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Getting Snippy in Myrtle Beach

Thumbnail image for mbpelicans.jpgThe Minor League offseason has nearly completed its second month, so by now it would be logical to assume that my supply of 2009 Minor League promotion photos has been exhausted.

But logic has never been a part of this operation, and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Therefore, let me regale you on this late October afternoon with pictures of a promotion that the Myrtle Beach Pelicans staged back in mid-August: Locks of Love Night.

Locks of Love is an organization that provides hairpieces to children who have lost their hair due to a medical condition.Their mission statement reads as follows: to return a sense of self,
confidence and normalcy to children suffering
from hair loss by utilizing donated ponytails
to provide the highest quality hair prosthetics
to financially disadvantaged children.

Throughout the season, the Pelicans encouraged fans to grow out their hair so that they could eventually donate to this imminently worthy cause. On Locks of Love Night, five volunteers donated a combined 70 inches of hair. Additionally, a barber shop was set up on the concourse, offering haircuts in exchange for charitable donations to the organization.

Now let us proceed to the ample photographic evidence, starting with the “before” shot of what must have been the evening’s hair donation champion:

Myrtle Beach -- Locks -- Long Blondf Front.jpg

The Moment of Truth:

Myrtle Beach -- Locks -- Long Blonde Cut.JPG

Myrtle Beach -- Locks -- Blonde Hair Captured.JPG

And then it was on to the next one:

Myrtle Beach -- Locks -- On to the Next One.JPG 
This stoic youngster got in on the act:

Myrtle Beach -- Locks -- Stoic Youngster.JPG

As did team employees (Pelicans director of promotions Maggie Neil)

Myrtle Beach -- Locks -- Maggie.JPG

This guy may not have had enough locks to donate, but he did his part by paying for a haircut:

Myrtle Beach -- Locks -- Boring Dude.JPG 

Bagged, Tagged, and Ready to Go!

Myrtle Beach -- Locks -- Bagged and Tagged.JPG

Okay, I’m now fairly certain that my supply of ’09 promotional pictures has been exhausted. Or has it? Only time will tell…

Thanks for reading, as always. I’ll be back on Monday, ready to embrace the month of November head-on. Or at least that’s the plan.