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The Mysteries of the Minors

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for scspikes.gifLast year the State College Spikes staged their inaugural “Mystery at the Ballpark”, one of the most inventive (and absurd) promotions of the year. The team produced a series of short videos that aired on the videoboard throughout the evening, each one providing a clue in the mystery of “Who Stole Ike’s Hat?” (Ike being the Spikes mascot).

On July 28, the Spikes staged yet another “Mystery at the Ballpark.” GM Jason Dambach writes that “this year’s mystery involved the Nittany Bank Nookie Monster, who is trying to find out who stole his milk and cookies (each night at the end of the seventh inning we have a Nookie Monster Milk and Cookies special for $1). The videos played throughout our game, and fans who successfully followed the clues and solved the mystery got to turn in their guess to win tickets to a future game.”

To whet your appetite for this stirring saga of dairy product and dessert thievery, I now present parts one, two, and three of 2010’s “Mystery at the Ballpark”:

A Shocking Discovery

False Alarm

Rough Interrogation Techniques

There’s no going back now! Watch the rest of this gripping saga HERE.

But State College isn’t the only locale in which trouble has been a brewin’. In Sacramento, River Cats mascot Dinger (aka “Sam Spayed”) is hot on the trail of his arch-nemesis Mascot Von Mascot.

Read all about it in “The Dinger Mysteries”, the finest noir-infused literary vignettes in Minor League Baseball:


Much is at stake here, as Mascot Von Mascot has stolen the magical Rally Pants regularly worn by reliever Brad Kilby.

Here are Kilby and the pants, in happier times:


And then there was the real-life mystery that recently transpired in Fort Wayne: “The Case of the Missing Outfielder”.

Tin Caps broadcaster (and expert blogger) Dan “Elementary, My Dear” Watson reports that during July 24th’s ballgame, Burlington Bees outfielder Hilton Richardson was mysteriously replaced in the bottom of the fifth inning.

The reason became clear two innings later, when axe-wielding firemen walked onto the field and into the Bees dugout. Their mission? To rescue Richardson, who had gotten trapped in the bathroom. The rescue operation resulted in significant damage to the offending door:

Bathroom Door.jpg

From “The Watson Files“:

When they finally got the door open, Richardson was standing there, done for the nightfiles.png, propped against the sink, arms folded, soaked in sweat (it was humid and the heat index was about 102 at game time), thoroughly disgusted with life.

And that’s the story of how the bathroom at Parkview Field is a home-field advantage.

Thanksto Watson for sharing this anecdote, as it ends a three-year lull in the always-entertaining sub-genre of “Minor League Player Gets Locked in Bathroom” (lest we forget, Matt Elliot’s 2007 restroom entrapment was featured in the New York Times).

The final mystery that I’ll mention this afternoon involves this very blog post, as my humorous closing sentence has gone missing.

On the Road: A Walking Sundae Matinee in State College

StateCollege_PSUrecycling.JPGAfter a long night of cross dressing and speed dating, it was very difficult for me to get out of bed on Tuesday morning. But a blaring bedside radio eventually aroused me from my slumber, the “open phone” portion of a local talk show. An elderly female caller was informing listeners of a wayward rooster who lived independently on the streets of Williamsport, celebrating the bird’s ability to survive sans welfare or any other untoward government handouts.

I very much enjoyed this idiosyncratic late-morning discourse, the vitality of which propelled me out of bed, into the shower, and out the doors of Williamsport’s historic (and recommended) Genetti Hotel. My next destination awaited: Medlar Field at Lumbrano Park, home of the State College Spikes (from now on I’m going to call the ballpark MF@LP, for brevity’s sake and also because it looks cool).

Fortunately State College is only an hour away, and I arrived just in time for Tuesday’s anomalous noon start. The facility is on the Penn State campus, and owned by the University. In addition to the Spikes, it also hosts the PSU baseball team.

From the outside:

State College_Exterior.JPG

State College_Exterior2.JPG

Parked just outside the stadium, down the third base line, was a fire truck.

State College_FireTruckOutside.JPG

I was hoping the fire truck was there as a precautionary measure, anticipating conflagrations that might be caused by a preponderance of blazing hot coeds. This was not the case, however, as the truck was in fact providing a cooling mist for the many youngsters who had gathered to enjoy the “Super Splash Day” promotion.


