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A President Without Precedent

Thumbnail image for silver.jpgThe Arizona Diamondbacks youth movement is officially over.

Today, the organization announced the signing of 63-year-old Joe Kernan, an individual who makes Jamie Moyer look like a spring chicken. Kernan, a former South Bend mayor and, later, Indiana governor, currently serves as president of the South Bend Silver Hawks (the Diamondbacks Class A affiliate).

The surprise signing of the slugging sexagenarian was announced during the Silver Hawks’ “Your Town, Your Team” season preview event. As the club was extolling its amped-up community service efforts, a call came in from Diamondbacks director of player development Mike Berger. Coincidentally, the call just happened to occur while Berger was at the podium. I mean, what are the odds?

kernan call.jpg  

I’ll let the Silver Hawks’ press release take over from here:

[Berger] offered a one-day contract for Joe Kernan to once again play for
the Silver Hawks in the exhibition game against Notre Dame.

Joe, who played college baseball for Notre Dame, gladly accepted the

“I would be honored to suit up again,” Joe said into the phone. “I’m
willing to do anything to help the team.”

The “Silver vs. Gold” exhibition game, in which Kernan will attempt to vanquish his alma mater, is scheduled for April 5. The words “once again” in the press release excerpt may have tipped you off to the fact that this is not the first time that the former Governor has suited up against the Fighting Irish. These pictures from the 2008 “Silver vs. Gold” game show Kernan in action, ready to show those college kids that age ain’t nothing but a number: 



Who knows? With two more years of experience under his belt, Kernan may be ready to prove to the D-Backs that his worth is measurable in increments greater than 24 hours. Next year, a multi-day deal may be in order.