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tebow.jpgI’m not a fan of hastily put-together cut ‘n paste blog posts, but a message has landed in my inbox that I believe needs to be disseminated to a wider audience. That message is this:

On Wednesday, the Fort Myers Miracle will be staging “What Would Tim Tebow Do?” Night. From here on out, I’m going to let the press release do the talking. Here are some relevant highlights:

The night celebrates Tebow’s heavenly presence and his ability to do anything short of leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Any fans wearing their college gear will have a chance to win tickets to see Tebow and the Gators on October 17th against Arkansas.

The ceremonial first pitch will be truly Tim Tebow style with a jump pass toss to the catcher. Tennessee or LSU fans may want to turn away in fear of ugly flashbacks.

Miracle manager Jeff Smith will make a majority of his decisions with the thought process, “What Would Tim Tebow Do?”

Kudos to the Miracle for ending the season on such an irreverent note. This is a club that has in previous years staged the likes of “Billy Donovan Night” and “Mike Tyson Ear Night”, so its great to see them returning to similar territory (for many more Miracle innovations, click HERE).

I’ll be back tomorrow with content of a more original nature. It is currently my goal to gather as much material as possible, so that I can provide original content up until apocalypse 2012. So, please, get in touch while there’s still time.

St. Lucie Has Nothing But Glove For Michael

st. lucie.gifI am knee-deep in that which I do not understand, attempting to figure out the ins and outs of my new Sony “Webby” camera. Once this task is complete, Ben’s Biz Blog will elevate to a new level of coverage — original photos and video direct from my various Minor League wanderings. Please, contain your excitement.

So, yes, posts on Lowell, Vermont (and, very belatedly, Lehigh Valley) are coming very soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d share some pictures and info from the St. Lucie Mets’ recent “Michael Jackson Tribute Night”. From the press release:

Fans were treated to a completely Michael Jackson-themed
night as the Mets staff and mascot, Slider, donned white gloves and sunglasses.
Anyone wearing a white glove received free admission to the game as did anyone
named Michael or Jackson. The game was tipped off by a very special line-up
exchange as Mets manager Tim Teufel, Palm Beach Cardinals manager Tom Spencer,
and both umpires all exchanged handshakes in white gloves. In addition, the
players’ usual walk-ups songs to the plate were replaced by the hits of Michael
Jackson…The standard in-field contests were replaced or tweaked to
follow the Michael Jackson theme. “Mets Trivia” became “MJ Trivia,” the “Frozen
T-Shirt Contest” became the “Frozen PJ Contest,” and musical chairs was played
by the “Jackson 5,” who fittingly wore afros as they circled the chairs. But
perhaps the most entertaining contests were the “King of Pop” soda-chugging
contest and the “Moonwalk Mania”-a dance-off on top of the Mets’ dugout

And now we move on to visual evidence. Here’s the line-up exchange:

St. Lucie -- MJ tribute 1.JPG

St. Lucie -- MJ Tribute 2.JPG

It is fitting that Tim Teufel was the manager, as the former New York Metropolitan was known to have a signature dance move of his own. From Wikipedia:

Throughout his career, Teufel was also known for his batting stance,
the “Teufel shuffle”, in which he wiggled his hips back and forth
before the pitcher’s delivery.

Teufel was also a threat on the microphone, as anyone who remembers his rap on the 1985 classic “Metsmerized” can attest:

“I’m Tim Teufel, Let Me Begin/By Saying I Was Once A Twin/I Made the Move and it Just Feels Right/I’m been Metsmerized and I See the Light.”

Michael may have been the King of Pop, but Teufel is the King of Rapping Florida State League Managers. That’s got to count for something, right?

At any rate, this photo illustrates why I should really make a point to visit St. Lucie sometime: 

St. Lucie -- MJ Tribute 3.JPG 

 I just love dog mascots!