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Playing Catch-Up On the Road, Vol. 4

verm.jpgGreetings today from beautiful Hinesburg, VT. Last night I was fortunate enough to see blues legend Buddy Guy in Burlington, and tonight I’m checking out a Vermont Lake Monsters game.

Next week I’ll be back in the comforting embrace of NYC, and I’ve got plenty of stuff planned for the blog: pictures and video from Lowell and Vermont (as well as belated reports from previous road trips), a new mailbag, and more.

Always more.

But for now, let me cap off this week of complete randomness by providing a picture of the seat cushion that the Lake County Captains gave away earlier this month. It is an example of perfect synergy between product and sponsor:

lake county seat cushion.jpg
And now, let us segue into the weekend. If you have info on other examples of symbiotic giveaway/sponsor relationships then please let me know. 

OutSTANDING Coverage

IMG_2262.JPGIf you have not done so already, then get thee to in order to read the riveting account of my time spent competing in the Altoona Curve’s “OutSTANDING Fan” competition.

All caught up now? Good. Let us proceed.

Despite the fact that this contest was nothing more than seven fans standing around life-size bobbleheads for hours on end, the Curve received a good amount of media attention. As noted in the article, one of the contestants was Adam Erikson, a DJ for Altoona classic rock station Q94. Erikson called into
Adam at Stand contest.jpgthe station every hour in order to provide his listeners with live reports from the base of the Steamer statue, and later offered up this write-up on the station’s web site. On Monday, Erikson interviewed several of the contestants on his radio show (including myself), providing an appropriate post-mortem to the whole experience.

Then, as noted in the article, two local stations featured the Out-STANDING Fan Competition as part of their noon news broadcasts. Here is a most amusing link to Abbie Tang’s report on WJAC TV (the good stuff comes at about 50 seconds in):

Additionally, Nick Foley of WTAV did a live report from the stadium for their evening news broadcast (featuring an interview with yours truly). I will post video of this piece of landmark journalism as soon as it arrives in my inbox.

Finally, click HERE to read the Curve’s succinct and funny write-up of the event:

Dawn of a New Era? — This trip to Altoona, absurd as it was, marked what I hope is a turning point in my life covering Minor League Baseball. To the extent that I can afford (this is all on my own dime), I plan on covering events firsthand in order to experience the ridiculousness for myself. 

I’m in the process of putting together a modest itinerary for 2009, but I am open to suggestions. This can be a win-win situation for all involved, in terms of the amount of exposure that can be generated, and it can only get bigger from here.  

So please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you think something going on in the world of Minor League Baseball would make a good story, let me know. Endurance tests, world record attempts, theme nights, celebrity appearances, and so on and so forth, I’m open to all of it, and want to be there.