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I’ve Got You, BayBears

baybears logo.jpgAs previously mentioned, I was in Mobile, Alabama last week in order to attend the gala opening of the Hank Aaron Childhood Home and Museum. Read up on it HERE, if you so desire (and HERE, while you’re at it).

Fortunately, I was able to document my experience in Mobile above and beyond Wednesday’s extravaganza. In addition to several abbreviated bouts of aimless wandering, I also attended Thursday’s Mobile BayBears game (a FAR more subdued atmosphere than the day before). Let’s go to the pictures!

The Hank Aaron Childhood Home and Museum:

Mobile -- Museum exterior.JPG

Willie Mays Arrives at Wednesday’s Grand Opening: The “Say Hey Kid” disappeared shortly thereafter making his entrance here, leading to concerns that he was under the weather. But he participated in the pre-game on-field ceremony less than two hours later, telling a humorous anecdote about the difficulty of assembling National League All-Star line-ups in the 60s.

Mobile -- Willie 2.JPG
Hank at the Podium:

Mobile -- Aaron at Podium.JPG

The Hall of Fame Crew:

Mobile  -- HOF crew.JPG

Inside the Museum:

mobile -- museum 4.JPG

On Thursday, I was able to explore Hank Aaron Stadium as the BayBears took on fellow Alabamans and Southern League rivals the Birmingham Barons.

Stadium Exterior

ballpark exterior.JPG

Thirsty Thursday (Beer Through A Straw)

baybears thirsty thursday.JPG
Frito Pie, the Perfect Complement to $1 Bud Products

baybears frito pie.JPG

The BayBears honor Mobile’s rich baseball history throughout the concourse.

A Nod to the Atlanta Braves:

baybears fulton county.JPG

Each of the team’s suites is named after a Mobilian Major Leaguer. I do have to take issue with this sign, however, as Satchel notched a LOT more than 288 strikeouts throughout his career. Major League Baseball was just slow to catch on to his talents. REAL slow.

baybears -- satchel paige.JPG

Here’s another distinguished suite honoree —

The Wizard

baybears ozzie suite sign.JPG

Behind the Curtain

baybears Ozzie Suite.JPG

On-Field Action

baybears press box view.JPG

baybears behind first.JPGbaybears scoreboard.JPG

Tropical Environs Down the Left Field Line

baybears beach.JPG

One the team’s most popular recurring in-game promotions is the Rally Rave. For 90 exhausting seconds, team employees dance to frenetic electronic music in the press box while throwing rally caps into the crowd. The official “Rally Rave” video can be viewed HERE, but I must say I was pleased with my own attempts to video the spectacle. I did NOT speed this up in any way:

And this is the cap being tossed into the crowd. It is naturally inside out, so if you turn it inside out it becomes outside in and if you are awake you start to dream and vice versa.

Mobile -- Rally Cap.JPG

And, finally, I happened to film a most comical mascot race. The quality isn’t the best, but

when it comes to this blog when is quality ever the best? (please don’t answer that)

And while I did not have as much time as I would have liked to explore Mobile, I must say I was quite smitten with Dauphin Street and Bienville Square. The slow, surreal, timeless quality of the area is a world away from the hostile hustle and bustle that I am used to here i the Northeast.

The Big Apple, Southern Style:

Mobile -- New York Hi-Style.JPG

Kids Are Better Dressed Here, Too:

mobile -- kidswear 2.JPG

Bienville Square

Mobile -- Park Cross.JPG

Mobile -- Park Plaque.JPG

Mobile -- Skyscraper through trees.JPG

Well, that’s gonna do it for me and Mobile. Apologies to all those who have sent me blog-worthy material over the past several days. I’ll get to it eventually, promise.

And, as I’ve surely mentioned before: I would like to visit YOUR hometown stadium. Invite me, please, and I’ll do my best to transcend my usual non-committal ways.