt from the “Promo Preview” write-up:

If your marriage is like the “Lockhorns” comic come to life, then the
Stars have a promotion for you. Men who bring their “Honey Do” list of
chores to the game will receive a half-price ticket, and these
emasculating missives will be read over the PA. Whoever submits the
best “Honey Do” list receives an excellent prize — Stars’ staff will
do the chores instead.

Now, allow me to concede the floor to Stars GM Buck Rogers, who sent an email explaining how this all went down:

In the Desperate Househusbands Contest, four
finalists’ lists were read off after the game. A few of the lists were
your run-of-the-mill git’er-done Honey-Do lists. However, the crowd voted Steve
Tofflemire as the winner.  Here is Steve’s list:

1-Clean my wife’s
Tinkerbell collection (his wife, Allison has the entire home decorated in
Disney’s Tinkerbells)
2-Pick up her ‘delicates’ from the dry cleaners;

3-Attend my best friend’s wedding
4-Give my Mother-in-Law a foot massage

5-Cut the grass in my yard to look like Joe Davis Stadium’s field.

desperate list.JPG

Here’s what Steve has won:

1-On a
date to be determined between the staff and Steve, we will shut the Stars
office down and take the staff over to Steve’s house an execute this list;

also won a $50 gift card from Conner’s Steakhouse at Bridge Street. We’d
like to thank Conner’s for the donation. 

3-Steve will
look like a hero in the yes of his wife (and let’s not forget his
Mother-in-Law). That #4 above is going to be a tough one, Steve, and I’m
sure the interns are going to be finding all kinds of excuses.

This one is far from over, and I will make sure to get an update from Buck regarding the specifics of the mother-in-law foot massage. Remember, readers, you can not get this sort of information anywhere else!

Buck, being a loquacious individual, has more to say. I, being an accommodating individual, am going to let him say it:

The odd thing was that Steve tried
to slide this thru with his
wife in attendance
Most of the crowd knows Allison, who
is one of the Stars’ top fans, so they stuck around to root for Steve just
to have this promo backfire on him. Naturally, Allison didn’t know about
the list until we read it off on top of the dugouts after the game, and she was
a bit embarrassed. Steve was going to take a butt-kickin’ when he got
home, but they were cool enough to pose for a picture…The Mother-in-Law crack got the most laughs,
but Steve’s Father-in-Law just happened to attend the game, so he’s probably in
hot water over that one as well.


So there you have it, folks. I will provide more on this story as it develops. Many thanks to Buck Rogers for taking the time to fill us in on this most ridiculous of promotions.

And, it should go without saying at this point, but I’m going to keep saying it: GET IN TOUCH with promo news, tips and recaps.