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While We're On the Topic…

Thumbnail image for toxicterror.jpgSince yesterday’s post on Minor League haunted houses received such a rapturous response, I figured I may as well do a follow-up. I mean, it’s not like there’s anything else going on.

Right? (if I’m wrong, please get in touch and tell me what’s going on).

One worthwhile addition to the Haunted House pantheon is going on in Lake Elsinore, where the always first-rate Storm are hosting “Toxic Terrors”. This thing is on a whole ‘nother level. From the website:

The haunt consists of three extreme walk-through attractions that
combine state-of-the-art effects with ultra-realistic environments, one
Scar-zone and dance club, placing YOU in incredibly terrifying
situations. Situations in which you must make decisions, face your
fears, and risk your own fate. You will explore fully themed
environments over 700,000 sq ft. of a haunted stadium and be at the
mercy of over hundreds of infected zombies and mutated creatures. But
don’t expect the usual. You’ll have to think, solve, search, rescue,
run, crawl, slide, hide, climb, and ultimately escape if you want to

The website also includes an article on “Toxic Terrors” written by a local journalist, in whichgatxy5ed07vg6nghave0.gif one of the event’s organizer’s utters the following quote:

“We’ll get girls and older women pushed into a corner with a chainsaw
to their heads, but we want to make sure everybody’s safe.”

After all, safety is priority number one — even when administering a chainsaw to the head.

In Other News:

I wrote on a story on
about how Reggie Whittemore, the Director of Nashville’s RBI program
and a former Minor Leaguer, has been nominated as one of GQ’s “Men of
the Year” in the “Local Heroes” category. The winner will be decided by
a popular vote.

Reggie is a real nice guy and RBI Baseball is
a great program, so why not click on the following link and vote for
Reggie as “Man of the Year”?

you will be a better man than I and not get distracted by some of the
other polls that are currently featured on GQ’s website.