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Mega-Mix Monday

seatbelt.jpgHello, and welcome to what I’ve been told is a “new” week. In order to celebrate this milestone, I will finally cease my coverage of the 2009 Baseball Winter Meetings.

Instead, I will focus on that which I neglected while I was suffering from Indianapolis overload. So (metaphorically) buckle your (metaphorical) seat belts, because it’s going to be a slightly bumpy ride.

New Logo! — I wrote a story about this on last week, but the new Florida State League franchise in Bradenton announced its name and logo.

Behold, the Bradenton Marauders!


As soon as you are done beholding, feel free to move on the next item of interest…

Holiday Photos! — Teams all over the country have been engaging in seasonal activities as of late. Teams such as the Lexington Legends, who sent out the following ragtag crew to spread some yuletide cheer:

Lexington -- Xmas Caroling 2009.JPG
(An Alternate Reality ‘Scooby Doo’?)

Moving on from holiday photos to holiday video, check out the West Virginia Power’s latest offering. It stars velvety-voiced Andy “Bull” Barch, who recently announced that he will not be returning to the club in 2010. This will leave a void not only in the broadcast booth, but also in the crucial area of holiday-themed parody videos.   

And since we’re on the topic of “West Virginia Power” and “videos”, now is as good a time as any to share the following. I mean, why not, right?

Finally, I am going to indulge a common reader request and share a series of photos that, in their entirety, depict a mascot somersault. The mascot in question is Splash of the Stockton Ports.




And that’ll do it for this edition of “Mega-Mix Monday”. According to my calculations, there will be just two more blog posts to come in 2009. Savor them.

A Video and Two Photos, Preceded By Complaining

overload.jpgIt’s the middle of December. Nothing should be going on in the world of Minor League Baseball, and I should be passing my day by watching Weird Al and AC/DC videos on YouTube.

But this is not the case at all. I am working on new editions of Road Trip and Path of the Pros, in addition to a news piece about an upcoming logo and team name unveiling. Plus, I’ve got a backlog of blog topics to write about, not to mention lots more to share from the Baseball Winter Meetings

And on top of all that, the ol’ inbox is getting lit up worse than AJ Burnett on three days rest. Jeez, if I had known that this little niche of mine required actual work I would have stuck to temp jobs and organ donation.

But this blog requires new and exciting content no matter what, and insufferable soliloquies on the state of my professional life just don’t cut it. That’s why I am pleased to present you with a new offseason video series!

Let us all give a hearty welcome to the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, who recently debuted an “Office” parody entitled “The Offseason”. Take it away, embedded video:

It’s tough to pull off the deadpan pseudo-documentary style of “The Office”, but the Timber Rattlers are off to a good start. And because I appear to be the only person who keeps track of such things, I would like to note that this marks the second time in a week that an offseason video series has featured a scene in which an unfortunate Minor League front office member has attempted to use the bathroom immediately after the mascot (click HERE for the other instance of this emerging trend).

Oh, you want more, do you? Well, all I can provide right now are these pictures of the inimitable Boomer stopping traffic on the streets of Williamsport in order to raise money for the United Way.

Williamsport -- Boomer -- Traffic 1.jpg 

Williamsport -- Boomer -- Traffic 2.jpg

I admire Boomer, because my disheveled attempts to solicit money from random motorists have traditionally been far less successful.

In closing, don’t listen to my complaining about how much work I have to do. Send me an email. I will respond.

Inter-Species Mascot Indiscretions and Minor League Diss Tracks

Thumbnail image for lestorm.GIFSimilar to Wednesday’s post, I am going to spend today’s allotted blogging time on a powerful 1-2 punch of Minor League news.

First up are the Lake Elsinore Storm, who are capitalizing on the Tiger Woods saga by offering up details on a similar, albeit far-more-literal scandal. It seems that the team’s female mascot, Thunderella, has been cheating on her boyfriend, Thunder — with a tiger from the woods.

Let’s go to the press release:

Lake Elsinore Storm female mascot Thunderella admits to allegations of an affair with a famous tiger in the woods. Montecore, an exotic white tiger owned by Siegfried and Roy, met Thunderella earlier in 2009 when the two attended a performance workshop in Los Angeles.

“Tiger has been very troubled
since his attack on Roy,”
says a representative for


Thunderella. “My client reached out to him as a friend
but it soon became more than that. She is sorry for any emotional distress she
has caused Thunder.”

