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Here's The Pitch…

econ.jpgSomething that I have become aware of over the past several months is that I am recognized as a “blogger” first and a “journalist” second. That’s fine with me.

But I nonetheless must occasionally draw my readers’ attention to the work that I do that appears on the mighty, such as this recent article on the effect that the economy is having on Minor League Baseball.

While this piece came out well enough, I was somewhat hampered in writing it by the fact that it was so close to the Holidays. Time was tight, and it was a bit more difficult to get in touch with people than usual. Therefore, some decent material fell by the wayside.

But what is the function of this blog, if not to provide a home for such material? For example,seymour.jpeg one of several things that did not make it into the article was an email from Andrew Seymour, the General Manager of the Vancouver Canadians. In this email, Seymour took the time to outline the ways he thinks his club is well-positioned to deal with the economy (outside of the fact that his team isn’t located in the United States, of course).

I figured I’d share the contents of this email, and include along with it an invitation to any of my readers to get in touch with lists of their own. You know, reasons why YOUR team (be you fan or employee) has what it takes to make it through the tough times.

And now, let me turn the floor over to Mr. Seymour.

In an effort to take care of our #1 asset, our fans, we’ve
instituted a price freeze across the board. We have kept our ticket prices the same for 09 — for
flex/mini packs (which we call NatPacks), season tickets, groups and game
day/walk-up tickets.

Our advertising prices are the same for in-stadium
advertising (and we plan to deliver more and more impressions — aka butts in

Parking is the same rate as it has been for years!

We have created a kids club at a tremendously inexpensive
rate ($20) that gets kids in for free to 14 home games (7 Sunday + 7 Monday
dates). We also have a $50 family rate for families that have 3 or more kids.


We’ve furthered our outreach in the community –we like to
see it as giving back. Now that we have a mascot, we have a much better avenue
to be out supporting the events in our immediate and surrounding communities.
This allows us to reach-out and connect with all the people we hope will take
interest in a Canadians game.

We’re also expanding our no-cost information network, in
order to help build our fanbase. From facebook to an amped-up website with
audio and video, we have a viable opportunity to reach fans everywhere.

We’ll have a number of ball park upgrades that will be
pleasant for our fans – upgrades that we won’t ask our fans to shoulder!

And whatever we do, it is always a result of having a
generous local ownership group (jake kerr, jeff mooney + andy dunn) and a first
class, dedicated staff that cares dearly for our community.


All in all our m.o. will be to deliver first class,
affordable family fun in a safe and friendly


environment. Our goal is to
provide consumers with a great value on their entertainment dollar!

Pretty solid sales pitch, is it not? Again, get in touch with similarly self-promoting screeds of your own, and I’ll do my best to post it up here on this ever-growing little niche of the blogosphere.

Folks, the bottom line here is that I need content, and its easier to have you create it than me. Let me be the conduit through which your self-expression can reach its full potential.