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Special Delivery

vday.pngIt was just yesterday that I wrote “Valentine’s Day can wait.” But that was yesterday, when men were men, women were beautiful, and blogging material was plentiful.

But today? Today I got nothin’. Therefore, it’s time for my first installment of Ben’s Biz Blog Valentine’s Day coverage. Thus far, I am aware of 10 teams that are offering mascot delivery services on Valentine’s Day. But, as we know, not all mascots are created equal.

What follows are snapshots of the costumed characters that will be personally delivering Valentine’s Day gifts. And for you, the reader, I have a simple question: Which of these mascots do you think is the most romantic, the one most likely to jump-start a truly memorable Valentine’s Day? Please let me know via email, Twitter, Facebook, or, of course, the perpetually neglected comments section. I’ll compile the results and post it on the blog come Monday. Here are the candidates:

Chopper (Gwinnett Braves)

Gwinnett Chopper.jpg 

Hickory Crawdads — Candy or Conrad (Your Choice)

Hickory -- ConradCandy.jpg
Lake County Captains — Skipper

Lake County Skipper.jpg

In It To Gwinnett

It is a slow day in the world of Minor League news, to the extent that I was considering not even doing a blog post.

But then fate (or, more accurately, Twitter) intervened. For the Gwinnett Braves have just released the following video, one seductive in its sensuality (or would that be sensual in its seductiveness?) Observe:

In all honesty, Chopper looks to be a little too good at his job. I would be a bit wary of hiring him to deliver a Valentine’s Day present, out of fear that his charm and confidence would further illuminate my already glaring flaws and insecurites. Standing there before my (theoretical) sweetheart, he would serve as a living (albeit costumed) embodiment of all that I can never be.

But who has time for romance anyway? In what has become a tradition of sorts, I plan tolhc.png spend Valentine’s Day writing impassioned message board editorials on how Switzerland’s Large Hadron Collider will create a world-consuming black hole, resulting in the obliteration of all matter as well as consciousness itself.

But that’s neither here nor there. Minor League mascot Valentine’s Day delivery services have become a time-honored offseason promotion, and something that I have written about extensively in the past. I will certainly be making note of these initiatives on this blog as well as my Promotion Preview column, so please get in touch if you are aware of endeavors similar to what is going on in Gwinnett County.

Remember — What better way to say ‘I Love You’ than the gift of a spatula than by having a Minor League mascot personally deliver 2010 game tickets?

Spreading the Love, Minor League Style

Welcome to the much-anticipated 267th installment of Ben’s Biz Blog. For today’s episode, we’ll take a look back at a few Valentine’s Day events that took place around the Minor Leagues last week.

Consider this post a follow-up to last Friday’s “Minoring in Business” article. That’s an order.

Let’s start in Lake County, Ohio, where Captains mascot Skipper delivered Valentines to both homes and businesses. I particularly like this picture, primarily because of the pink-shirted individual standing forlornly in the background:


The Captains were also the beneficiaries of some sweet media coverage. Click here to check out the video piece that ran on the website of the local News-Herald. And click here to see additional V-Day pics.

(thanks to Captains promotions director Jonathan Levey for the pictures and link)

Now, let us travel in a northwesterly direction, until we end up in the magical town of Vancouver. There, Canadians mascot Bob Brown Bear made the rounds. Let’s take a look at what he was up to:


Now, in my aforementioned “Minoring in Business” article, I quoted Canadians GM Andrew Seymour as saying the following:

“One of the people we’re delivering to this year has a mascot phobia.
So Bob is going to have to stay in the car for that one. I don’t even
think he’ll be allowed in the lobby.”

Well, here’s a picture of Seymour delivering a Valentine, sans Bob Brown Bear. I don’t know if Bob’s absence in this shot can be attributed to a mascot phobia, or if other factors were involved.


Finally, let us head back east to Lowell, MA. There, the Spinners staged their annual “Spread the Love” winter caravan. The following pictures are from the team’s enthusiastically-received visit to a local elementary school. Reports Spinners media relations manager Jon Boswell:

When the principal introduced the members of the caravan,
even the Spinners front office was received like members of the Red Sox.
Hopefully 30 years down the road when some kid goes to show off his autograph
collection and points to a Micky Ward or Jonathan Papelbon autograph he isn’t
too upset to see a Spinners Head Groundskeeper Jeff Paolino autograph
underneath his!

workin the crowd.jpg


So, there you have it. Another Valentine’s Day in the books, and the Minor Leagues did it up right. I considered asking teams to send in more V-Day’s photos, but, really, it’s time to move on now. To the future!