Thunderella has been dating
official Storm mascot Thunder off-and-on for the last nine years. With other
tiger allegations being released, she felt she had to come clean about this
affair. Tiger has been texting and calling Thunderella while Thunder is out on
his many appearances in the Inland Empire.

Longtime friend of Thunder and
Storm Director of Mascot Operations Patrick Gardenier feels terrible for the
big green dog. “I introduced her to Thunder,” said Gardenier. “To find out she
has been unfaithful truly breaks my heart.”

Sources say Thunder confronted
her about the situation last night and she attempted to flee. He chased the car
with his plastic baseball bat but thankfully did no damage to the Ice Cream

No charges have been filed
against Thunderella and her reps say that this situation will be handled

The best part of the press release, however, is this picture. It’s nuts:


At any rate, I offer my customary kudos to the Storm for once again pushing the envelope. This has to be the first case of mascot infidelity on record, and if I am wrong about this then PLEASE get in touch because I really need to know about these things.

My next item involves the Fresno Grizzlies and their “I Hate the Offseason” video series. I feel compelled to post the latest episode for two reasons. One, I am name-dropped in it. But far more important is the fact that it is a parody of NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton”, in which a quartet of front office “rappers” assert the Grizzlies’ creative dominance in a cocksure style.

Behold, the first Minor League diss track:

I sincerely hope that other clubs feel compelled to respond, as it could result in a feud of Jay-Z vs. Nas proportions. Or at least Jay-Z vs. Noel Gallagher. 

The next time I post on this blog, I will be writing from my penthouse suite at an undisclosed Indianapolis hotel. If you are going to be at the Winter Meetings, then I look forward to meeting you.

Article Addendums Are Inevitable

Thumbnail image for vid.jpgIn case you missed my “Tweet” on the matter, I would like to point out that on Wednesday a very important article appeared on

This article was important for one simple reason: I wrote it. It dealt with how Minor League Baseball teams are making videos and posting them on the internet, and included a variety of examples. Read it HERE, I beg of you.

And now, just as I had suspected, I am being deluged with emails from teams who were excluded from the article (it is my understanding that any number greater than one represents a “deluge”).

First, I heard from the constantly overachieving Quad Cities River Bandits, who recently debuted a weekly video series entitled “There Is No Offseason” (for those keeping track at home, this joins Fresno’s “I Hate the Offseason” and Omaha’s “My Offseason Life Is Average” in the pantheon of vides with “offseason” in the title). Here’s the debut episode:

Quad Cities’ web site features a well-organized “Bandits: On Demand” Multimedia page in which the discerning browser can peruse a wide variety of team videos. I suggest that you go to there, which is HERE.

But first I must share “I’m On A Berm”, the River Bandits’ parody of Lonely Island’s “I’m On A Boat.”

This is one of two “I’m On A Boat” parodies from the Minor Leagues, with the other being Hudson Valley’s “I’m On A Field”. Which do you like better?

The second half of today’s email deluge arrived courtesy of the Greensboro Grasshoppers, who have a weekly offseason video series of their own entitled “It’s Always Hoppin’ Fun With the Grasshoppers”. Witness:

Those seeking more Grasshoppers videos can end their quest simply by clicking HERE. And while I’m on the topic, I’d like to point out that canine mascots Miss Babe Ruth and Master Yogi Berra have been entered in Hallmark’s “Cutest Dog of the Season” contest. I’m voting for Yogi, simply because of THIS.

New Video Tuesday

While the title of this post would lead you to believe that “New Video Tuesday” is a recurring feature, I assure you that it is not. Nor will it be.

You see, I am in the middle of composing a post of much greater substance — a post that will not be completed until tomorrow at the earliest. But I didn’t want this blog to lay dormant until that moment of completion occurs. That would result in a level of stagnancy that is thoroughly intolerable in this, the information age.

After all, content is content is content. Thus, “New Video Tuesday”:

Flame-throwing Cardinals prospect Casey Mulligan is doing very well on the mound this season. But, as the video shows, he’s even more talented as a dancer (thanks to Jonathan Mayo for the heads-up):

Of course, this marks the second “dancing during a rain delay” video I have posted this season. In case you have forgotten the first, here it is yet again:

Next, we have yet another immaculately produced parody video from the Greenville Drive. These guys are operating on an advanced level:

Of course, this marks the second “Greenville Drive Parody video” I
have posted this season. In case you have forgotten the first, here it
is yet again:

For the record, this remains my favorite Minor League parody video of all time:

Seriously, of the 3000 views that video currently has, about 150 can be attributed to me.