Young Polamalu acolytes were among those partaking in the aquatic festivities:


My close proximity to these future safeties was not conducive to the present safety of my non-waterproof camera, so I wandered past to other parts of this sprawling facility.


The best name in Minor League Baseball? (it’s pronounced “N-Go-Pay”):


State College_DownFirst.JPG

MF@LP is located in the shadow of massive Beaver Stadium:


Emphasizing the Big 10/New York-Penn League synergy:


Not too many Minor League ballparks feature outfield seating, especially at this level, but MF@LP isn’t just any ballpark. Here’s a view from the top, taken with Mount Nittany at my back and a song in my heart:


A Spike is an adolescent deer, one whom should not be taken lightly:


But if one tires of fearing the deer, he or she can go shoot a few at the arcade (Big Buck Hunter, far right)


The arcade also featured a pinball machine! Long live pinball!


State College_DownThird.JPG


I eventually retreated to the press box, in order to sample a pair of MF@LP’s finest concession items in air-conditioned splendor (thanks to Spikes gm Jason Dambach for procuring these delicacies).

The Deep-Fried PB&J, topped with powdered sugar:


This innovation is known as a “Walking Sundae.” A bag of mini-Oreos is crushed, opened sideways, and topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and two cherries:


Both of the above items can be found at “Coaly’s Cones and Treats”, a concession area named in honor of PSU’s donkey mascot:


I walked off my double dessert as the game was winding down, witnessing a ninth-inning flare-up between Spikes skipper Gary Robinson and both umpires:



Ike the Mascot turns his back on such shenanigans:


But neither Robinson’s theatrics or Ike’s all-business demeanor could inspire the Spikes to victory, as they fell to Vermont by a score of 3-1.

At this point, all that was left to do was to deposit my garbage in the proper receptacles. At MF@LP, conscientious refuse-tossing is a breeze. The environmentally-friendly facility was the first professional ballpark to earn a LEED certification, and recycling opportunities abound.


Unfortunately there wasn’t a hole marked “jokes”, because those are my favorite things to recycle. I’d tell you the one about the blind doe, except I have no eye deer what the punchline is.

A Spike in Alternate Realties

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for scspikes.gifThe Bowling Green Hot Rods’ “What Could’ve Been Night” was voted the top promotion in all of Minor League Baseball last season, an honor that thoroughly validated the once-fringe promotional concept of alternate reality celebration.

The Hot Rods’ success has inspired at least four teams to follow suit in 2010: The Quad Cities River Bandits, Myrtle Beach Pelicans, Portland Beavers, and State College Spikes. I eagerly await each and every one of these promotions, but for now we shall focus on the goings-on in State College.

For the Spikes’ just released the details of August 27’s “What If Night”, details that I will now share with you.

Ever wish you could go back in time five years? The State College Spikes
are inviting fans to
coaly.jpg do just that by turning back the clock to the
franchise’s 2005 “Name the Team Contest” – the one that ultimately led
to “Spikes” being picked as team nickname – and selecting one of the
runner-up choices to have its moment of glory.

To play up the theme of the day, the team will take the field for that
night’s game against the Batavia Muckdogs as either the Anglers, Coalys,
Furnace or Haymakers, and Spikes fans will again have the power to
decide….The winning nickname will be honored with a logo and specially-designed
jerseys, which will be worn by the players during the August 27 game and
then auctioned off to fans in attendance that night.

Further information can be found HERE, and those wishing to vote can do so HERE

This contest really brings me back, as a young Benjamin Hill wrote a news article in November of 2005 detailing the selection of “Spikes” as the team’s name. This was in’s first year of operation, and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. In that regard, little has changed.

— But speaking of alternate existences — how bizarre would it be if the universe’s most celebrated Wookie was in actuality a seven-foot tall British thespian prone to making appearances at Minor League ballparks?

That’s the mind-bending reality experienced by Oklahoma City baseball fans last week, as Peter “Chewbacca” Mayhew pressed the flesh and smiled for the flash at Bricktown Ballpark.

Here he is with a young Jedi:

Oklahoma City -- Chewy1.jpg

And here he is in the dugout with RedHawks manager Bobby Jones:

Oklahoma City -- Chewy2.jpg

photo credits: Wendy Eagan/

No word yet on what Chewbacca would select as his on-bat music, but while we wait for this crucial information please peruse THIS LIST of personalized player intro tunes provided by the Pacific Coast League’s Reno Aces. 

