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Automobile Ownership as a Result of Skillful Tent Stake Usage

aquasox_logo.gifThe Everett AquaSox staged a variety of memorable promotions this past season, but they saved the best for last. August 31 was the club’s final home game of the year, and it was highlighted by a most remarkable giveaway. For a description of this giveaway, let me defer, as always, to my “Promotion Preview” column:

“In addition to being the AquaSox’s awesomely named trainer, Spyder Webb is an exceedingly generous individual. How generous? Well, on Sunday, one lucky fan will win his 1995 Chevy Blazer LT as part of the team’s “Fan Appreciation Day” festivities. Upon the conclusion of that
afternoon’s game, 1,500 tent stakes will be handed out to fans. Then, 
these stake-wielding individuals will be invited to dig up the warning
track in search of the keys to Webb’s ride.”

Rick O’Connor, the AquaSox’s media relations director, was kind enough to provide me with a recap of this action-packed promo, as well as a few photos.

“We buried five keys (one of which started the car) along with 12 other prizes – season tickets, autographed baseball and other
merchandise,” wrote O’Connor. “The key was buried somewhere on the warning track between the two foul poles and the winning key was dug up by a 12-year-old kid named Robert! He can’t drive for four years, but when he turns 16 he’ll have a set of wheels waiting for him!”

But Robert’s road to victory was not an easy one. Here is a photo of the fans stampeding onto the field at the end of the game, ready to do some serious damage to the warning track:

KeyDigSprint.jpg And once those fans made it to the warning track, the heated battle for Webb’s keys began in earnest:


But, of course, it was young Robert who emerged victorious. Here he is, moments after his thrilling discovery of Webb’s keys.


Of course, this promotion wouldn’t have been able to occur, had it not been for the unprecedented generosity of one special individual. Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Spyder Webb!