Until tomorrow, I remain,

Mascot Misfortune

I may or may not be able to compose a post with more substance later in the day. But content is content is content, so for now please enjoy this video. The payoff occurs at about the 40-second mark.

The Pain of Others: Providing Joy and Amusement to the Human Race Since the Dawn of the Species.

(Thanks to Eric Long for the heads-up on this).

Wilmington is Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Above The Rest

Good afternoon.

This morning, my article on Minor League World Records “went live” on You can check it out here. The article included some first-hand observations from the Wilmington Blue Rocks’ “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” world record attempt, but there’s much more where that came from.

The following video, put together by my friend and occasional NYC comedy collaborator Jake Goldman, documents our evening in Wilmington:

I think the video came out well (Jake did a great job of putting it together) but there is plenty of room for improvement. I am making this all up as I go along, in terms of how these Minor League trips are planned, funded, and documented, so bear with me here. I appreciate any and all feedback, just keep in mind that I will always be my own worst critic (so, yeah, I am more than aware of my sloppy appearance and mumbly-mouthed speech patterns).

There’s nothing I can to do except to keep trying, so I’ll get out to the ballparks as often as time and money allows. I appreciate all the invitations and hospitality that have been extended thus far…it is my ultimate goal to create a nationwide network of friends, acquaintances, fans, and mentors, and to never have to pay for a hotel room. Paying for things is for suckers.

A Promo With Mass Popeil

You’ve got to give credit where credit’s due — that’s sales account executive Jonathan Gilbert in the video, and he does one heck of a job. Should he ever tire of working within the glitz and glamour of Minor League Baseball, he’ll surely be able to find employment as a late-night infomercial pitchman.

And also to give credit where it is due…CNBC’s Darren Rovell covered this first. I’m losing my edge, obviously, ready to begin that slippery and strangely comforting descent into oblivion.

But first, I have questions. Namely, what other things might the Grizzlies have planned for “As Seen on TV” night? So far, the only thing that has been confirmed is that the first 2500 fans will receive a Grizzlies logo Shammy Cloth.

For further inspiration, I suggest that the team pay close attention to this YouTube link. Or at least give this song some play over the loudspeakers on June 6.

Three Videos On A Monday Afternoon

You know what I haven’t done for a while? Post videos, that’s what. Time for a rectification of that situation…

Regular readers of this blog may remember this post from last June, in which I linked to the Erie SeaWolves’ “Smith’s Sausage Shack” video.

Well, I happened to visit the SeaWolves homepage earlier this afternoon, and the video is STILL receiving prominent placement on their home page. Now, I am compelled to give it prominent placement as well. Enjoy.

This Is Ben's Biz Blog

ump.jpgWe’re inching ever-closer toward Opening Day. Press releases touting Hot Stove Dinners have given way to those announcing National Anthem Auditions and Job Fairs. This is the way of things.

As this slow march toward real live baseball progresses, teams must kick their promotional campaigns into overdrive. In addition to TV, radio, billboards, newspaper ads, and other more traditional means of advertising, there is now another way in which to promote the upcoming season.

You may have heard of it. It’s called “the internet“.

Last week, Corpus Christi Hooks promotions coordinator Seamus “Don’t spell it Shamus”cch.jpg Gallivan sent me a link to some of the recent videos his club has produced. Modeled after ESPN’s “Sportcenter” commercials, the “This Is Hooks Baseball” campaign adopts a dry, absurdist tone.

Check them out here.

As we move closer to the season, I’ll make a point to highlight internet ad campaigns throughout the Minor Leagues. Send me an email if you’d like the team you work and/or root for to be featured.

Moving On…And while I’m in solicitation mode, let me mention two other things.

First Thing: Next week, I will be working on a story for about Valentine’s Day in the Minor Leagues. I have come across a half-dozen or so clubs who are doing promotions tied in with the holiday, but there are surely more. Let me know.

Second Thing: Our weekly “At Home With” team profile column will be going on hiatus once the season starts. I still have three or four open spots available. Don’t miss the chance to have your team featured. Send me an email if you’re interested.