In an alternate reality, I am a member of the Reno Aces hoping to make it back to the bigs. Each time I come to the plate, the crowd is regaled with THIS.

There's Always Something

asheville.jpgIt’s a slow Tuesday in January, but Minor League news, like an indomitable tumbleweed, keeps rolling along.

The biggest thing to come down the proverbial pike today was the announcement that the Asheville Tourists have been sold to an ownership group led by the family of former United States Senator Mike DeWine. Once the deal becomes official (in March, most likely), Brian DeWine will assume presidency of the club. Brian, the fifth of eight DeWine children, is no stranger to Minor League Baseball. He interned with the Greenville Braves and Savannah Sand Gnats before spending four seasons with the Southern League’s Carolina Mudcats.

Read all about it HERE (at the very least, know that I am very proud of my lead sentence).

And since I’m on the more serious tip today, I wanted to highlight one of the State CollegeThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for scspikes.gif Spikes’ most recent initiatives. The club is encouraging fans to write letters to Chris Simmons, a member of the 2008 Spikes who is currently serving in Iraq.

Simmons’ story is an interesting one. He was drafted in the 41st round of the 2008 draft by the Pittsburgh Pirates, and sent to the Spikes in order to begin his professional career. He was one of three West Point cadets to be drafted that year, joining teammate Cole White and Drew Clothier of the Florida Marlins. Soon thereafter, the military amended its policy regarding professional athletes and the three were forced to put their baseball careers on hold.

Read more about it HERE.

But regardless of the specifics, the fact remains that Simmons is now in Iraq, serving as a Platoon Leader for the First Armor Division. Those wishing to send him a letter can do so via the following address:

State College Spikes
c/o Chris Simmons
112 Medlar Field at Lubrano Park
University Park, PA 16802

And more on the Spikes’ initiative can be read HERE.

Finally, it has become my habit as of late to re-post interesting photos that I come across via team Twitter and Facebook accounts. Here’s one I found today, which shows how decidedly un-Spring-like it currently is in Erie, PA:

Thumbnail image for eriesnow.jpg 

And since there’s “snow” more to write about, I’m going to call it a day.

State College Now Safe From Mascot-Robbing Relievers

Thumbnail image for scspikes.gifWay back on July 9, when the Earth was young and men were men, the State College Spikes held an interesting promotion. I have been meaning to dedicate a blog post to this promotion, but other things kept getting in the way.

But you know what? Nothing is going to get in my way tonight. I am going to do what it takes to make sure I write about the Spikes’ July 9 promotion, because that promotion was this: CSI Night.

Inspired  by the depressingly popular police procedural show, the Spikes’ production team put together a series of shorts that ran on the videoboard throughout the ballgame. Each video provided fans with a clue related to one of the great mysteries of all time: “Who Stole Ike’s Hat?” (Ike is the team’s mascot). Wrote Spikes general manager Jason Dambach:

Any fan who solved the mystery by submitting their answer to our customer service booth won a ticket to a future Spikes game. This turned out to be a promotion that got fans really involved and we got a lot of very positive feedback on it.”

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you, the reader, would like to solve the mystery for yourself. Therefore, I will engage in the heroic task of posting the videos that aired on the videoboard throughout the evening (and yes, you do have the time to watch these).

Here’s the set-up:

What kind of criminal leaves his birth certificate at the crime scene?

Like New Coke and the Fox Network, the suspect was conceived during the height of the Reagan Era:

For reasons I do not understand, I am unable to post the next video. Just click HERE, and then come back to me. I’ll be waiting.

Okay, good. Moving on…

You’d think a media relations manager wouldn’t get flustered so easily.

The Spikes should probably adjust the positioning of their security cameras:

“It looks to be a baseball.”

Thank God for technology:

The criminal is apprehended, after no struggle whatsoever:

Hat’s All, Folks!

While I felt compelled to make a series of snide remarks throughout this post, let me make it clear that I really like this promotion. One, because it was funny. Nearly every video made me laugh, and the bizarre leaps of logic and inexplicable motives only made it funnier. It reminded me a lot of the videos that my friends and I made in high school.

