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The Spirit of the Times

spirit.jpgOne of my favorite things to say about Minor League Baseball promotions is that they “capture the zeitgeist.”

This may sound pretentious, and I always mispronounce “zeitgeist,” but it’s true. The word is German for “the spirit of the times”, and that’s what attention-grabbing theme nights are all about. Some zeitgeist-capturing examples from 2010 include promos dedicated to “Jersey Shore”, the World Cup, LeBron James, and “Twilight.” 

I’m rambling on about this because the almighty Google has recently unveiled its “Zeitgeist 2010” year-end search round-up. Searchable by country and category, it can serve as a handy tool for promo night brainstorming.

My suggestion? Thanks for asking! How about capitalizing on the year’s “Fastest Rising Dance Move” with Teach Me How To Dougie Night. Promote it with a video featuring the mascot learning the craze, show the players dancing on the videoboard, and stage between-inning on-field demonstrations. All fans named with first name of “Doug” or last name of “Douglas” get in free.


Please get in touch with your own Zeitgeist 2010-inspired Minor League promo ideas.

Moving on to an actual good idea, I’d like to highlight the Durham Bulls’ latest fundraising initiative: For every new fan the team receives on Facebook between now and December 25th, the team will donate $1 to the Durham Literacy Center.

Thumbnail image for read.png

Bulls VP George Habel notes on his blog that “Yes we’re buying our friends…but it’s for a very good cause.” Day one of the promotion netted $150 for the cause, while expanding the team’s already formidable social networking presence.

So if you’re not a fan of the Bulls on Facebook, hustle over there immediately and get to likin’.


Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Werner Park logo.jpgAnd, finally, it is worth noting that the Omaha Royals Storm Chasers are moving to their new home of Werner Park on Friday. This will, once and for all, end the Rosenblatt Stadium era (although the facility will remain standing for the forseeable future).

The Storm Chasers note in a press release that “Moving vans will arrive at Rosenblatt at approximately 8:30 a.m. to complete a process started by the Storm Chasers staff over the past several months. Historical items such as photos, game programs and team records will be preserved and delivered to Werner Park.”

And as for Werner Park, it “will remain under construction even as the front office staff inhabits its new digs. Nearly 75 percent of the work has been completed, including the entire playing field and seating bowl, with final touches to the concession, restroom, press and suite areas to continue into the first part of 2011.”

And as for me, I’m going to make some final touches to this post and then hit “Publish.” It’s really that simple.

Arcane and Able in Fresno

Minor League Baseball promotions are nothing if not timely, and one would be hard-pressed to find one timelier than what’s going down in Fresno tonight

In honor of Don Mattingly’s much-ballyhooed ignorance of an obscure baseball regulation, the Grizzlies are staging Rule 8.06 Night. 
Explains the team: 
On Tuesday night, acting Dodgers manager Don Mattingly made a visit to reliever Jonathan Broxton on the pitcher’s mound. Upon returning towards the dugout, and after leaving the 18-foot mound circle, Mattingly doubled back to speak to Broxton again, thereby constituting a second visit. This required Broxton to be removed from the game, pursuant to Official Baseball Rule 8.06 (b):

A second trip to the same pitcher in the same inning will cause this pitcher’s automatic removal from the game

We all know what happened from there: Broxton was removed, George Sherrill was inserted in his place, and Adrian Torres promptly hit a go-ahead two-run double to give the Giants a lead they would not relinquish. 

The Grizzlies are a Giants affiliate, and therefore Mattingly’s ignorance of Rule 8.06 is to be celebrated. Thus, 

any fan who purchases a ticket to Thursday’s game (first visit), then makes a return trip to the box office that night (second visit), bringing his or her game ticket back to the window and mentioning Rule 8.06, will receive a free ticket to either the Tuesday, July 27 or Wednesday, July 28 home games against the Tacoma Rainiers.

Brilliant, right? In celebration of the industry’s continued creativity I’ll leave you with this entirely unrelated video:

One 20-Inning Ballgame Deserves Another

20.jpgIt’s always impressive when teams engage in timely marketing, tying their promotions into current events.

An excellent example of this is the Fort Myers Miracle’s recent initiative, in which the team offered free tickets to European tourists stranded in southwest Florida due to volcanic ash. Miracle GM Steve Gliner reports 27 individuals took them up on the deal over the past two days.

An equally timely promotion was staged on Wednesday evening, in a South Atlantic LeagueThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Kannapolis_Intimidators.PNG contest between the Rome Braves and visiting Kannapolis Intimidators. The teams were so inspired by Saturday’s 20-inning game between the Mets and the Cardinals that they played a 20-inning contest of their own!

Despite his fatigue, Intimidators broadcaster Josh Ellis took the time to send in the following information on Wednesday morning. I provide additional observations in italics:

— The game only took 4:41, an amazing 14 minutes and three seconds per full inning. The Mets-Cardinals contest took 6:53 (over twenty minutes per inning).

There were no mid-inning pitching changes.

— There were 31 strikeouts and only seven walks.

rome.gif— Two players went 0-for-8. I’m looking at you, Daniel Wagner. And you, Matt Kramer.

The Intimidators went 0-for-23 from the 13th to the 20th. And they won!

The winning hit came on a 3-0 count. Congratulations, Kyle Colligan.

The Intimidators bullpen has now allowed four earned runs over 55 innings this season, and have gone 21 straight innings without allowing a run.

The teams will play a 1 p.m. game today. The Braves won, 3-1, in a speedy 2:18.

An audio montage of this marathon ballgame can be heard HERE. In closing, I would like to commend both teams for tapping into the 20-inning zeitgeist. And thanks to Ellis, who so ably utilized the communications tools that I make available at the end of every post. You know, these:

Minors Mustache Epidemic Spreads to Tulsa

Moustache Night 049.jpgBetween an article, blog post, and an poll, the South Bend Silver HawksJosh Collmenter Mustache Awareness Night received a hefty amount of coverage from yours truly.

But the Silver Hawks’ promotion was merely representative of a larger trend, as mustache celebrations were all the rage in the Minor Leagues this season. And, like mustaches themselves, each of these promotions was unique in its own way.

On August 22nd, the Tulsa Drillers held their own Mustache Awareness Night, and it was a doozy. There was a lot of build-up prior to this extravaganza. The entire front office staff grew mustaches, and the club conducted a poll on its web site, asking fans to vote on the best celebrity mustache of all time.

And then the big day arrived. Drillers promotions assistant Michael Taranto (who also provided the following pictures) reports that “this night coincided with Margaritaville Weekend, so as you can imagine it was funny to see people’s faces as they came to the game and received a fake mustache along with a Hawaiian lei.”

Of course, any mustache promotion worth its salt gets the players involved. Here’s an exclusive dugout shot of some uberstylish Drillers:

Moustache Night 050.jpg

But these guys have nothing on the front office staff.

Moustache Night 042.jpg

But the greatest ‘stache in all of Tulsa belongs to Drillers superfan Richard Kiersey. Here he is on the dugout (alongside Drillers promotions manager Tom Jones) basking in the adulation of his adoring supporters.

Moustache Night 052.jpg

Quite honestly, this is one of my favorite photos of the year. Which reminds me…

Keep the photos coming! Send pictures from Minor League promotions to