And, two, this promotion is excellent on the conceptual level. It is imminently adaptable, gets the fans involved, and has room for a nearly endless amount of absurd humor. The offseason is almost upon us, meaning that those who work in front offices will have a little more time on their hands. Why not get a jump on the 2010 promotional schedule by writing and recording a ridiculous videoboard “Whodunit”?

And as soon as you do so, send me the link.

Promotions 101

scspikes.gifOne of the most unique and attention-getting promos staged in the Minor Leagues last season was the State College Spikes’ “Night of 100 Promotions.” This special evening was exactly what its name implied — over the course of nine innings, the front office staff incorporated 100 unique promotions into the game presentation. Sure, the definition of “promotion” may have been stretched passed its breaking point just a tad (Free Smells? Ballpark Air Giveaway?) but that was all part of the fun.

The Spikes have decided to up the ante this season, because taking place on Monday is — wait for it — “The Night of 101 Promotions.” Thanks to my vast network of clandestine Minor League sources, I have been able to obtain a list of every single promotion that will be taking place.

Prepare Yourself:

162 Free student
tickets from SPA
4 Lucky fans will get their seats
Be a lucky wristband winner
Be Ike’s sweetheart for the night
Be on the Dance Cam
Be on the Fan Cam
Bounce in the Kids Zone
Buy tickets from Scott Walker
Catch a bag of peanuts
Catch a t-shirt
Chant “Fear the Deer”
Clap when the Spikes score
Compete in the Big Shoe Race
Compete in the Hamster Ball Race
Compete in the Scrub Race
Complimentary mints in the bathroom
Do the chicken dance
Do the wave
Do the YMCA
Dollar Dog Night
Draw on the concourse with sidewalk
Eat 5 hot dogs for $5
Eat as much as you want in an All You
Can Eat Seat
Eat milk and cookies in the ballpark
Find out score from other Pirates
Find Waldo in the ballpark
Flyover (by a bird)
Follow along with the game on 3WZ
Free high-fives
Free laughs
Free low-fives
Free memories
Free napkins at all concession stands
Free Pocket Schedules
Free programs at gates
Free Smells
Free statistics sheet at Customer
Gates open 1 minute early
Get a player’s autograph
Get a schedule poster
Get your picture taken with a lifesize
hot dog
Get your picture taken with a lifesize
ice cream cone
Give your recyclables to Gang Green
Go green with the Spikes
Guess the Attendance
Guess the player of the game
Guess the speed of the 3rd pitch of the
3rd inning
Guess which eyeball will win the 20/20
Have your birthday announced
Hear the weather from Mountain Man Matt
Help support the Children’s Miracle
Hug an intern
Hugs from Nookie Monster
Hula Hoop on the concourse
Ike the Spike Autograph Session
Inhale ballpark air
Invisible Giveaway
Jeer the Jammers
Kids Run the Bases after the game
Look for the lucky Sheetz ad
Look for the lucky Wegman’s ad
Man-powered program cooling system
Meet the front office staff
Meet the GM of the Spikes
Pet Bob the Baseball Dog
Play “I Spy” with your friends
Sanitize your hands on the concourse
Save money with Ike’s Headlight Special
Score the game in your program
See the future Florida Marlins
See the future Pittsburgh Pirates
See the view of Mt. Nittany
See your favorite Spikes player
Self-guided concourse tour
Sing “Take me out to the
Sing along to the National Anthem
Sing the 7th inning stretch
Skittles Giveaway
Socialize with fellow Spikes enthusiasts
Superhero headshots
Superhero walkup music
Talk to an usher
Throw out a first pitch
Toss tennis balls onto the field
Try the Chef Special
Try to catch a foul ball
Use your ticket stub at McDonald’s
Vote for a special song to be played
Watch for a broken bat
Watch for upcoming promotions
Watch Ike’s “Single Ladies”
Watch the Gameday Show Live
Watch the Gang Green superhero skit
Watch the rockets red glare
Watch the World’s Fastest Infield Drag
Wear Spikes gear to the game
Win 5 free car washes
Win a free pizza
Win a free taco when the Spikes score
Win a prize if the Spikes get a home run
Win a team autographed ball


So there you have it. Check out the Spikes on Monday for a jam-packed evening of being,action.gif bouncing, buying, catching, chanting, clapping, competing, doing, drawing, eating, finding, following, getting, giving, going, guessing, having, hearing, helping, hugging, hula-hooping, inhaling, jeering, looking, meeting, petting, playing, sanitizing, saving, scoring, seeing, self-guiding, singing, socializing, talking, throwing, tossing, trying, using, voting, watching, wearing, and winning.

The above 43 verbs pretty much sum up the Minor League Baseball experience. They also sum up the experience of being alive. 

Meet the MacPhail Nominees: State College Spikes

spikelee.gifThe Larry
MacPhail Promotional Trophy is awarded annually to the Minor League team that
did the most outstanding promotional work during the recently concluded season.

Throughout the past week, this fine blog has run interviews with
representatives from the nominated teams, in an effort to shine some
light on their promotional strategies and philosophies.

Due to a health setback suffered here at the Ben’s Biz Blog headquarters, today’s post is a few days behind schedule. But, as you shall soon see, it was well worth the wait (unlike “Chinese Democracy“).

Today’s featured team is the State College Spikes of the New York-Penn League. Answers are courtesy of Spikes promotions and community relations coordinator Jennifer Orlando.


Prior to the season, had your team ever been nominated for a
MacPhail Award? If so, ever won it?

JO: No, our team has never been nominated! However, in 2004, our
sister team the


Altoona Curve won the MacPhail Award.


How would you define your team’s promotional philosophy?

JO: Our philosophy is to always keep our promotions new and
fresh for our fans. We want to be sure that for our season ticket holders,
every night seems different to them. We also want to be sure that we treat
every night like Opening Night so that the entertainment looks top notch to a
fan that has never come to a game before.


What were some of your biggest promotional successes from
last season?


JO: Last season, our “Night of 100 Promotions” got a lot of
attention on Another big promotional success for us was our “We Win,
You Win” promotion. We had a lot of fun and got a lot of attention for this one
because our team did not have the greatest record* in 2008. The deal was, if the
Spikes won, everyone got a voucher for a free ticket to any of the next three
games. If they lost, our GM and Director of Ticket Sales would have to walk the
bases for as many hours as the margin of defeat in that game. Lucky for them,
the Spikes won that night! The fans really caught onto this promotion and had a
lot of fun pulling for their team! Two of our most entertaining nights
for the fans were our “Salute to Duct Tape” and “Salute to the Mustache”.
 We also had a series of “Going Green” nights. These were a huge success
and we are definitely going to continue these next year.



Any misfires, mishaps, or ideas that just didn’t work?


We tried having a “Singles Night” this year which
didn’t work out as well as we’d hoped. We had a date auction with some of our
most eligible front office staff members, and the auction raised money for the
American Heart Association. It ended up being a little awkward, but in the end,
still raised some money for AHA, which was our goal. It wasn’t a complete
disaster, but wasn’t one of our finest either.  


What are your favorite sports promotions of all time?

JO: I think mascot races are one of the best promotions that can
be done. They engage


the fans to the fullest extent, which is the point of any
promotion! This year, we had an eyeball race, where 3 inflatable eyeballs raced
around each game. The fans would cheer for their favorite eyeball and we were
sure to keep fans aware of the standings. It was quite a “sight” to watch this
race and it was great to see the fans really get into it.


In a perfect world, what sort of promotions would you like
to stage in 2009 and beyond?

JO: Well, without giving away too many secrets, we do have some
great ideas planned for 2009! We are definitely going to continue our vow to
going green and try to continue that theme several times during the season.
 We are hosting the 2009 NYPL All-Star game on August 18, so that will
lead us to many new and exciting things also!

A Jam-Packed Night in Jamestown

jammers.jpgLast week, I blogged about the State College Spikes’ epic “Night of 100 Promotions”, and wondered if any other teams would soon follow suit.

One has: the Jamestown Jammers.

The Jammers have toned the concept down a notch while also adding a unique hometown twist. The club is currently in first place in the New York-Penn League’s Pinckney Division, and just 14 wins away from a franchise-record 42 victories. In honor of this march to immortality, tomorrow will be “The Night of 42 Promotions.”

Utilizing the hard-nosed investigative journalism skills that I have built my reputation upon, I was able to secure a complete list of the Jammers’ promotions (thanks to Director of Baseball Operations Scott Eddy). Tiny font, activate!

1.  Answer some fun and exciting trivia and win a
small prize that will last forever!

2.  Through out the game so you do not forget the
stats or your favorite players, we will be giving away colorful post-it

3.  Free Bubba Hugs


4.  Learn the Robot Dance with Bubba!

5.  Receive 100 of this special prize and you
will have a $1.00 aka Penny Giveaway!

6.  Number 1 music hits from around the world on
the PA all night long

7.  Meet the wonderful Jamestown Jammers staff of

8.  Attempt to start the largest Wave in Chautauqua County history

9.  Join in while we do the Macarena

10. Bull-pen player name game

11. You have been wondering?
Ask the GM one question of your choice!

12. Salute to the chia pet

13. Watch your Jamestown
Jammers interns take on one another in the Intern Olympics

14. 42 bugle calls

15. 15% of a non-sale item in
the Gift Shop

16. Salute to the Yodel

17. Jammers Card set toss into

18. Electric Slide on the

19. Look out for flying
peanuts! Catch them if you can!

20. Wrestling theme music

21. Tribute to 42nd
President Bill Clinton

22. Pay tribute to your
hometown girl by doing I Love Lucy impressions!


23. J-E-L-L-O toss on-field

24. Kids bring your muscles to
join in on a tug of war challenge

25. Test your running skills
by running in clothes backwards

26. Anyone who throws 42 at
Speed Pitch wins a prize!

27. Water balloon toss

28. Salute to our manager,
Darin Everson

29. Salute to baseball caps

30. Meet the grounds crew

31. Meet outfielder Ray White

32. Moment of silence for our

33. Come to the game with your
blue tooth and win a small prize

34. Salute to the Eggplant

35. Free high fives

36. Spend a fun filled inning
with Bubba!

37. Jr. PA Announcers

38. Free T-shirt toss


39. Salute to Boy Bands

40. Salute to the 42nd

41. Free stadium tours

42. Free pocket schedules

I will now elaborate on a few of these most-exciting innovations.

#3: Bubba is the Jammers’ mascot, whose full name is the quite awesome “Bubba Grape the Baseball Ape“. It is fitting that he shares a name with 42nd President Bill “Bubba” Clinton, who the club will be paying tribute to that evening (see promo #21).

gooch.gif#6: In addition to playing #1 hits, the club might wish to consider playing the song that is currently #42 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart: “Realize” by Colbie Caillat.

#10: RIght-hander Wayman Gooch should be a lock to win the bullpen name-game.

#19: This sounds more like a threat than a promotion.

#22: Lucille Ball was indeed born in Jamestown.

#25: This is obviously preferable to running naked backwards.

Meanwhile the aforementioned State College Spikes are running full speed ahead with more innovative promotions. The club’s on-field play has left much to be desired this season (the Spikes are 18.5 games behind Jamestown in the Pinckney Division), so the front office has declared Friday’s game as “We Win, You Win” night.

If the Spikes win that evening, fans receive a ticket voucher for an upcoming game against Staten Island. But if they lose, then “General Manager Rick Janac and Director of Ticket Sales Chris Phillips
will walk around the bases on Saturday for the equivalent amount of
hours as runs the team is beaten by.” The full press release is located here.

The Spikes' Promotional Cup Runneth Over

spikes-logo.gifGiven the absurd amount of details involved in hosting a professional baseball game, almost all Minor League front office staff members are highly-skilled in the fine art of multi-tasking.

Yesterday, the State College Spikes took multi-tasking to the limit with their highly innovative (and somewhat masochistic) “Night of 100 Promotions.” The evening was exactly what its name implied, as the Spikes crammed an absurd number of promotional endeavors into the span of nine innings. Some of these activities are really stretching the limit of what could be called a “promotion”, but such boundary-pushing is what Minor League Baseball is all about.

Spikes promotions and community relations manager Jennifer Orlando was kind enough to send me a list of all 100 promotions, which I will now reprint in tiny font:

1. Paper Airplane Contest


2. Pet Rock Petting Zoo

3. Rubber Band Shooting Contest

4. Sock Puppet Show

5. Crazy Straws at Concession Stands

6. Bubbles at the Gates

7. Stick of Gum…Win a Contest, win a stick of gum

8. Paper Clip Giveaway

9.  Free Laughs

10. 10 Free Popcorn Gloves @ Gates

11. Paper Plate Mask Making Station

12. Dum Dum Giveaway

13. Sunflower Seed Giveaway

14. Pixie Stick Giveaway

15. Face Painting

16. Amazing Christopher Appearance

17. 70’s Night

18. Family 4 Pack

19. Stadium YMCA Dance

20. Disco Dance Off

21. Hippie Cam

hippy 3.jpg

22. Groovy Grounds Crew Dance

23. Free Programs at gates

24. Free T.P. squares at gates

25. Free High Fives

26. Free Hugs from Ike

27. The Hustle dance instructions

28. Free Smells

29. Spend an Inning in the Press Box

30. Spend an Inning with Ike

31. Bag of Ballpark Air

32. Hula Hoop station on Concourse

33. 70’s Trivia…Valpak?

34. Leftover Night

35. Kids Run the bases

36. Balloon Giveaway

37. Arts and Crafts…Coloring stations?

38. Mini-Golf

39. Self-Guided Concourse tours

40. Spikes Trivia

41. Curve Trivia

42. Pirates Trivia

43. Penn State

44. New York
Penn League Trivia

45. Meet the Spikes Staff

46. Gates open 1 minute early

47. Do the Wave!

48. Free Hugs

49. Intern Olympics

50. Ike Autograph Session


51. Merchandise Sales

52. Front office carnival at the gates

53. Play in Porter

54. Wing Eating Contest

55. Spread the “Peace” Signs

56. $1 off burgers

57. ½ off 16 oz. beer from 6-8

58. ½ off small soda from 6-8

59. Free Pocket Schedules

60. Free Half sheeters

61. Free lists of 100 promotions

62. Free Business cards

63. Sidewalk Chalk

64. Free Trash Disposal

65. Free Recycling

66. 162 Free Student Tix from SPA

67. Ike’s First Pitch

68. Nookie Monster’s First Pitch

69. K Contest – If the Spikes Get 9 Strike Outs, One Lucky
Fan Gets $9 off a Hat

70. Triple Play Contest – If the Spikes Turn a Triple Play,
One Lucky Fan wins Three Free Tickets

71. Walking Taco Walk – If the Spikes Get 4 Walks, One Lucky
Fan wins a free Walking Taco

72. Be the Playball Kid!

73. Fan of the Game Contest

74. Hot Dog Launch

75. Throw Out the Last Pitch of the Game

76. Be the PA Announcer for an inning

77. Jimmy John’s Frozen T-Shirt Contest

78. Weis Market Hamster Balls

79. Mt. Nittany
Wheelworks Tricycle Race


80. T&B Medical Karaoke

81. ValPak Trivia

82. McDonald’s Waterballoon Toss

83. Sweet Tooth Bakery Candy Toss

84. Dominoes Pizza Scream

85. Heimer Eyecare 20/20 Dash

86. Nittany Embroidery T-Shirt Toss

87. Wegman’s Playbill Signature

88. Sheetz Playbill Signature

89. Pre-game Player Autographs

90. Be the Honorary Bat Kid Pre-Game

91. 4 Lucky Fans will get their seat upgraded

92. Grounds Crew Tip of the Day

93. Birthday & Anniversaries will be announced

94. 4 Free Pizzas!

Brooklyn Style Pizza-712w.jpg

95. One Lucky Row will win free car washes

96. Ike Skit

97. Play Ball Launch at the end of the game

98. Guess the Attendance

99. Lucky section will win a prize when the first Spikes run

100. Be on the Fan Cam!

There are many, many highlights here, but perhaps my favorite is #61 — “Free List of 100 Promotions”. This list could then serve as a handy checklist throughout the evening, as fans participated in a veritable promotion scavenger hunt. I am also partial to the free bag of air (#31), free smells (#28), and the chance to win a  “walking taco” (#71).

So now that the Spikes have set the bar with this promotion, will any team be able to top it? Will we soon see a night of 101 Promotions? 200? 567? The sky’s the limit, really, and I am hoping that a full-fledged battle now erupts as teams vie for the coveted honor of “Most Promotions Staged in A Single Night.”

I would also like to see a team host a “Knight of 100 Emotions”, featuring a medieval warrior with bi-polar disorder.